Information about Local CHPI-funded Programs Intended to Replace CSUMB All information is PRELIMINARY and subject to change – check back often for updates

DSSAB / CMSM / New funding allocation (from $42M) / Name of Program to Replace CSUMB / Who Will Administer? / Intended Program Duration / Eligibility: income source / Eligibility: Low Income cut offs (if applicable) / Eligibility:How often benefit can be accessed / Other Information / Eligibility / Eligible Expenses / Expenses Explicitly Excluded / Benefit Amounts / Right of Appeal?
Algoma / $377,253 / No info
Brantford / $963,581 / Brant-Brantford Homelessness Prevention Assistance (BBHPA) / OW – ppl on OW/ODSP apply through caseworker; others apply through Housing Resource Centre / The Benefit will be reviewed and changes could be made. No specific timeframe provided. / OW / ODSP and all other low income / No income cutoffs provided / Once every two years / ODSP will put a direct pay in place for ODSP clients / Last month’s rent deposit
Rent arrears
Heat, hydro, water arrears / Beds
Household items
Moving costs / Max $500 single
Max $700 two people
Max $1000 three people
Some discretion allowed / No.
Bruce County / $77,421 / Housing Stabilization Fund / OW / ODSP and all other low income
EXCEPT tenants getting a rental subsidy in social, non profit or rent sup units (exception if moving for a job, accessibility or unsafe living) / Single / couple - $15,900
Family with 1 dependent - $19,200
Family with 2 dep’s - $21,900
Family with 3 or more dep’s - $25,800 / Once annually / Applicants will be assessed for long-term sustainability of permanent affordable housing
All payments are pay direct to landlord or utility – i.e., no direct payments to applicants / Rent arrears
Utility arrears
Last month’s rent deposits
Moving expenses if moving for employment, accessibility, or unsafe living / Furniture
Other items for the house / Max $800 - singles / couples without dependent children
Max $1400 - singles / couples with dependent children / No – no internal review (can call and talk to manager)
Chatham-Kent / $807,064 / No info
Cochrane / $489,874 / Discretionary Benefits or CHPI / OW / ODSP applicants must apply for OW Discretionary Benefits prior to applying for assistance through CHPI. / Start up funds: only for people who are homeless or victims of domestic violence exiting a shelter.
Maintenance funds (i.e., to maintain existing residence): must have eviction notice, heat or utility already cut off or notice that it will be cut off AND have satisfied the Administrator that, if a payment is made, they will not be evicted, or the service will be reconnected or not be discontinued.
Disaster like fire, flood or storms / Start up:
-Rent deposits
-First and last month’s rent
-Gas and hydro deposits and connection fees
-Items for health and well-being (i.e., fridge and stove)
- clarification necessary here
- replacing household items necessary to maintain health and well-being / Max $500 per benefit unit
Cornwall / $1,161,958 / No info
Dufferin County / $20,350 / No info
Durham / $432,434 / No info
Greater Sudbury City / $1,058,261 / No info
Grey County / $305,745 / Sustainable Housing Benefit / OW / ODSP and all other low income / Single $22,500
Couple $26,500
Couple with 1 child: $32,000
Couple with 2 children: $36,500
Couple with 3 or more children: $43,000 / Once every three years (includes prior CSUMB approvals).
Applicants may apply more than once in a 3-year period if they did not access the full amount they were eligible to receive. / They will also look at rent bank and emergency energy assistance or refer to LEAP, if they are not eligible for the SHB.
Additional requirements depending on what you are asking for: e.g., eviction notice for arrears, disconnection notice for utility, proof that moving to more affordable housing, proof of bedbug infestation, victim of violence, etc. / Utility arrears and disconnection charges
Bed bug-related expenses (e.g., mattress cover or new bed, spraying for bedbugs)
Utility deposits
Rental arrears
U-haul costs and gas
Last month rent deposit / Maximums:
$700 single / couple without dependent children
$1,000 sole support / couple with one dependent child
$1,200 sole support / couple with two dependent children
$1,500 sole support / couple with three dependent children or more / Applicants can request an internal administrative review and they will be advised of that option in their denial letter.
Halton / $0 / No info
Hamilton / $3,190,278 / Housing Stability Benefit / Housing Help Centre / Jan – June 2013
Program will be reviewed after 3 mos and 6 mos.
A report regarding the extension of the HSB and possible funding options is being prepared for Council for Feb 8, 2013 as part of the Budget Deliberations. / OW / ODSP only / Once every 24 months / Must be at risk of losing housing or be homeless and seeking new housing.
May be issued where there is a threat to health or welfare in a non-startup situation.
HSB provided only whereneeds have been identified and where no other funds are available. / Examples:
fuel and hydro deposits
household furnishings
last month's rent deposit
moving and transportation to the home of the recipient
any other costs approved by the Administrator of HSB / Each request for the HSB is reviewed on its own merit. HSPB is provided only whereneeds have been identified and where no other funds are available. / Max $800 per single or couple without dependent children
Max $1500 per family with dependent children / Applicants have the right to request a “reassessment” (similar process to Internal Review)
Hastings / $859,186 / Housing and Homelessness Fund / SA recipients and persons with incomes below the StatsCan Low Income Cut-Off +15 % / no set limit on how often the benefit can be accessed / Rent deposits arrears
Heat / hydro deposits arrears
Health & welfare expenses (emergency hotel accommodations, bedbug-related expenses, emergency home repairs connected to health). / No set benefit amount / Internal review is available.
Huron / $174,467 / No info
Kawartha Lakes / $385,444 / No info / Apply through caseworker / OW and ODSP recipients / Once every 24 months – no discretion to override timeframe (CSUMB had discretion) / Available for 3 areas only: Rent or mortgage arrears
Utility arrears
Last month’s rent deposit
NOTE: payment for utility arrears and LMR are one-time only / No longer available for ‘supplies’ such as mattresses, or for resources such as bed-bug extermination. / Max $800 individual/$1500 family / No longer appealable – discretionary only
Kenora / $56,787 / No info
Kingston / $1,113,869 / Discretionary Residency Benefit / OW / ODSP / Once every 36 months / Essential residency-related expenses, with a provision for other related expenses in exceptional circumstances only with mgr approval / Max $500 where no dependent children
Max $1000 with dependent children
Lambton / $1,117,463 / Municipal Rental Benefit / Will review program as early as March to look at need. / OW / ODSP / Once every 24 months / Homelessness, leaving shelter or jail
Catastrophic situation
Family violence
Housing must be sustainable
Must agree to go to pay direct / Rental / mortgage arrears
Utility arrears / Max $500 singles / no dependent children
Max $850 with dependent children / Internal Review to manager of OW
Lanark / $339,525 / No info
Leeds & Grenville / $509,333 / No info
Lennox & Addington / $177,693 / CHPI /
  • SA recipients
  • Persons with incomes below the LICO.
/ The fund can be accessed at most once per year. / I understand that eligible expenses will be similar to Hastings County's above, but we are still waiting to receive their final guidelines and confirmation about whether they will have internal review. Last we spoke with their staff, they thought there would be a review available. / Max $750 for households without dependent children
Max $1500 for households with dependent children.
These amounts are subject to change depending on demand.
London / $1,431,832 / Housing First Temporary Support Fund / Salvation Army / First three months of 2013 - i.e., January 1to Mar 31, 2013
Longer-term program expected to be implemented – will be determined by end January / Eligible recipients of OW/ODSP / Once every 24 months / Arrears must be leading to eviction.
Utilities arrears must be leading to disconnection / already disconnected.
Benefits only paid via pay direct.
If in rental arrears, must agree to pay direct. / Fuel and hydro deposits
Last month’s rent deposit
Moving transportation to the recipient’s home
Rental arrears
Utility arrears
Housing Support Services under programs such as THAW and/or LEAP / Moving and relocation costs outside of London or to London
Household supplies including linens and pots and pans
Furniture / Max $500 where no dependent children
Max $1000 where one or more dependent children / No formal right of appeal but if denied can discuss with manager of program.
ML will be pushing for a right of appeal if longer term program is implemented, as is expected
Manitoulin-Sudbury / $132,429 / No info
Muskoka / $279,810 / No info
Niagara / $1,887,302 / “Help with Housing Costs” under new Housing Stability Plan / OW primary; small amount of funding for people on ODSP / recommends that a review be undertaken in collaboration with community stakeholders to determine a longer term service strategy
Nipissing / $663,126 / No info
Norfolk County / $241,765 / No info
Northumberland / $223,215 / Shelter Benefit / OW / OW / ODSP
Low income / Once / year – can be issued on multiple occasions if maximum not paid in one issuance
Exceptional circumstances will be considered / Victims of violence eligible, to establish new residence / Last month’s rent deposit
Utility deposits
Rent arrears to avoid eviction
Utility arrears to avoid disconnection or to reconnect
Bedbug treatment / eradication for homeowners / Home repairs
Replacement of or repairs to appliances
Bedbug treatments in rental units
Discharge allowance benefit from correctional institution
Expenses associated with relocation, other than deposits
Clothing allowances
Medical devices or supports not funded by another gov’t program / Max $800 singles
Max $1000 couples
Max $1500 families with dependent children / Internal review can be requested and will be completed by the Case Presenting Officer.
Ottawa / $2,303,395 / Housing Benefit / Ongoing – will review / OW / ODSP
Low-income / Every two years / Are providing form letter re: complaints to MPP / Rent arrears
Utility payments
Moving costs
Necessary furniture / Expenses related to bedbugs are being covered under Ottawa’s Health Benefits program / Max $799 for singles
Max $1500 for ppl w/ dependent children / request for an internal review
Oxford / $490,124 / No info
Parry Sound / $207,629 / No info
Peel / $0 / No info
Peterborough / $1,513,219 / Housing Stability Benefit / OW / ODSP / Annual / Will be administered by pay direct / Last month’s rent
Utility deposits / Max $500 singles
Max $1000 ppl w/dependent children / Internal Review
Prescott & Russell / $226,658 / No info
Rainy River / $11,149 / No info
Renfrew / $284,730 / Homelessness Prevention Program / OW / ODSP
Low Income / Once every 36 months / Utility deposits
Security deposits
Last month’s rent
Rent arrears / Max $1000 singles / couples
Max $1500 ppl w/dependent children
Sault Ste. Marie / $655,958 / Community Housing Retention Benefit / OW / OW / ODSP / N/A / Once every 24 months. Exceptional circumstances will be considered. / Those in subsidized housing are not eligible.
Benefit is paid directly.
OW applicant must agree to pay direct to landlord for future rent payments. / Last month’s rent (one-time only)
Rent arrears where there is an eviction notice
Utilities arrears where there is a disconnect notice / Household appliances
“Household hazards” e.g., bedbugs or hoarding / Max $500 per benefit unit
Limit can be exceeded where it will maintain affordable housing and there is a clear plan for future. / No
St. Thomas / $305,513 / No info
Simcoe County / $1,656,829 / Housing Retention Fund / Apply through caseworker / OW and ODSP recipients / Once every 24 months – no discretion to override that timeframe, as with CSUMB / Available for 3 areas only: Rent / mortgage arrears
Utility arrears
Last month’s rent deposit / Furniture
Resources like bedbug extermination / Max $800 individual
Max $1500 family / No longer appealable – discretionary only
Stratford / $40,690 / No info
Thunder Bay / $732,059 / Housing Security Fund / OW / ODSP
Low income / LICO +15% / Establish a residence / avoid becoming homeless.
Start-up funding for victims of family violence, persons who are homeless, persons who reside in uninhabitable premises, persons leaving a residence due to a number of factors including loss of support, over crowding, eviction, etc. as well as individuals being discharged from institutions such as corrections, hospital, etc.
Assist maintaining residence where there are rental arrears (where an eviction is pending), utility arrears, or utility cut-off.
Timiskaming / $190,994 / No info
Toronto / $12,331,990 / Housing Stabilization Fund / Toronto Employment and Social Services (TESS)
First point of contact is OW / ODSP caseworker / 2013 / OW / ODSP
Note: non-OW/ODSP recipients can access EEF and Rent Bank for 2013 / Total income and assets taken into account when assessing HSF eligibility / Once in 2013 – must not have received CSUMB in previous 24 months / Rent cannot be more than 85% of income.
Target clients are those:
In imminent danger of eviction
With energy cost arrears
Fleeing domestic violence or imminent health hazards
Homeless clients relocating to permanent housing from Emergency Shelters or Streets to Homes
Discharged from institutions after longer stays (e.g. Long Term Care and hospitals) / Resources to prevent evictions and assist OW and ODSP clients to retain their housing / Max $800 for singles /couples
Max $1,000 for families with adult dependents
Max $1,500 for families with children
Within the above, max for household furnishings:
$200 for singles /couples
$200 for families with adult dependents
$400 for families with children / Internal review
Waterloo / $1,517,140 / Rapid Re-Housing - Discharge
Fund pilot program / Last month’s rent, but ONLY for people leaving programs/institutions e.g., emergency shelters or prison
Replacement of bedbug-infested mattresses.
Will assist with evictions where there is an N4 (eviction for non-payment of rent) and the funds available will ensure retention of the accommodation / Moving costs
Furniture, except mattresses infested with bed bugs
Wellington / $115,870 / No info
Windsor / $938,591 / Housing Stability “Interim” Plan (HSP) – 3 parts:
Utilities Fund (UF)
Rent-Related Assistance (RRA)
Non-Shelter Related Support (NSRS) / Utilities Fund – housing info and unemployed help centres
Rent-Related Assistance – OW caseworker, HCS Rent Bank (for ODSP and other low income)
Non-Shelter Related Support – OW caseworker, DB caseworker (for ODSP), HCS (for low income) / “Interim” – not clear how long this is / OW/ODSP or low income / “Below household limits set by the Ministry” – unclear what this is / UF - unclear
RRA – once every 2 years, but exceptional circumstances considered
NSRS – once every 2 years, but exceptional circumstances considered / UF – must have disconnection notice
RRA – must have eviction notice, lease, rent receipt
NSRS – must demonstrate need for item re: needing to move
Note: applicant must agree to continuing pay direct
Currently reviewing discretion in these criteria / UF – utilities arrears
RRA – rent arrears
NSRS – mattresses / items to support transition to housing / UF - ??
RRA – not more than 2x average market rent for low income individuals for the SM area OR not more than 2x OW/ODSP shelter max
NSRS - ?? / Not clear – have been told they can have a “verbal conversation” with staff
York / $0 / No info


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