Stephen immunised & vaccinated: 9months old.
Angela & Richard vaccinated: June & July.
JulyGeoff commenced work at Norwich.
Dec 3rdMoved to Norwich.


Richard, Angela & Stephen: Polio injections (2).
JulyRichard left school.
Aug 25thand commenced at Laurence & Scott's.
Nov 7thAngela TB vaccination.


Feb & MarRichard, Angela & Stephen: 3rd Booster Polio injections.
Jun 6th-7thRichard went to Norton on cycle.
Jun 14thSunday School commenced, Hellesdon Community Centre (Methodist).
Jun 19thMum came to stay one night. I stayed 1 night (18th) at Tostock.
Aug 4thHad television installed. Richard 2 weeks holiday.
Aug 8thLent Richard £15 to help pay for television.
Aug 14thHad sitting room fireplace out, for repairs.
Aug 16th-22ndAngela stayed with Helen.
Aug 22ndHelen came.
Aug 29thHelen returned home.
Sep 5thRichard saw doctor.
Sep 7thHad X-ray.
Sep 18thHospital, dietician.
Sep 23rdFirst home from work.
Oct 6thRe injections, etc. in hospital (Diabetes).
Nov 9thReturned work.


Feb 1stRichard had 1st Tetanus injection.
Feb 20thSecond Tetanus injection.
Apr 4thAngela commenced at Halfords.
Apr 8thThird Tetanus injection.
Apr 17thAlan, Lil, Frank & Pat came.
Apr 30thRichard dentist.
May 14thRichard dentist.
May 28thRichard dentist.
Jun 4thRichard began driving car on Whit Saturday.
JuneRichard dentist (final).
Jun 13thAunt Margaret came until the 16th, went to Norton until 19th. Then back here for the night & returned to Broadstairs June 20th.
Aug 23rdEye-testing appointment at Scott's.
Aug 29thErnest, Mary, R & A came to tea from Runton.
Aug 30thDecorated Sitting Room.
Sep 2ndFinished.
Sep 3rdBrian Buckle came to stay for two nights.
Sep 18thGranddad went to hospital.
Oct 16thGeoff fetched Granddad home from hospital.
Oct 27thHad washing machine.
Dec 28thErnest & Mary moved to Long Eaton.


Apr 18thStephen began school.
Jun 30thStephen had TB vaccination.
Jul 6thStephen had medical examination, pronounced fit.
Jul 26thStephen had 4th Polio injection.
Jul 29thStarted Pantry alterations (£12). Decorated our Bedroom and Kitchen.
July 31stRichard, result of City & Guilds Exam intermediate. 2nd Class Certificate Pass.
Aug 22ndStephen had 1st Tetanus injection.
Aug 25th-27thStephen went to Kenninghall.
Sept 25thStephen had 2nd Tetanus injection.
Nov 11thRichard had new motor-cycle. We lent him £30 (£170).
Dec 28thGeoff home ill (Flu). Started work following week & came home ill next day.
Sent for doctor, 8.30 pm. Pleurisy.


Jan 11thStephen had 3rd Tetanus injection.
Jan 31stBegan work again but was ill again on Feb 5th, until Feb 19th.
Feb 9thStephen had Booster Diphtheria. I went to doctor with ear abscess & conjunctivitis. Had 5 Penicillin injections. Very deaf for 2 weeks.
Feb 19thGeoff back to work. Stephen began school dinners.
Aug 1stScott's for eye test. Mother went with us.
Aug 5thRamsgate, left home at 4am, arrived there 11.10am.
Aug 9thWent to see Aunt Margaret, 2.30pm – 7pm.
Aug 11thReturned home 10am – 7pm.
Aug 25thPhilip Wayre’s Zoo.
Sep 24thMr Moore to hospital.
Oct 1stNeylond Crescent road building began.
Oct 23rdMr Moore passed away.
DecemberStephen had Scarlet Fever.
Dec 25thChinta, Peter & Pat came here for the Xmas Day.


Jan 1stI had fall, not feeling very well.
FebruaryGeoff, Stephen & me had 'flu. Had spectacle sides replaced. 16/-.
AprilEaster. Stephen had measles. Richard home ill for 3 days.
Jun 25thRichard, motorcycle accident. Broke left forearm & crushed right leg.
Jul 2ndStephen down with Chicken Pox.
AugustFirst week’s holiday at Littlehampton.
Aug 15thRichard had 1st plaster removed – not mending. Started calcium tablets.
SeptemberGranddad ill. Stephen Whooping Cough.
Sep 16thHad Belling cooker.
OctoberRichard had 2nd plaster removed.
Nov 6thRichard went into hospital for extraction of Wisdom Teeth, after having Penicillin injection for abscess.
Nov 8thRichard returned home.
NovemberGeoff spent night at Norton with Granddad.


Jan 13thRichard waiting re-admission for bone graft operation.
AprilRichard had Anglia, beginning of April. £40.
AprilGeoff weeks holiday. 2 days & nights at Norton.
Apr 27thRichard entered hospital.
Apr 28thMr Taylor decided not to operate, so Richard returned home.
May 4thRichard went back to work. Found most tools stolen. Lost about £250 in wages because of accident.
May 9thRichard sprained ankle at tennis.
May 10thGeoff took him to N & N for X-ray, after returning from 2 nights at Norton.
May 18thMotorcycle broke down, bought new battery.
Jun 5thStephen in bed, feverish.
Jun 6thRichard 21st Birthday Party in Community Centre. 42 guests.
Jun 8th-9thStephen away from school.
Jun 11thMrs Grave, N & N for Gallstone operation.
Jun 19thGranddad, St Mary’s Hospital.
Jun 26thGeoff & Richard home early from work. Richard Penicillin tablets, Geoff badly ulcerated throat, returned to work July 13th.
Jul 8thGran passed away.
Jul 11thGran buried.
Jul 14thGranddad passed away.
Jul 18thGranddad buried.
Aug 8thHoliday Littlehampton. Departed home 2.30am, arrived 9.30 am.
Aug 10thWent to Portsmouth. Saw Hovercraft. Called to see Uncle Harry.
Aug 11thWent to Southampton. Saw HMS Queen Mary.
Aug 15thReturned home about 7.15pm.
Aug 17thGeoff went to Bletchley for three weeks.
SeptemberRichard started work at Autowrappers.
Dec 27thWent to Tostock. Took Chinta, Peter & Pat. Snowed up over Christmas.


Feb 18thGeoff, mass Chest X-ray. Geoff home for week.
Mar 9thAngela to doctor about blocked nose. Tablets.
May 22ndTook Chinta to Tostock, Mum went to Bury.
May 30thAngela baptised. Roger, Helen & Trevor came to tea. Mrs Green to church. Nose still troublesome.
Dec 20thRichard trouble with lump in leg.
Dec 25thHad X-ray. Arm rather troublesome.


JanuaryAutowrappers moved to Sweet Briar Road.
FebruaryGeoff went to doctor. Awaiting admission to hospital.
May 6thBought Viva. Spent Whitsun with Mary & Ernest at Long Eaton.
June 24thRichard paid £40 for Popular. Left Autowrappers.
June 25thStephen Haigh took motorcycle.
Jul 2ndRichard went to Stevenage.
Jul 4thRichard commenced work at BAC. Lodged with Ron & Cherie Sutherland.
Jul 12thI had eyes tested.
Jul 21stHelen & Brenda baptised.
Jul 23rdRichard went on weeks holiday to Ilfracombe with Young People from Silver Road.
AugustGeoff & I had new spectacles.
Aug 26thRichard home.
Aug 27thWe all went to Burnham on Sea for a week. Left home 2.30am, arrived there 12.30. We called to see the James’s on way, 8.15am. Saw Ron & son, Gwen & Joe. Had cup of tea.
Sep 3rdReturned home.
Sep 4thRichard went back to Stevenage about 5.30pm.
Oct 5thI went to doctor. Infection. Had ointment.
Oct 29thWent by coach to Dereham Road Baptist Church, with Silver Road folk.
Nov 6thWent to hospital with Chinta for examination.
Nov 11thRichard home for 2 nights.
Nov 19thRichard & Margaret engaged.
Dec 23rdRichard & Margaret came for three nights. Went to Bungay to see M’s Great Grandmother & then returned to Stevenage on Dec 26th.
Dec 26thGeoff, Stephen, Graham, Angela & me went to Norton & Tostock. Saw Ernest, Mary, Andrew & Ruth at Nellie’s.


JanuaryAngela to doctor.
Feb 3rdAngela, hospital examination. Awaiting admission, Breast Cyst.
Feb 17thAngela & Graham engaged.
Feb 22ndMe to doctor regarding tonsils.
Mar 16thN & N, had polyp removed. Smear.
Mar 18thHelen & Roger married. Angela bridesmaid.
Mar 25thEaster. R & M came for 2 nights. Went back to Stevenage on Easter Monday, via Chelmsford.
Mar 28thChinta went into hospital. Had 2 pints of blood on Mar 30th.& went home for following weekend (Mar 31st). Returned to hospital Apr 3rd.
Mar 31stAngela to see doctor. (Constipation tablets).
Apr 4thChinta operation 9am. Hysterectomy. Richard had notice to quit lodgings.
Apr 10thAngela, West Norfolk hospital.
Apr 12thAngela operation, cyst.
Apr 14thAngela home.
Apr 15thRichard, new lodgings. Mrs Wells.
Apr 16thChinta returned home.
Apr 29th(Saturday) We all went to Stevenage.
May 13thPauline Read passed away.
May 18thRichard John Moss born. Son of Marjorie Gosling.
May 19thPauline Read cremated.
Jun 16th-17thRichard & Margaret came home to fetch motorcycle.
Jun 18thRichard baptised. We all went to Stevenage.
Jun 22ndMargaret’s birthday.
Jun 29thCNS. Looked round school, etc.
Jun 30thStephen medical.
Jul 8thMr & Mrs Bugden came to tea.
Jul 26thDormer began to be built.
Aug 3rdGraham’s birthday.
Aug 5thWent to Southbourne for a weeks holiday. (Geoff, Stephen & me).
Aug 26thRoy’s wedding.
Aug 31stMother’s birthday.
Sep 1stStephen, Jenny Lind.
Sep 2ndCo-op cards in.
Sep 8thStephen began CNS. M & R came home for David Johnson’s wedding, which took place on Sep 9th.
Sep 13thDining room carpet. £25.10.0d.
Oct 5thGeoff in bed for 2 days.
Oct 7thRichard & Margaret married. Lovely day after wet start.
Oct 9/10thGeoff at work.
Oct 11thGeoff had doctor.
Oct 12thStephen not well.
Oct 13thPaid Mr Barber £425.
Oct 16thGeoff at work. Stephen medical at CNS.
Nov 6thStephen at doctors about warts on foot. Given ointment, various.
Nov 13thStephen doctors.
Nov 16thSpeech day at CNS. Stephen had afternoon off. Also 17th.
Nov 20thStephen, doctors.
Dec 15thStephen doctors, re foot.
Dec 19thCarol singing CNS. Barry Read there with Angela.
Dec 20thChristmas holidays (Schools).
Dec 22ndR & M came evening (Fri) & went back to Stevenage on Sunday morning. M not very well. We went to Varleys after service.
Dec 30thLost baby. Sunday Special Party at Alan Johnsons.


Jan 3rdHMS Victorious.
Jan 4thDoctor to Geoff. On club.
Jan 6thStephen & me went to Varley’s for tea. Ken Jones & family there.
Jan 9thSchool term begins CNS. Stephen not well.
Jan 15thGeoff back to work & Stephen back to school.
Jan 17thGeoff to doctor. Negative swab result.
Jan 19thAngela had driving test. Failed.
Jan 31stGeoff to doctor.
Feb 5thGeoff, chest X-ray at West Norfolk.
Feb 12thBegan weeks leave. Cleaned lounge, whitened ceiling, etc. Decorated bathroom & began dormer bedroom walls.
Feb 14th-16thSchool Half-Term. Stephen hit in eye with stone at school. 2 journeys to N & N, given treatment
Feb 17thAngela stayed with Barry’s parents at Dartford. Stephen to doctor, re foot. Went to Ken Jones to tea.
Feb 24thGeoff in hospital for prostate operation.
Feb 27thMrs Haney, operation on nose.
Mar 11thGeoff home from hospital 3pm.
Mar 13thGeoff to doctor.
Apr 5thGeoff hospital appointment.
Apr 10thGeoff to doctor.
Apr 13thAngela & Barrie married. Mrs Ben Thorpe passed away.
May 6thGeoff back to work after 10 weeks ill.
May 30thDavid Howlett fixed our bedroom door.
Jun 1stR & M to Bournemouth. A & B to Guernsey.
Jun 3rdWe went to Feltwell. No one at home. (Herbert & Pearl).
Jun 8thIvy Price passed away.
Jun 13thStair carpet laid.
Jun 15thA & B arrived home very late.
Jun 17thPlumber, valve in airing cupboard. £1.7.6d.
Jun 21stR & M here to stay.
Jun 22ndR & M to Angela’s to tea (Drayton).
Jun 23rdR & M returned to Stevenage by train.
Jun 30thGeoff, Stephen & I to Drayton to dinner & tea.
Jul 13thRev. Masters came here for weekend.
Jul 14thDeacons for tea.
Jul 15thMr Masters returned home.
Aug 2ndStarted at midnight, in bad thunderstorm, for 2 weeks in Perranporth with the Varleys. Mon: Redruth. Tues: Newquay, King Arthur’s Castle, Tintagel. Thurs: Land’s End, Penzance, St Ives, St Just. Sat: Newquay. Mon: Geoff, Stephen & others to The Lizard. Tues: St Pirans Church, etc. Wed: Fowey.
Aug 23rdGeoff, hospital appointment.
Sep 2ndJohn & Vera Bugden, Silver Wedding.
Oct 5thBlood Pressure 140/90.
Oct 11thBrendan Ray born (Roy & Dawn).
Oct 29thRichard into hospital in Hitchin.
Oct 30thHelen came. Richard had operation on wrist. M rang.
Nov 1stRichard home.
Dec 2ndMargaret went into hospital. Richard was to have resumed work, after 5 weeks off with wrist.
Dec 6thDaniel John born (Friday).
Dec 9thBarrie commenced new job.
Dec 14thMe, hospital, Attleborough 11am.
Dec 18thMe home from Attleborough 1.30pm. (Wed).
Dec 19thSimon born 1.30pm (Thursday). Stephen deafness in one ear, had Dr Morgan, but he couldn’t see anything wrong.


Jan 1stMe, hospital 11.15 to see Dr Carron-Brown.
Jan 4thStephen to doctor, ear.
Jan 9thGeoff, doctor, re foot.
Jan 15thStephen, Dr Olney, re ear.
Jan 22ndStephen, Dr Olney, re ear.
Feb 2ndDaniel dedicated. We all went to Stevenage.
Feb 7thGeoff to hospital. Barrie.
Feb 28thGeoff to hospital. Mary & Ernest came at 7pm for weekend.
Mar 1stWent to Fakenham with M & E. Chinta called.
Mar 3rdM & E left here at 9.10am.
Mar 23rdStephen in bed.
Mar 24thGeoff & me in bed. Doctor came.
Mar 26th-27thGeoff in bed.
Mar 28thGeoff got up in afternoon. ('flu).
Apr 2ndBarrie & Angela moved to Watton.
Apr 3rdGeoff to doctor.
Apr 8thMe to doctor with cough, etc.
Apr 9thMe X-ray (chest). Mother came.
Apr 14thMother had doctor here.
Apr 16thDr Clement came to see mother.
Apr 18thDr Clement came to see mother.
Apr 21stN & N 3pm, mother.
Apr 23rdDr Clement to mother.
Apr 28thN & N 3.45, mother.
May 3rd,Mother went home.
May 22ndN & N, mother’s appointment not kept.
Jun 13th-15thB & Angela here.
Jun 21stTook Angela & Simon to Tostock.
Jul 12thSpent day at Watton, with R, M, Daniel & Allison their lodger.
Jul 23rdB & Angela.
Jul 27thB & Angela return to Watton.
Aug 1stPat stayed for the night.
Aug 2ndTo Hythe 4.10am, arrived 9.45am. Pat came too. Sat/Sun: canal. Mon: Folkestone, Pat & me. Tues: Small train, Dymchurch & Dungeness Lighthouse. Wed: Dover carnival, Dymchurch beach. Thurs: Canterbury. Fri: Shopped, canal. Sat: Canal.
Aug 9thReturned from Hythe, 2pm – 8pm. Left Pat at Kenninghall.
Aug 10thWe went to Watton Methodist in evening.
Aug 11thRichard & family spent day here.
Aug 12thWet drive to Sheringham.
Aug 13thMore pleasant drive to Sheringham.
Aug 14thOld Warren (Shuttleworth Collection). Stephen off colour during night.
Aug 26th-27thGeoff home sick.
Aug 29thJenny Lind, Stephen OK.
Aug 30thAndrew’s wedding (Cobham), Acton for weekend.
Aug 31stActon.
Sep 1stHome from Acton. Called Stevenage.
Sep 27thAngela & Simon to stay.
OctoberAngela back to Watton. Mrs Jordans memorial.
Nov 5thSimon began to walk. 10½ months.
Nov 28thAngela here.
Nov 29thBarrie to tea, after shopping with Angela all day. We had Simon.
Nov 30thWe took Angela home.
Dec 12thBarrie’s fatal accident.
Dec 18thFuneral. R & M came. Angela to stay.
Dec 27thAngela back to Watton.
Dec 28thWe went to Watton.


Jan 13thMe, doctor, re numb face.
Jan 14thAngela here.
Jan 17thAngela back to Watton.
Jan 28thMe, doctor, re facial paralysis.
Feb 1stAngela & S to Bexley.
Feb 11thStephen & me to doctor, face.
Feb 13thStephen, ear syringed.
Feb 14thAngela & S home from Bexley.
Feb 18thStephen to doctor, ear.
Feb 25thMe to doctor, face.
Mar 16thMe to Mr Latter, N&N, face.
Mar 21stAngela & S here.
Mar 25thMe to doctor, face.
Mar 31stAngela home to Watton in morning.
Apr 11thTo Stevenage with Angela & S. Returned here.
Apr 13th-16thStephen in bed.
Apr 15thAngela returned to Watton.
Apr 18thWe went to Watton.
Apr 28thMe to Mr Latter, 2pm, re face.
May 6thAngela & S came here, morning.
May 16thAngela & S returned home, evening.
May 18thAngela called at dinner time & went shopping.
May 23rdAngela & S here.
May 26thAngela & S returned Watton.
May 27thPhillip Geoffrey, born 7.40pm.
Jun 3rdMet Angela in city.
Jun 4thReads called for Angela.
Jun 6thAudrey, Harry, Angela & Simon went on holiday to Weston super Mare.
Jun 7thWe went to Norton SS Anniversary. Nellie's to dinner. Audrey rang Clarkes to say that Angela had had emergency appendectomy in evening.
Jun 8thI rang hospital, Weston super Mare. Audrey rang me in evening.
Jun 9thMr Latter, 2.15pm, me re face. Rang hospital, evening (Angela).
Jun 10thAngela to convalescence.
Jun 12thRang Bexley.
Jun 13thWe went to Bexley to fetch Simon.
Jun 14thAngela went to Bexley.
Jun 19thAngela here with Ray, 3pm. Engaged.
Jun 20thBought fridge.
Jul 2ndWatton in afternoon with Angela to sort some papers out.
Jul 5thRay for day.
Jul 10thWatton with Angela in evening to sort papers (hire car).
Jul 11thAngela & Simon back to Watton. Ray to lunch here.
Jul 13thHad television on approval.
Jul 21stTea at Watton.
Jul 22nd7.15am to Hastings.
Jul 24thReturn from Hastings. 2 nights B&B=£6.12.0d= 22/- per night per person.
Jul 29thTostock, called at Angela’s.
Aug 4thMe, Mr Latter 3.15pm, last face examination.
Aug 8thBought television.
Aug 9thAngela going to Simpsons. Simon to stay here.
Aug 14thAngela home, and went back to Watton.
Aug 15thStephen, doctor. Cough & inflamed throat.
Aug 18thWe went to Watton in evening.
Aug 22ndWe went to Stevenage. Called at Watton.
Aug 27thAngela’s furniture to auctioneers.

Aug 29thWe went to Watton twice. Angela vacated bungalow & went to London for 3 weeks (with the Simpsons).
Sep 19thPeter & Beryl married. 4pm. Angela & Simon returned from London with Ray. We all went to the wedding & returned here for the weekend.
Sep 23rdHelen came here.
Sep 25thThe Reads called.
Oct 3rdFrank & E Varley’s 25th Wedding Anniversary at Silver Road. Angela & Simon to Bexley.
Oct 10thAngela & Simon came here from Bexley.
Oct 11thWe all went to Peter’s wedding slides. Unthank Rd, Norwich.
Oct 23rdAudrey & H took Simon to Bexley from here.
Oct 24thAngela & Ray married.
Nov 5thAngela & Simon here 2 nights.
Nov 28thAngela & Simon here 1 night.
Dec 7th-9thAngela & Ray moved into new house at Addington.
Dec 16thCentral heating here, measure up.


Jan 4th/5thTelephone installed.
JanuaryAunt Lizzie died. Widley, Portsmouth.
Feb 3rdAngela, kidney X-ray.
Feb 8thCentral Heating installation begins.
Feb 9thBoth chimneys swept.
Feb 11thHeating switched on.
Feb 20thAngela & family to Stevenage. Sitting room decorated.
Mar 6thTostock.
Mar 13thTo Stevenage.
Mar 14thReturned home from Stevenage.
Mar 20thLEC, Bury St Edmunds, Geoff & I.
Mar 22ndMan to look at boiler. No television.
Mar 31stRadiators re-adjusted.
Apr 8thAngela & family to stay for Easter.
Apr 13thAngela & family returned to Croydon.
Apr 30thNellie & Billy to stay for weekend.
May 3rdBilly & Nellie returned home.
May 8thTostock & Nellie’s.
May 14thR & M to Croydon.
May 15thR & M, A & R, commence holiday at Westgate.
May 22ndAll home again.
May 30th(Whit Sunday) Kenninghall.
May 31stGorleston & Somerleyton Hall.
Jun 5thR & M here for day.
Jun 19thTostock & Norton.
July 17thTo Angela’s (Croydon), for eleven days.
Sep 10thWent, in evening, to Croydon.
Sep 11thRuth’s wedding.
Sep 12thBrought Angela & S home, with us calling at Stevenage.
Sep 16thAngela, Simon & I to Tostock. Called at Helen’s.
Sep 17thRay came.
Sep 19thR, A & S returned to Croydon.
Oct 13thBoiler serviced.
Oct 24thBoiler trouble.
Oct 25thMen to look at boiler (all day).
Oct 26th2 men all afternoon. New igniter.
Nov 5thTostock. Called on Nellie & Alan.
Nov 17thSimon with measles.
Nov 20thR & family, 11.15am.
Nov 21stR & family returned to Stevenage, 2.pm.
Dec 4thTostock & Kenninghall.
Dec 10thGeoff Phillips, car accident.
Dec 12thTostock & Kenninghall. Geoff home from hospital.
Dec 22ndHospital me.
Dec 27thTostock, Nellie’s & Chinta’s.


Jan 14thAngela & family here.
Jan 15thChinta & Peter called here.
Jan 16thAngela & family returned home.
Jan 17thTrunk of linen from Uncle Harry.
Jan 22ndTool trunk to Chinta’s and divided contents.
Jan 26thParcel Uncle Harry.
Jan 30thTostock.
Feb 5thTo Stevenage.
Feb 6thReturned home from Stevenage.
Feb 21stBoiler failed.
Feb 24thMan to look at boiler.
Feb 26thTostock.
Mar 6thBoiler working..
Mar 9thBoiler failed again.
Mar 25thTostock.
Mar 29thWe went to Croydon.
Mar 31st(Good Friday). Had Reads to tea
Apr 1stWindsor Safari with Angela, etc. Angela’s for 4 days.
Apr 3rdWe returned Norwich.
Apr 12thAngela & Simon came.
Apr 15thWe all went to Gorleston & Lowestoft.
Apr 16thHarry & Audrey to tea.
Apr 17thAngela & Simon returned to Croydon, with Harry & Audrey.
Apr 29thTostock.
Apr 30thOverstrand weekend.
May 1stBoiler finally working.
May 3rdStephen to Dr, re toe. G & I to Diss.
May 12thBrought tape recorder home.
May 13th/14thChurch weekend, Mr Pusey.
May 15thRang, & wrote, to Panks.
May 27thG, S & me to Stevenage.
Jun 2ndStephen interview NU.
Jun 3rdTostock.
Jun 5thHMS Office interview. Rang Panks.
June 13thNU medical, Stephen.
Jun 23rdCity Hall interview, Stephen.
Jul 3rdBoiler out of order.
Jul 6thRang Mr Gordon.
Jul 7thEye test, 11.40am.
Jul 8thTostock. Rang Mr Gordon, boiler.
Jul 21stStephen commenced Downesway.
Jul 22ndTo Worthing, for week. £12.75 ea. 175 miles, 6½ hours.
Jul 23rdSteyning, Bamber Castle & Church.
Jul 24thGolf, Hove & Brighton.
Jul 25thUncle Harry called to see us. Victory.
Jul 26th,Golf, Lancing, Hove and Brighton. Parham House.
Jul 27thHotham Park. Pitch & Putt.
Jul 28thP & P.
Jul 29thTo Croydon.
Jul 30thWent to Andrew Nunn’s Church. Sound Foundations.
Aug 2ndReturned home from Croydon. Car water pump trouble.
Aug 7thMr Gordon here. Stephen to Downesway. Car water pump renewed.
Aug 10thRang Mr Gordon.
Aug 11thSaw Adrian, re boiler.
Aug 13thGave Adrian details, re boiler.
Aug 20thTostock.
Aug 22ndRecorder delivered.
Aug 28thSandringham & Hunstanton with Varleys.
Sep 4thStephen began working at City Hall.
Sep 5thChinta called.
Sep 6thGeoff to doctor.
Sep 7thGeoff home from work.
Sep 8thBoiler repaired. Mr O’Hara & engineer, 2½hrs. Kitchen radiator still leaking.
Sep 13thBury, called to see Marjorie.
Sep 18thStephen began C.O. studies course at City College.
Sep 19thGCE O level Geography exam.
Sep 23rdI went to Croydon at 3.40pm. (train) arrived 6.30 pm. Adrian born 4pm. Alan & Lil called here.
Sep 25thGeoff returned to work after being on sick leave from Sep 7th.
Oct 1stI returned to Norwich from Croydon 5.30pm.
Oct 5thCar to garage for new wing.
Oct 6thBought lounge curtain material.
Oct 9thFestival of Light, Silver Road 8pm.
Oct 11thRang N Heating.
Oct 14thTostock.
Oct 19thWrote to N Heating.
Oct 20thMr Warminger, re kitchen radiator.
Nov 5thIvy & Chas to tea.
Nov 11thCar broke down.
Nov 18thTostock, Kenninghall.
Nov 22ndExam am, Geography (0)
Nov 23rdExam p, Geography (0)
Nov 25thAngela & family to Stevenage, 1 night.
Nov 29thStephen, all day Art (0) to Careers Office.
Nov 30thStephen, morning, Art (0)
Dec 1stEcon & P Affairs Exam (0)
Dec 16thTostock.
Dec 19thGeoff, Mr Green’s Clinic (X-ray).
Dec 23rdRichard & family here 11am.
Dec 24thSilver Road Candlelight Service.
Dec 26thRichard, etc. returned Stevenage 12.15. Chinta & Peter called evening.
Dec 27thCourts, carpet our bedroom & kitchen.
Dec 29thAngela & family arrived 12.30pm.