Game Rules

  • 2 18 – minute halves
  • Running time (except final 2 minutes of game, clock will stop on incompletions, out of bounds)
  • 3 timeouts a team per game
  • Teams may go for 1-point after touchdown (2 yd line) or 2-point conversion (5 yd line)
  • No Overtime in regular season
  • 21 point slaughter rule is in effect from start of 2nd half
  • Teams must wear same color shirts, centers must wear red/yellow pennys marking them as an ineligible receiver
  • All players must have 3 flags worn on waist at all times
  • There is no flag guarding
  • Any player not wearing all 3 flags will be marked down on spot
  • Center must snap ball to quarterback
  • 7 players on field at one time, (if you’re team is shorthanded the minimum number is 6)
  • Center is an ineligible receiver
  • Receiver must have one foot in bounds for reception


  • A player is marked down on the spot where his flag was pulled
  • If any player is brought down to the ground, the result will be a 15-yd personal foul penalty.
  • If a player leaves his feet for any reason he will be mark down at the spot


  • There are no fumbles. The marked spot will be where the ball hits the ground.
  • Any lost snaps will be a loss of down and the spot will be marked.

4th Down

  • Teams must declare whether or they are punting or going for first down.
  • Teams can only have 1 punt-returner. The rest must be on the line scrimmage. Defensive teams must kick ball.


  • A forfeit will result in a loss for that week. Any team that forfeits 2 games will be disqualified from the league.


  • There will be a zero tolerance for fighting
  • Any player involved in a fight will be suspended for the season.
  • Any team with 2 incidents on season will be thrown out of the league.
  • Personal fouls will be issued for trash talking, taunting.
  • Personal fouls will be issued for arguing with officials.

Ram Cards

  • All players must bring with them a valid Student ID card to EVERY game with them.
  • Rosters are final after Game 1.

Game Schedule

  • The weekly schedule will be posted on the board every Tuesday morning in Ridgeway.
  • Do not call
  • Do not bother Carol with Intramurals, it will be posted be patient.
  • All scheduling is final.

I hereby understand and agree to all the rules. I understand I am responsible for informing all of my teammates with these rules as well.