English 9name:



Using all you’ve learned about the framework of the Hero’s Journey and the different types of heroes that can be found throughout time and across cultures, you will create a project in which you present a version of the Journey.


You will trace the steps of the Hero’s Journey in your independently read memoir/biography/autobiography. In your presentation of the Journey, you must cover all steps (including information about the Ordinary and Special Worlds). For each step, you must include a detailed description, image and/or quotation of the text and your rationale/explanation.


You will tell the story of the Hero in your text, using details to describe events and give depth to the story. Then, you will analyze and label the steps of the Journey as they appear in your text. You should also explain how that element of the text connects to or represents that particular step in the Hero’s Journey. If a step is not represented, be sure to explain how/why the story leaves it out.


You have many options for how to present your work. You might choose to:

● Draw a storyboard, charting the process of the Hero’s Journey within the story, describing and explaining the steps as necessary

● Make a PowerPoint presentation of your text, detailing each of the steps of the Journey and including text/images to illustrate the framework within your chosen text

● Make a video slide show of your text, using still images or video clips and labeling each of the steps of the journey therein, including explanation and details where necessary

● Create an original film (using original content or film clips) of your Hero’s Journey, including examples/plot points for each of the steps of the Journey and adding details/explanations where necessary,

● Create a “storybook” of your text, highlighting the steps of the Hero’s Journey and including details/images to support your understanding of each step.

Even though you are basing your work on another artist’s text, your analysis and presentation of it must be your ORIGINAL, INDEPENDENT work; anything else is PLAGIARISM and will result in a ZERO.

Your Hero’s Journey Project must be complete by

the start of your class period on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014.

Late work will lose 10% each day it is late.

Any work received after the beginning of class on the 9th will be considered “late.”

Absence from school on the due date does NOT ensure an extension or excused lateness.

If you have some mitigating circumstances, you may contact Mrs. Sharp or Ms. Keys for an extension, but be sure to do this BEFORE the due date.


All electronic media must be emailed or brought to school no later than the start of class on Tuesday December 9th. Electronic assignments not submitted by the START of class on Tuesday, December 9th will be counted as late.

You will be given time to work in class, in addition to the time you have to work independently outside of class. Use this time wisely. Bring any materials you might need to class with you tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. In addition, you should use the RUBRIC as a guideline as you create and complete your work.