JOB TITLE: Chief Financial Officer


This exempt position works under the supervision of the CEO and serves as a mentor and leader to other team members in order to promote a positive and healthy work environment conducive to quality care for clients; supervises and performs duties in maintaining financial records, management information system data, accounts receivable management, accounts payable, purchasing, payroll, facilities maintenance and coordination of managed care activities; works as board liaison to the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors; supervises accounting staff, accounts receivable staff, payroll staff, IT staff, and managed care coordinator.This position also functions as a member of the management team.



Financial Management

  • Maintains a complete and systematic set of records for all financial transactions and corporate assets
  • Monitors fiscal activities and budgets for all corporate units
  • Prepares necessary financial reports for the Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors, outside agencies, and other directors and managers
  • Maintains, monitors, and analyzes costs of all corporate units and services
  • Supervises the preparation of vouchers/checks for payment in accordance with policies and procedures
  • Coordinates center-wide budget process and prepare consolidated budget
  • Develops and implements administrative policies and procedures
  • Serves as custodian of revenue and expense contracts and insurance policies
  • Oversees financial audits and other audits such as payroll, workers compensation and billing
  • Oversees purchasing and bid processes
  • Oversees all Health, Dental and Liability contracts

Information Technology System

  • Prepares necessary management reports for the Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors, outside agencies, and other directors and managers
  • Prepares information for planning
  • Responsible for oversight of the design of new components of the information system and revision of current components to meet changing information needs of management and funding sources
  • Maintains and manipulates PC spreadsheet programs and prepare reports as necessary
  • Responsible for assuring efficient operation of organization’s information system
HIPPA Security Officer
  • Ensures the development and implementation of PCA’s HIPAA security policies and practices; keeps them current to reflect changes in the law as they occur.
Accounts Receivable/Billing Management
  • Maintains a thorough working knowledge of all funding sources
  • Coordinates billing and collecting for all corporate services
  • Supervises the maintenance of client financial account records
  • Oversees data entry and reports to Management Team about any corporate unit activities that compromise the quality or timeliness of billing entries.
Payroll/Staff Information
  • Supervises the preparation of payroll checks and tax deposits
  • Maintains information on staff payroll deductions and leave benefits
  • Responsible for the quarterly and annual tax reporting requirements
  • Responsible for generating and distributing of year end W-2 information
  • Responsible for reporting needed information to Profit Sharing Plan Administrator
  • Responsible for distribution of 401K Plan allocations
  • Serves as Trustee of 401K Plan
  • Maintains information on staff activity
Managed Care Coordination
  • Supervises staff position responsible for knowing all PCA activities that are necessary to maximize managed care (and related) revenue
  • Provides reports on managed care activities
  • Makes recommendations about desirable system changes

FacilityMaintenance/Mail Run

  • Ensures that the PCA mail run operates according to a pre-determined schedule or that all staff are notified in advance if schedule changes must occur
  • Receives and tracks all Facility Maintenance Requests and ensure that they are responded to in a timely manner
  • Ensures that ground maintenance, safety inspections and vehicle inspections are performed according to schedule


  • Perform other duties as assigned


  • Ability to gather and organize diverse data, according to flexible needs within specified time periods
  • Knowledge of and experience with established accounting procedures that relate to business practices. Knowledge of the financing, reporting, and managed care issues that relate to non-profit enterprises preferred.
  • Ability to interpret state and federal regulations, especially those pertaining to mental health or health services.
  • Ability to understand and experience with complex computer programs; ability to learn the fundamentals of the Financial and HR software system – Quantum and the clinical software system – MyAvatar during the probationary period.
  • Possession of organizational skills
  • Ability to manage diverse staff
  • Ability to function effectively within a management team structure.
  • Experience working in mental health or health care organizations preferred.


  • CPA preferred but not required
  • Fiveyears’ experience including supervisory


  • Criminal background and credit bureau checks, along with a drug screening,are required.

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