Act 46 Study Committee Meeting

November 3, 2015

Lake Region Union High School


Present: Study Committee Members Dave Martinez (Brownington), Mark Perkins (Westmore), Kathy White (Barton), Dave Blodgett (Orleans), Trish Bermon (Barton), Kimico Perry (Irasburg), Tammy Wiggett (Barton), Neil Urie (Albany), Michelle Hubert (Brownington), Tara Nelson (Glover), Amy Leroux (Irasburg), and Jennifer McKenzie (Albany). Administration: Donald Van Nostrand (Superintendent), Paul Simmons (Irasburg Principal), Kathy Poginy (Director of Special Services), Kim Hastings (Orleans Principal), Dave Cobb (Glover Principal), Heather Wright (Business Manager), and Bev Davis (Director of Instruction). Community Members Mike Sanville, Richard Epinette, and Klye Chadburn (OCEA). Media: Jennifer Cleveland (Orleans County Record). Consultant Wayne Gersen.

White called the meeting to order at 6:01pm.

White asked for review of minutes of last meeting, October 28, 2015. All agreed minutes were appropriate.

Gersen led a discussion focused on questions raised from the last meeting.

Gersen led a discussion regarding Advisory Committees for local schools under Act 46. After the discussion Chair Leroux asked for a “straw vote” on who was in favor of advisory committees. Consensus showed in favor. Leroux asked Van Nostrand to email all board members for their thoughts on what an advisory committee might look like and do.

Gersen led a discussion of language in the Articles of Agreement regarding keeping schools open. Discussion ensued. Addition conversation discussing property ownership.

Discussion ensued regarding curriculum and programming across schools. Gersen informed the committee members that an analysis of the Education Quality Standards is being created for the schools across the OCSU.

Gersen led a discussion regarding how voting might occur in a single district.

Leroux reminded everyone the next meeting is Tuesday, November 17, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm, at LRUHS. Meetings were also set for December 1 and December 15.

Leroux adjourned the meeting at 7:31pm.


Donald S. Van Nostrand