Rules, Rules, Rules

Lesson 1

Title: Rules, Rules, Rules

Unit of Study: Third Grade Michigan’s Citizens and Government


C1.0.1 Give an example of how Michigan state government fulfills one of the purposes of government (e.g., protecting individual rights, promoting the common good, ensuring equal treatment under the law). (Introduction)

Key Concept: Rules and laws are essential.

Sequence of Activities: (This lesson will take approximately Two 45 minute sessions)

  1. Start by reading a book that will help explain the importance of rules, such as No, David! By David Shannon or Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann.

2.  Continue with a discussion about the consequences of not having classroom rules.

o  Give scenarios like "What if we did not have the rule...No running in the hallway?" or “What if we had no stop lights or stop signs?"

3.  Discuss the need for rules when a group of people live together (Home, school, city).

4.  Watch the video available at the CISD: Stop, Think, and Choose (REMC 01975)

5.  Give groups time to brainstorm what our Classroom Constitution should outline.

6.  Collect rules from each group on the board. Combine rules as needed until all rules are specific and agreed upon.

7.  Print off a Classroom Constitution copy for the kids to sign. Hang in the room.


English Language Arts


Optional: Write a short narrative about a time when you or someone else didn’t follow the rules. Can use MEAP format to practice.


Instructional Resources:


Student Resources

Teacher Resources

No, David! by David Shannon or Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann

Name ______

Match the rules to the situations.

Rules, Rules, Rules

a.  Always buckle your seatbelt.

b.  No food or drink allowed by these special things.

c.  Turn off your cell phones.

d.  Only talk in a whisper in this special place at school.

e.  Running is allowed during this special class.

f.  Sit in your own desk.

g.  Wear a life jacket.

h.  No gum during this special class.

i.  Wear a helmet.

j.  No jumping off swings

____ 1. On a boat

____ 2. At the movies

____ 3. In the library

____ 4. In gym class

____ 5. In the classroom

____ 6. Riding a bike

____ 7. In a car

____ 8. In music class

____ 9. during recess

____ 10. near computers

Rules, Rules, Rules