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About LYVS

League of Youth Voluntary Service (LYVS) is a non-profit non-governmental youth organization which was created to develop volunteer movement in Belarus. The organization was founded in 1994 by the team of the active youth workers who wanted to bring the values of the non-formal education and volunteering closer to the Belarusian youth.

Our mission: We work to create opportunities for young people’s development, personal and professional growth.

Our main activities: international workcamps, educational program for camp leaders “Respublika”, Erasmus+ (trainings, seminars, PBAs, study visits, youth exchanges, sending and hosting EVS), creative laboratory “Clever”, intercultural learning (international evenings, movie nights, free language courses), etc.


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Olga Kravchenko
Respublika program

Angelina Klimuk – intern, workcamps outgoing (help)

Alice Hoang – EVS volunteer, France


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League of Youth Voluntary Service /
Лига добровольного труда молодёжи /

LYVS 01-18

Renovation for Recreation Centre

DATES: 08/07/2018 – 22/07/2018


Number Of Volunteers: 12

Location&Context:Recreation centeris a place for people with disabilities to lead an active way of life, where they learn and practice dancing in wheelchairs and even parachuting. There’s a big territory with lots of green areas which needs improvement and this will be the main task for the volunteers. The center is located in Kolodishchi which is a suburban area of Minsk. There are shops, banks, a post-office, a hospital in Kolodishchi and it has a good transport connection with Minsk. The wifi is not available at the site of the camp.

Work:The volunteers will clean the territory and green areas from old branches and rubbish. They will also help with the renovation of the gazebos and other areas as well as renovation (mainly painting) of the main building.

Accommodation&Food: the volunteers will be accommodated in 2 wooden cottages, located in the territory of the Recreation center. There are beds, a common room and a kitchen, a toilet and a shower in each cottage. No washing machine. The volunteers will need to prepare food themselves. Please, make it clear to the volunteers that local cuisine has its peculiarities and is a part of the intercultural experience. Belarusian diet includes various porridges, many vegetables, potatoes, river fish rather than seafood, dairy products, soups.

Language: English

Extra fee: 30 euro

Volunteers from most countries need visas!

Postal address: B. Chmialnickaha str. 4, POB 213, 220013 Minsk. Belarus Telephones: +37517 2840881, +37525 5329084 Web: