Dear «Dear»:

I am pleased to offer you a conditional contract as a part-time lecturer in the Department of ______at California State University, Los Angeles. Your appointment is for one semester only from 8/17/2018 to12/21/2018. Your total unit load for teaching and/or other activities this semester is «Units» units for pay.

The salary for this service is $«Per_Unit» per unit, for a total of $«Total_Salary» for the Fallsemester, 2018. Deductions will be made for federal and state withholding. Each month you will receive one-sixth of the total amount due to you. Your first check may be delayed a short time. This conditional contract for this semester automatically expires on the ending date listed above and carries no guarantee of appointment in any subsequent semester. In addition to your teaching responsibilities, you are expected to hold weekly office hours.Faculty members who teach six units or fewer will schedule a minimum of one office hour per week. Faculty members who teach more than six units will schedule a minimum of two office hours per week. Faculty members shall schedule office hours consistent with the mode of instruction e.g. face-to-face, online, hybrid, or field-based modes.

Your performance will be evaluated in accord with established criteria and procedures. If you do not already have them, copies of the University, College and Department evaluation procedures and policies are available on the web at Please indicate below if you need copies of these documents. You may view the University’s policies in the Faculty Handbook that is available on the web at

This appointment is contingent upon successful completion of a background check, including criminal records check, and may be rescinded if the background check reveals disqualifying information and/or it is discovered that you knowingly withheld or falsified information. In accordance with state and federal law you are required to provide documentation attesting to your identity and legal right to work in the United States, sign the loyalty oath and complete tax related information concerning deductions in the Office of Human Resource Management (HRM), Administration Building 606. You must provide this documentation each time you are separated and re-appointed by the University. Please contact Benefits (HRM) regarding possible eligibility. Please sign and return Attachment A.

Cal State LA is fully committed to serving students with disabilities in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. As a faculty member at Cal State LA, you are required to accept and support the instructional accommodations that are approved for students. In some cases, these accommodations will require that you provide your instructional materials in an appropriate accessible format. In support of students with disabilities, university policy requires that faculty members assigned to specific courses shall inform the University bookstore of the required instructional materials for courses that they are assigned to teach by Friday of week 10 of the prior term in which the materials will be used, whenever possible. Please consult with your department regarding your instructional materials.You are required to treat students with disabilities equally and fairly. You may not disclose the identity of a student with a disability or their accommodation or the nature of their disability to other students and faculty. If you have any questions about serving students with disabilities, please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at 323.343.3140. For more information about the University’s program supporting the rights of our students with disabilities, please see:

Appointments are contingent upon total enrollment in all classes offered each semester and the status of the University’s budget. When such enrollment funds are insufficient, some classes must be canceled and faculty reassigned, this necessitating the cancellation or reduction of some part-time appointments. We will make every effort to notify you as soon as possible should it be necessary to reduce or cancel your appointment.

You are represented by the California Faculty Association, a union of 27,000 professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors and coaches who teach in the California State University system. In classrooms on the 23 CSU campuses, CFA members work hard to teach our students. To join, as an active member with rights to vote and engage fully on behalf of yourself and others, go to

Please inform your department/division and me in writing within two weeks from the date of this letter whether or not you are willing to accept this offer and the conditions noted by signing and returning this letter to me. Prior to your acceptance of this appointment, you should review the Faculty Handbook and the pertinent material that are available in the Department/Division Office, as well as on the World Wide Web at If you have any questions concerning academic policies, please do not hesitate to call or visit your Department/Division Chair or me.

The faculty and administration join in expressing our welcome to you as a member of the campus community, and we look forward to a pleasant association with you.



College of ______

cc: HRM______I accept your offer to teach.


File______I cannot accept your offer.