FACILITATOR ELA Level 2 Session 3


Meeting Date/Time: ______

Meeting Time / Activity Time Frame / Activities
Session 3: Crafting Text-Dependent Questions– 30 - 35 MINUTES
Resources Needed for 30-minute Segment:
·  Computer & Projector, Screen
·  PowerPoint
·  Text Dependent Question Worksheet
·  Progression Chart – Text Dependent Questions (Pyramid – Doug Fisher)
·  Text-Dependent Questions by Tracy Watanabe (Sample)
·  Bats at the Beach Poem
·  Text book you are teaching
·  “3 Shifts Card”
·  Reflection Cards – Row 3
·  Table Discussion Sheet/Chart Paper
3 minutes
PPT Slides 1-2 / Introduction
*Protocol #1 – Voices in the Room
Review 3 SHIFTS cards
Overview of Outcomes
3 minutes
PPT Slide 3 / Revisit Text Dependent Question Worksheet– Recall that step two provides ideas on how to craft text–dependent questions linked to the standards.
PPT Slides
4 / This chart reflects a progression of text dependent questions. Starting at the bottom and working up to the top touches upon all of the content standards. Note that opinion is left for last – which makes the reader really delve into the text before responding
PPT Slides
5 / Go over sample – stress that text-dependent questions are NOT low level questions.
3 minutes
PPT Slides 6-9 / Pass out poem Bats at the Beach -- Read it out-loud to the group
8 minutes
PPT Slides 9 / With a partner craft two text-dependent questions for this poem. You may use the worksheet and pyramid progression chart to help you draft your questions. Share a few examples with the whole group.
5 minutes
PPT Slides 10 / Use your textbook – locate an example of a non-text-dependent question. Revise the question to meet the criteria.
3 minutes
PPT Slides 11 / *Protocol #2 – Reflection Cards – Respond to Row 3
* From Level 1
Notes to Facilitator: * From Level 1
·  Recruit the following:
o  time-keeper to help keep session on pace
o  table captains to facilitate discussion & take notes
·  Ask members at meeting to do the following: Add Name OR Content Area to their REFLECTION CARDS & Collect Responses at the end of meeting.
·  Recommend: Type responses and categorize participant actions and support needs. POST IN TEACHER’S LOUNGE and/or AT MAIN GATHERING PLACE as a reminder of objectives
·  Additional Resources:
o  Aspen Institute http://www.aspeninstitute.org/publications/tools-teachers-implementing-key-shifts-common-core-state-standards
o  Text-Dependent Questions by Tracy Watanabe http://wwwatanabe.blogspot.com/2013/04/close-read-complex-text-and-annotate.html

Thank you to the Aspen Institute for sharing their work. This work has been adapted with their permission.

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