Brand New Camera Gimbals from Gudsen will be Unveiled at NAB Show 2015

Awesome news! As NAB Show 2015 approaches, 5 more newest versions of Gudsen MOZA are coming! MOZA will unveil 4 all-new hand-held gimbals and 1 upgraded Wireless Thumb Controller at Las Vegas NAB on April 13th, 2015. This begins a new chapter in MOZA history stage, striving MOZA to become a comprehensive stabilization system platform for cinematographers and filmmakers.

The exhibited products support a variety of cameras range from the large-sized like Red Epic, to mini device as GoPro and Sony action camera. The event symbolizes a huge leap in camera gimbal technology. The difference among those series only lies in the size of device they could hold while the quality and technique remain the same. Each unique feature and usage operation will be fully demonstrated at the NAB show.

Glance of the 5 Exhibited Products:

MOZA Pro: A comprehensive and ultimate hand-held Camera Stabilizer specially-designed for professional cinematography, offering the optimal solution to camera stabilization system to capture extremely smoothfootage.

Key Features:

Weight at only 3kg(6.6lbs) including battery and have max payload of 6.5kg(14.33lbs);

Support camera and lens ranging from Micro Four Thirds cameras to RED Epics;

Three different operation modes: Standard, Upright, Briefcase;

Tool-less set up and balance in 5 minutes;

Wireless Thumb Controller: OLED display in construction, having the function of gimbal tuning, and controlling camera focus & recording;

Wireless Video Transmitter: integrating wireless HD transmission with multi-receivers supporting;

Easily adapts to various compatible platforms like tripod, slider, crane and drone in seconds;

Mobile App for adjusting and controlling;

MOZA Lite: An amazing lightweight 3-Axis hand-held gimbal can support mirrorless cameras and common DSLRs up to Canon 5D Mark III. Portable, compact and easy to use!


Extremely compatible with cameras such as a7S, GH4, and Canon 5Ds;

Ultra lightweight at only 2.1kg and have max payload of 2.5kg (5.5lbs);

Built-in tuning system: fast balance at inverted mode without no stand needed;

Wireless remote controller and wireless video transmitter with multiple receivers available;

App assistant for adjusting and controlling;

MOZA Mini comes in two versions: one supports for GoPro4/GoPro3+/GoPro3 and the other for Sony HDR/FDR series. The all-in-one hand-held portable gimbals with simple operation, letting GoPro and Sony action cameras keep steady to create smooth moving shots.


Support GoPro4/GoPro3+/GoPro3 and Sony HDR/FDR series;

Tilt/Pan control via joystick;

Removable cell phone rack for monitoring;

Detachable handle as a remote controller;

All-in-one Hand-held & aerial gimbal;

MOZA Wireless Thumb Controller: It is the new generation of previous MOZA Thumb Controller that adopts OLED display, enabling the operator to control the camera of focus & recording, and achieving gimbal-tuning effectively.

About Gudsen Tech Ltd:

Gudsen is an innovative camera gimbal provider specializing in creating high-tech video-making equipments and offering effective stabilization solution for photograph industry. We have successfully launched the impressive 3-Axis handheld camera stabilizer-MOZA. All products feature with advanced technologies like wireless remote controller, built-in tuning system, and brushless motor, ensuring smooth footage for the cameras. Our vision is“invented for Video” with innovative & high quality products as well as exceptional customer service.

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