Information sheet

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Signature Works Innovation Lab 2017

Applications close: 1 March 2017

Event Dates: 1-4 May 2017

“The evolution of the Australian arts canon relies on the ability of artists to voice the dynamism of the times they are immersed in; Signature Works: Innovation Lab hopes to propel artists to realise that vision through a range of platforms that broaden the reach for their creativity.”- Lydia Miller

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is an immersive program led by Tristan Schultz. The Lab will take place over four days and will be held at conference centre in regional Australia. The Lab will offer an entirely Indigenous creative space. We hope strengthen future Indigenous signature works and embolden artists with strong ideas and innovative work.

This is a unique opportunity for First Nations arts professionals to collaboratively develop and create new ideas and concepts for works that will push forward sector thinking and understanding of Indigenous signature works. It is an opportunity for artists to be invigorated and inspired. The Lab is about valuing cultural expression as a way of amplifying Indigenous Knowledge, regarding options around future challenges all of humanity will face.

The Lab is a designed to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working within the creative industries with the skills and networks to generate, take up and excel in leadership positions. The programme is aimed at Indigenous arts professionals from across Australia who have at least five years’ experience in the creative industries and can demonstrate a bold vision for where they want to take their career and their community.

The intent of The Lab is to change the landscape of Australian arts and leave a rich legacy within the canon of Indigenous arts. The concept is deeply rooted in the principles of self-determination with Indigenous people creating the artistic experiences that are true to them within an Indigenous space.

What is included in the program

  • Australia Council will arrange all accommodation, meals and economy travel
  • Participants will receive a $1,000 participation fee

Who can apply

This opportunity is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. Applicants must have at least 5 years’ experience in their artistic field and be able to demonstrate a significant body of work.

What is expected of participants

Participants will be required to committing to 4 days of immersive collaborative work in a regional location. Participants will engage in processes designed to amplify innovation in there practice as well as Indigenous Knowledge. Participants will engage with concepts such as artistic practice and how it relates to skills of adaptation, mitigation, redirection, resilience, sustainability, resourcefulness, bricolage and repair.

How to apply

Complete the EOI form (page 3) and Return along with support material by 1 March 2017 to

Selection criteria

  • Track record as a practicing artist or creative professional
  • The artistic merit of your 1,000 word pitch
  • Willingness to participate, collaborate and share
  • Artistic achievement

Support Material

Support material must include an artist biography that highlights significant achievements.

Please provide relevant support material that best promotes why you want to be involved in the Signature Works: Innovation Lab. Support material should speak to the applicant’s artistic achievements and/or strength of project pitch. Web links are preferred, please speak to the contact officer before attaching additional files to your email submission.


Potential applicants are encouraged to discuss their application with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ArtsProjects team. For questions relating to this opportunity please contact;

Frank Trotman-GoldenMichelle Wong

Projects MangerProjects Officer

Ring toll free 1800 226 912 or 02 9215 9144

Expression of Interest form


Given name:

Family Name:

Organisation or group (if applicable):


Street address:

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Phone number:


  • Inunder 1,000 words pitch your project idea. Attach as either a word doc or PDF file.
  • In 400 words or less discuss why you would like to attend the Lab and what you would hope to get out of it.
  • Attach a complete list of support material that you are submitting with you EOI.