Computer Applications II Final Exam Review / 1

1.  In Word the default (preset) view is _____ view.

a. Normal

b. Formatting
c. Status
d. Print Layout

2.  In Word the _____ is a central location for managing and sharing documents.

a. Office Button
b. Status Area
c. Office Ribbon
d. Quick Access Toolbar

3.  In Word the _____, called the primary tab, contains the more frequently used commands.

a. Menu tab
b. Toolbar tab
c. Home tab
d. Active tab

4.  In Word press ______to create a new page break.


5.  In Word the _____ defines the appearance and shape of the letters, numbers, and special characters.

a. point
b. font
c. style
d. Key Tip

6.  In Word to move to the end of a line, press the _____ key.

b. END

7.  In Word the term, clear formatting, refers to returning the formatting to the ______style.

a. auto-form
b. Default
c. Normal

d. cover letter

8.  A(n) ______is similar to a form with prewritten text.

a. wizard
b. auto-form
c. template
d. both b & c

9.  The _____, located near the top of the Word window, is the control center in Word.

a. Home pane
b. Status bar
c. task pane
d. Ribbon

10.  In Word if you use the same text or graphic frequently, you can store the text or graphic in a(n) ______so it can be used in future documents.

a. object
b. Tip
c. building block
d. action routine

11.  The MLA documentation style requires that you ______the entire paper.
a. double-space
b. single-space
c. line space
d. layer

12.  Excel automatically positions text ______in a cell.

a. centered
b. left-aligned
c. right-aligned
d. none of the above

13.  In Word to show formatting marks on the screen, click the ______button on the Home tab.

a. Marks
b. Show/Hide
c. Format
d. Show Marks

14. In Word the AutoCorrect feature automatically corrects misspelled words when you ______after entering the misspelled word.
a. press the SPACEBAR
b. enter a comma
c. enter a period
d. all of the above

15. A ______is text and graphics that print at the top of each page.
a. title
b. header
c. footer
d. superscript

16.  MLA stands for ______of America.
a. Modern Language Association
b. Modern Language Abbreviation
c. Modern Lexical Abbreviation
d. Modern Lexical Association

17.  Excel opens a new workbook with ______worksheets.

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

18.  In Excel a ______is the basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data.

a. tab
b. cell
c. pixel
d. point

19.  To alert Excel that you are entering a formula and not text, type a(n) ______preceding the formula.

a. equal sign (=)

b. ampersand (&)
c. number sign (#)
d. asterisk (*)

20.  In Excel the ______function is used to determine the lowest number in a given range.

a. LOW
b. NUM
d. MIN

21.  By default, Word places a tab stop at every ____ mark on the ruler.
A:.5 inch
B:1 inch
C:1.5 inch
D:2 inch

22.  In Excel if you assign the value 42 to cell E5, the value 11 to cell F5, and cell G5 contains the function =IF(E5>4*F5,“Deductions”,“No deductions”), then cell G5 displays the message, ______.

a. No deductions
b. Deductions
c. #REF!
d. F5

23. When a column is not wide enough to display the entry, Excel displays .

a. error
b. *
c. !
d. #

24.  In Word to select an entire row in a table, ____.
A:click to the left of the row
B:click the left edge of the cell
C:press the TAB key
D:click the table move handles

25.  To paste an item from the Office Clipboard using shortcut keys, place the insertion point in the desired area of the document, and with the Clipboard task pane displayed, press ____.

26.  In Excel a cell reference of $B17 is a(n) ______cell reference.

a. relative
b. absolute
c. mixed
d. invalid

27.  A ____ is similar to a form with prewritten text.
A: resume
B:cover letter
C:resume wizard

28.  ____ is a predefined graphic.
C: Style
D:Clip art

29.  In Word the ____ toolbar appears automatically based on certain tasks you perform and contains commands related to changing the appearance of text in a document.

30.  ____ displays the entire document in reduced size on the Word screen.
A:Normal View
B:Layout Mode
C:Review View
D: Print Preview

31.  A ____ usually contains an applicant's educational background and job experience.
A: resume

32.  In Word you click the Clip Art button on the ____ to display the Clip Art task pane.
A:Graphics menu
B:Art tab
C:Display tab
D:Insert tab

33.  To delete an incorrect character in a document, to erase to the right of the insertion point.

A.  Press the backspace key

B.  Double-click the right mouse key

C.  Press the delete key

D.  Press the left mouse key

34.  In Access to print wide database tables use ____ orientation.
B: landscape
D:none of the above

35.  To find answers to questions and display information about topics use ____.
A:Office Help or F1
B:FAQ Central
C:Office Know How
D:none of the above

36.  ____ is a database management system.

37.  In Access for a database of books, the ____ could serve as a primary key.
B:date published
C: ISBN number
D:none of the above

38.  In Word a ____ is a special character that prevents two words from splitting if the first word falls at the end of a line.
B: vertical bar
C:nonbreaking hyphen
D:nonbreaking space

39.  In Word to display a shortcut menu ____ on the object.
C:either a. or b.
D:neither a. nor b.

40.  In Word to begin a template start by going to the Office button and select .

A.  Prepare

B.  Publish

C.  New

D.  Open

41.  In Access the term _ ___ describes a collection of organized, useful data.
B:data entry

42.  In Access for a field that has the Text data type, the maximum number of characters allowed in the field is ____.

43.  In Word a character that displays on the screen but not on a printed document is called a .

A.  Blank character

B.  Formatting character

C.  Nonprinting mark

D.  Formatting mark

44.  The default font in Word is usually .

A.  Times New Roman

B.  Calibri

C.  Arial

D.  Tahoma

45.  In Access if a field has the “Number” data type, the field can contain ____.
A:only monetary data
B:numbers and letters
C:only numbers
D:none of the above

46.  In Word the button on the Quick Access Toolbar allows you to cancel your recent commands or actions.

A.  Cut

B.  Undo

C.  Search

D.  Redo

47.  Is a keyboard shortcut that positions the insertion point at the top of the document

A.  Home

B.  Page up

C.  Ctrl + Home

D.  Ctrl + Alt + Home

48.  To correct a misspelled word that Word has flagged, the flagged word and select the correct spelling from the shortcut menu.

A.  Right-click

B.  Delete

C.  Select

D.  Retype

49.  In Access the rows in the tables are called .

A.  Primary keys

B.  Records

C.  Fields

D.  Unique identifiers

50.  In Access the columns in the tables are called .

A.  Primary keys

B.  Records

C.  Fields

D.  Unique identifiers