2018 Pinto Invitational Rules

Legacy Baseball League

  1. Games are approximately 90 minutes, or six innings. No new inning after 75 minutes. 5 runs per inning. When the last inning is declared, that inning is unlimited runs.
  2. USA Stamped bats ONLY! NO EXCEPTIONS! 2 ¾” is the max barrel. (if your team does not have a USA bat, host league CAN provide, with proper request notice.
  3. GAMES MUST START ON TIME. (unless an earlier game goes longer)If a team does not have all their players when the game should start. The game needs to start anyway with the players that are there. (Reference #7 for auto-outs)
  4. Line ups should be to the opposing coach/score keeper at least 10 minutes before game time. Home team is the official scorekeeper. Home team coach and/or official scorekeeper should report the results of the game to the Snack Shack, and/or a Legacy Board Member. Please make sure scorekeepers/coaches confirm the score after the game.
  5. Games will be played on 60 foot bases. Pitching machine will be set at 40 feet and 40 MPH. The machine should only be adjusted at the top of new innings. Unless it cannot pitch a hittable ball or both teams coaches agree on an adjustment in the middle of an inning.
  6. 10 run rule in effect after 4 Innings (3 ½ if the home team is ahead). Game can continue until the time limit. But official scoring is over.
  7. Ten players can play the field. 4 outfielders 6 infielders. Outfield must be beyond the grass/dirt line. They may come in front of the grass/dirt line once a pitched ball is hit.
  8. All players on the roster can bat, and in the order reported to official scorekeepers. If a game starts with less than 10 players. Auto outs can be recorded, in the order that the opposing coach selects (optional). Example: (1. Smith, 2. Jones, 3. Wilson, 4. Absent (out) 5. White). If a player shows up, they will go in the place of the first auto out place. If there is no placed outs, they will go at the bottom of the order.
  9. A coach is not allowed to substitute defensively in the middle of an inning. Unless there is an injury, or for an emergency bathroom break.
  10. No lead offs. A player can only leave the base when the batter makes CONTACT with the ball. If the runner leaves early, he can be called out. (If the runner leaves the base, assuming the batter is going to hit the ball, but doesn’t, that is considered leaving before CONTACT, and can be warned and called out). Stealing is not allowed.
  11. Time outs are called by the umpire ONLY. A time out is only called when the umpire feels the runners have stopped advancing. (Defense must stop the runners from advancing)
  12. Bunting is not allowed. The pitch will be called a foul ball. No walks, or bases awarded if the player is struck by a pitch by the machine.
  13. Batter gets 6 pitches or 3 strikes. If a batter faces a 6th pitch, prior to having 3 strikes) and watches or swings and misses he is out. If he/she fouls off a 6th pitch, they are awarded additional pitches that they must swing at.
  14. If a batted ball strikes the pitching machine (umpire) and goes into foul territory or stays in the pitching machine circle. Ball is dead, the batter is awarded first base and all runners advance one base. If it hits the machine (umpire) and stays in fair territory, the ball is still live as normal.
  15. No infield fly rule.
  16. If the batting team interferes with a live ball, the ball is dead. That player is out. And runners will go back to the last base obtained. A hit ball that touches a runner in fair territory, without being touched first by a fielder, that runner is out.
  17. Fielder/Runner interference is based off situation. A fielder must be given an opportunity to field the ball (if obstructed, the runner is out). If a runner is obstructed by a fielder in the baseline, or blocking the base. He/she is awarded the base he/she is going to.
  18. All players must be in full uniform. Base runners, batter and on deck batter must all have a helmet on. On deck and all other players must remain in the dugout. Coaches responsibility to make sure that is the case. Catchers must be in full protective equipment (catchers glove not required)
  19. If there is a breach in these rules, a copy of the rules must be in hand to object/argue rules. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A COPY OF THE RULES, DO NOT ARGUE OR OBJECT TO ANY OF THEM. Tournament time: Judgment calls by the umpire are not arguable. Rules may be approached with a copy of the rules. Umpires will be instructed that if a coach does not have a copy of the rules, he will not pause the game for a rule objection, or for you to download the rules.
  20. Any rule not listed, will be referenced from the current PONY rule handbook.
  21. If a coach and/or fan are ejected from the game. It is the coaches responsibility to enforce the ejection which includes that ejected person leaving the PARK. Failure to do so, will result in the end of the game, and the un-cooperating team loses 10-0