Prairie Township Fire Protection District

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Open Session:

Called to order at 2:00PM by Chairman, Mike Boinski


Board of Directors meeting in attendance:

Chairman, Mike Boinski; Director, Berry Jennings;Director, Sally Haynes; Chief, Bill Large;Asst. Chief Steve Wilson; Asst. Chief Scott Price;Attorney, Ken Barnes andSecretary/Treasurer Lisa Mahaffey werepresent for the meeting.

Consent Agenda Minutes:

  • Chairman, Mike Boinski made a motion to approve the minutes for the October 11thBoard meeting as well as the minutes for our October 11th Executive Session with The City of Blue Springs.Director, Berry Jennings and Director, Sally Haynes seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurers Report

  • There was a brief discussion on some reclasses in our budget. These have been made. Chairman of the Board, Mike Boinski made a motion to approve the Treasures report for the month of October. Director, Sally Haynes and Director, Berry Jennings seconded the motion. Motion carried.


  • The Chief reviewed the proposal to move the server and lines from our current utility closet to the copy room. The Chief also discussed changing to a cloud based phone system (Shoretel). This will not only save money but will be more functional to our office. Director, Berry Jennings made a motion to approve the bid proposal. Director, Sally Haynes seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  • The Board and the Chief discussed part of our district in the City of Greenwood and the possibility of placing a station South of 50 Hwy and contract to provide Fire and EMS service to their city. They will continue to review this and discuss more with the City of Greenwood in the near future.

Unfinished Business:

  • Summit Mills HOA is having their attorney look over the signed Sewer easement to make sure it is in line with their covenants before giving it to our District. One citizen has still not signed their easement paperwork and is having an issue with it going thru their yard. HDR is planning on routing that portion thru the current easement and casing in the pipe unless they get something from them before they reach that point.
  • The District is waiting on MODOT to pave the crossover on 50 highway. They are also waiting on the design for the crossover gates so that they can get reviewed and approved.

Chiefs Report:

  • The Chief is hosting some Consolidation presentations for the constituents of the two districts. There is a meeting set for Nov. 15th at 9:00AM and 7:00 PM at the Lotawana location. They will have another one on December 14th at 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM as well. The Chief will also give a presentation at the Blue Springs City Council Meeting on December 4th at 6:00PM.
  • The station renovations are still under way. The training room/common area has the entertainment center built, doors replaced and trim set. They will continue to move forward as time allows.
  • The Chief gave an overview on the upcoming 2018 Budget. They will have to set aside expenses for the Ballot election costs as it will be considerably higher than normal with the upcoming Consolidation questions. He will be emailing the proposed Budget for the Board to review so they can vote to approve it at the next meeting.

The Christmas Party for our District staffing will be held at the Stonehouse Winery on December 10th at 6:00. A sign-up sheet is at station headquarters. Hope to see everyone there!

*****There were no public comments at this meeting*****

****There was not an executive session at this meeting****

Adjournment:Our meeting was adjourned at 3:14PM

Accepted and approved this ____, day of ______, 2017

______, Chairman of the Board

Prairie Township Fire Protection District