The Labour Party

General Election Mobilisation Assistant

Application Information Pack

Thank you for your interest in applying to become a General Election Mobilisation Assistant with the Labour Party.

The closing date for receipt of applications for these posts is Wednesday 28thJanuary 2015 at 9am. Applications should be emailed to.

In this pack you will find information about these roles and the application process.

Please note the application form and equal opportunities form are separate documents which you can download at pack is provided to give you as much information as possible to help you decide if this opportunity is for you, and to help you to apply.

The following information is included in this pack:

  • Job description
  • Person specification
  • Information on terms and conditions
  • Recruitment process
  • Equal opportunities statement

We have roles available in the following areas of the country:

  • East Midlands
  • Greater London
  • North West England
  • South West England
  • West Midlands
  • Yorkshire and the Humber

You will be able to let us know your preferences for regions/nations on your application form for this role.

Thank you for your interest and we wish you every success in your application.

Labour Party - Job Description

General Election Mobilisation Assistant

Job Title: General Election Mobilisation Assistant

Responsible to: Regional Director

Location: Labour Party Offices across the country

Key purpose:To mobiliseand support the Labour Party’s members and supportersin campaigning in the run up to the next General Election.

Specific Responsibilities:

Capacity building

  • To assist in recruiting, mobilising and organising volunteers for campaigning activities in local Labour Parties.
  • To communicate with members, volunteers and stakeholders in person, by phone or by email about campaign activities and events.
  • To utilise the party’s campaign technology platforms to mobilise and schedule volunteers for campaigning activities and events.
  • To enable and empower members and supporters to organise and campaign in their local community as part of the General Election campaign.
  • To work with regional and local organising staff to identify campaign leaders and provide training and support to them on campaign techniques.
  • To ensure a focus on growing the Labour Party and Labour movement in the local community.

Assistance with campaign activities and events

  • To assist in organising and leading campaign activities such as doorstep canvassing, phone banks and data entry.
  • To assist in building relationships between local Labour Parties, stakeholders and organisations.
  • To assist in the administration of an efficient campaign office.
  • To assist in the organisation of campaign events and visits.
  • To assist in the coordination and distribution of election literature.

Training and development

  • To attend and participate in training sessions, covering techniques for capacity building, campaign techniques and use of the Labour Party’s campaign technology platforms.
  • To work closely with regional and local organising staff to maximise learning and personal development from field based training and activity.

Other duties

  • To carry our any other reasonable duty as required by the Regional Director or other regional organising staff.
  • To work closely with the relevant local organiser to assist with their duties.
  • The post-holder will be expected to adopt a flexible attitude to his/her work and be prepared to contribute to wider organisational activity.

Labour Party - Person Specification

General Election Mobilisation Assistant



  • Self-motivated
  • Ability to motivate others
  • Ability to handle competing priorities and work to deadlines
  • Flexible and imaginative approach to resolution of issues
  • Ability to learn from experience
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team, and provide leadership where necessary.


  • General knowledge of the Labour Party, its policies, principles and organisation.


  • Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Good computer literacy, including use of email communication systems and
    data input
  • Good organisational skills and attention to detail
  • Planning and organisational skills.


  • A full driver’s licence
  • Knowledge and understanding of Labour Party campaign techniques
  • Experience of/involvement in volunteer management and/ or campaigning in the Labour Party and/or women’s, youth, trade union, community or other voluntary organisations.

Labour Party – Terms & conditions

General Election Mobilisation Assistant

Summary of terms and conditions

All General Election Mobilisation Assistantterms and conditions will be in line with the Labour Party’s terms and conditions of employment.

The Labour Party


The full time equivalent salary will be £17,879.06 per annum and a fixed sum allowance of £364per annum.


These roles are on a contract until two weeks after the General Election.


The full time equivalent holiday entitlement is 25 days, pro rata per annum.


Salary is payable monthly on 20th of each calendar month.


Relocation and national/regional mobility may be required for some placements.

Days per week

Roles available are typically full time, with some part time roles available.

Working pattern

A full time working week is 33.75 hours. A working week may include day(s) at the weekend and evening work.

The Labour Party

Labour Party – Recruitment process

General Election Mobilisation Assistant

Recruitment process

The recruitment process for General Election Mobilisation Assistants has been put together to encourage applications from all those with the motivation and interest to apply, and then to use a number of techniques to assess everyone’s suitability in a fair and consistent way.

Application process

Applications will be shortlisted against the criteria set out in our person specification and job description.

Interviews and Assessment Centre

If shortlisted, candidates will be invited to attend an Assessment Centre and this may involve a follow up interview.


Due to the volume of applicants we expect to receive, we will be able to provide feedback only to those who attend the Assessment Centre and / or interview.

Guideline for completing the application form

What we will use this application form for:

  • To find out about your skills and experience
  • To select applicants to go through to the next round
  • If you go through to the next round, we may ask you questions about what you write.

Hints to help you:

  • Read all the material in this information pack, it will give you an idea of what being a General Election Mobilisation Assistant will be like and also the skills, experience and qualities we are looking for.
  • Write a draft before completing your final version - you may want to keep a copy of what you sent to us.

Labour Party - Equal opportunities information

General Election Mobilisation Assistant

Equal opportunities information

The following is an extract from the clause in the memorandum of agreement between the national executive committee of the Labour Party and the joint trade union committee of the Labour Party staffs:

“We are committed to the development of positive policies to promote equal opportunity in employment regardless of workers’ sex, age, marital status, creed, colour, mental or physical impairment, ethnic origins or sexuality. This principle will apply in respect of all conditions of work including pay, hours of work, holiday entitlement, overtime, work allocation, guaranteed earnings, sick pay, pensions, recruitment, training, promotion and redundancy.

This policy of equal opportunity will be followed except where there are legal or Inland Revenue provisions which preclude it.

If an employee considers that he or she is suffering from unequal treatment on the grounds of sex, marital status, creed, colour, race, mental or physical impairment, ethnic origins or sexuality, he or she may make a complaint which shall in the first instance be dealt with through the Negotiating Procedure Agreement.

The aim of this equal opportunity policy is to ensure that no job applicant or employee received less favourable treatment on the grounds stated above. Selection criteria and procedures will be kept under review to ensure that individuals are selected, promoted, and treated on the basis of their relevant merits, experience and abilities. Where employees have been disadvantaged through discrimination they will be given special training to progress within the organisation. Supervisory staff will be trained in equal opportunities, personnel practices and procedures. The Party is committed to the development of programmes of action to ensure that this policy becomes fully effective.”

In order to ensure the continued development of this policy, applicants are asked to complete an equal opportunities monitoring form.

Please note that the equal opportunities form is a separate document which should be downloaded at

This information is strictly for statistical purposes only, and is always removed from the application form prior to shortlisting.