Wrightstown Elementary School

729 Penns Park Road

Wrightstown, PA 18940

(215) 944-2300

September 2014

Dear Parent(s) and Student Mathematicians:

This year, your child will once again have a personal account to utilize the First in Math Online Program. The First in Math program is a secure and educational web site where the students can play a range of “24” Games, from beginning number sense to more challenging pre-algebra equations. The basic premise of “24” is to make 24 with four numbers using any of the mathematical operations. New challenges and games continue to be added to this site each year. Most importantly, our students will have the ability to learn and master critical math skills, at their own pace, from any computer with internet access. As a result, students can be engaged in mathematics at school and home.

The First in Math program is targeted to elementary and middle school students. The program enables schools to form teams who play the games online and earn points for their team by successfully solving problems and completing games. Students’ participation in this program creates great excitement for math and often provides essential motivation for our students.

Your child’s login information can be found on the First in Math ID card, which is located on the inside front cover of your child’s homework book, or another secure place designated by your child’s homeroom teacher.

Family Link on FIM Information:

Help can always be obtained from the top right Help button, which is pretty thorough.

Once a student reaches 500 stickers, a parent can set up an account using the yellow Family link - bottom right. You can only preview the K2 World in the Family Link.


Family Link is an optional feature of the First In Math program, designed to involve family members in the process of their child’s education. When a player has earned more than 500 stickers, one First In Math's Family Link User ID and Password is made available. The student can share this full-access User ID with a family member. The Logins will appear on the student's Homepage. Student and family member sticker counts are combined for a Family Team total score, providing a mechanism for students and families to spur each other on to greater mathematics achievement. (Family sticker-count totals do not count toward Student or Team Rankings, only Family Team Rankings). Family Link players compete in their own separate Rankings. Because the majority of FL members are adults or siblings in higher grades, the K2 World is not available for earning stickers. Younger siblings can access the K2 World in Preview mode, however no stickers will be earned.


Erin Prozzillo

Elementary Mathematics Specialist