Group Members:


Directions: As a group, complete this planning document. Please don’t feel obliged to write very long responses for each point. This is simply to guide your thinking in the process. That being said, it needs to be completed in good faith. Please don’t simply divide up the worksheet between group members- that defeats the purpose of team projects. While you can appoint someone as a recorder, please discuss these questions as a group.

A. Identification of the Knowledge Issue (10 Points):

-1.What is your real life situation (Have a 2-3 paragraph summary; if needed include citations or URL links):

-1.Explain why this is related to TOK (1 paragraph):

-1.What is your Knowledge Issue?

-1.Describe your plan to approach the knowledge issue during your presentation (Bulleted description of format):

B. Treatment of the Knowledge Issue (10 Points):

-1.List and describe the various concepts, terms, and ideas related to your presentation:

-1.How do you intend on illustrating these ideas during your presentation (1 paragraph):

-1.Why does your knowledge issue matter for the real life situation (1 paragraph)?

-1.List the WOK and/or AOK involved in your presentation. Briefly explain how they are related to the knowledge issue/real-life situation (Should be around 3):

C. Knower’s Perspective (10 Points):

-1.For your topic, what are the various opinions/reactions of group members (List and briefly summarize):

-1.How do you intend to show different or unique examples during your presentation (1 Paragraph):

-1.How will you show your own awareness as a knower in your presentation; meaning, how will the group communicate personal involvement to the audience (1 Paragraph):

D. Connections (10 Points):

-1.Please list and explain the various perspectives that one could take in addressing the knowledge issue [multiple perspectives are essential](bulleted summary):

-1.Summarize the similarities and differences of the perspectives: (2 Paragraphs)

-1.For each perspective, summarize the implications of the argument [If this is true then what is the consequence] (List and explain):

Presentation and Format (10 Points)

-1.How will you keep the audience active and engaged during the presentation (1 paragraph):

-1.How will you meaningfully involve all group members in the presentation (List each member and describe their roles):

Sources (10 Points)

Include a list of sources for your presentation. You don’t need formal citations for the worksheet.

Tasks and Accountabilities (10 Points)

For each day that we work in class you will be scored on your groups planning, member accountability, and productions. Take the first 10-15 minutes to come up with a To-Do List and assign tasks. At the end of the period, we’ll spend 10 minutes reflecting and recording actions. Each day will be worth 10 points. In the end, all the days will be averaged and added to the TOK Worksheet grade.

Tasks (Individuals) / Products/Status

Rubric 70 Points

A. Identification of the Knowledge Issue (10 Points):

B. Treatment of the Knowledge Issue (10 Points):

C. Knower’s Perspective (10 Points):

D. Connections (10 Points):

Presentation and Format (10 Points):

Sources (10 Points):

Tasks and Accountabilities (10 Points):