Application for entry and presence in a Petroleum Safety Zone

Part 1 – Details of person making the application
Name: / Date:
Position: / Phone:
Postal Address: / Email address:
Organisation: /  (Name of titleholder or registered facility operator)
Being the: / Holder of title: / or registered operator of the facility:
Part 2 – Details of well(s), Structure(s) and/or Equipment(what is being protected, use part A, B, or C)
Part 2A - Details of petroleum safety zone notice gazettal by NOPSEMA(Post 1 January 2012)
NOPSEMA Reference: / A / (this reference can be found on the letter from NOPSEMA advising of a successful application)
OR Part 2B - Details of petroleum safety zone notice gazettal by a Designated Authority (Pre 1 January 2012)
Date of gazettal: / Which Gazette? (e.g. WA, Vic etc) / Gazette No:
OR Part 2C - Details of well(s), Structure(s) and/or Equipment t(thought to be protected by a petroleum safety zone)
Name / Description / Well / Structure / Equipment / Title area / Latitude
(deg:min:sec.sec) / Longitude
Part 3 – Timing(for what period is consent to enter and be present being sought)
Commencement date: / Termination date: / If N/A then until safety zone revoked
Part 4 – Scope(vessels to for which consent is being sought)
Part 4A - Details of specific vessels(insert additional rows as required
Name / Number / Port of Registry
Or Part 4B - Details of a class of vessels
All vessels under contract to: / (Name of organisation)
Part 5 – Declaration & Sign-off person making application
The undersigned declares that systems are in place to manage the risks to the well, structure and/or equipment that may be posed by the entry and presence of the vessel(s) in the petroleum safety zone.
Signed: / Date:
Instructions for use:
1 / This form is intended for use by titleholders and operators of facilities to apply for consent for one or more vessels or classes of vessels to enter and be present in an established petroleum safety zone.
2 / Applicants should complete Parts 1 to 4 before signing Part 5.
3 / The completed application form should be emailed to .
1 / Petroleum safety zones are provided for in Part 6.6 of the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006
2 / From NOPSEMA Policy N-04800-0916 (4.3.1):
NOPSEMA shall only consider applications for consent for a vessel(s) to enter and be present in a petroleum safety zone made by the relevant titleholder or operator (of the petroleum production facility as defined in OPGGSA Schedule 3 clause 4(1)(b)(i)) associated with the well(s), structure(s), and/or equipment being protected by a petroleum safety zone.

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