The Crime Branch has registered two cases and arrested four FICN suppliers and recovered huge quantity of FICN to the tune of Rs.4.02 lacs from their possession.


Inputs were received in Crime Branch that fake Indian currency is being smuggled and poured in Indian markets through some agents via Bangladesh.

Keeping in mind the sensitivity and gravity of the inputs two different teams were constituted under the leadership of DCP Bhisham Singh.


A team led by Inspr K P Singh comprising of SIs Ravinder, Sanjay Neolia, PC Yadav, HCts Narendra, Nihal Singh, Rajiv Mohan, Yatender, Vikal Singh, Consts Nagender, Ravi, Naresh, Ajay, Javed, Yogender, Bijender Tyagi and Ravinder worked under ACP S S Gill to develop the information and nab the culprits.

While working in this direction, an input was received through HC Narendra that an agent/supplier would come near Bhairon Mandir opposite Pragati Maidan, Delhi. Accordingly, a trap was laid and at the instance of the informer, one person was apprehended. On his personal search, fake Indian currency notes to the tune of Rs.1.5 lacs in the denomination of Rs.500/- and Rs 1,000/- were recovered from his possession. He was identified as Md. Amjad s/o Md. Shafiq r/o F-452, JJ Colony Bawana, Delhi (Age-32 Yrs). In this regard a case FIR No.144/2013, dated 23.08.2013, u/s 389B, 389C IPC, was registered at PS Crime Branch.


Sustained interrogation of accused revealed that one Raheem @ Salman r/o Baratoonti (correct address not known) and his wife namely Nazira Begum bring these fake currency from a supplier in West Bengal who gets FICNs in India through Bay of Bengal route. The FICNs are printed in Pakistan and are being sent to India via Bangla Desh. The accused disclosed that Salman & Nazira were his neighbors in Sadar Bazar and had come to Delhi from West Bengal. Despite the fact they were given alternative plots in Outer Delhi in lieu of jhuggis, Salman preferred to stay in Sadar Bazar area on rent. Salman & Nazira used to procure FICNs from an agent of Pakistan in Murshidabad. These notes are originating from Pakistan and are flooding the Indian markets.

At the instance of Md. Amjad, Salman was also arrested from Nawada Metro Station. On his personal search, Fake Indian Currency Notes to the tune of Rs.95,000/- were recovered. His identity was later established as Rahim @ Salman s/o Alimuddin r/o G-73-C Om Vihar, Phase-II, Delhi (aged 42 years). He was taken on PC remand during which FICN to the tune of Rs.60,000/- was further recovered from his rented house in Sadar Bazar, at his instance.


  1. Md. Amjad s/o Md. Shafiq r/o F-452, JJ Colony Bawana, Delhi (Age-32 Yrs) was born in a jhuggi of Sadar Bazar, Delhi and is now 32 years. He is uneducated and his father was a butcher working near Delight Cinema in the walled city of Delhi. At the age of 16 years, he started working at a tea shop at Farash Khana and later worked in a bangle manufacturing unit at Farash Khana. Married in 2006, he has two children. When the Jhuggi Cluster was removed from Sadar area and shifted to Bawana in 2008, he moved to JJ Colony, Bawana. While working as a labourer in Bawana, he came in contact with one widow namely Noori and started living with her. While in search of a job to meet his family needs, he came in contact with one Salman who was already into the illicit business of FICN. The accused joined Salman to earn easy money and started supplying FICNs to the customers of Salman.


  1. Theft case of PS- GRP, New Delhi in the year 2000.
  2. Arms Act case of PS- GRP, New Delhi in the year 2004.
  3. Rape case u/s 376 IPC of PS- Lahori Gate in the year 2005.
  1. Rahim @ Salman s/o Alimuddin r/o G-73-C Om Vihar, Phase-II, Delhi (aged 42 years) was born at Azad Basti DT Tata Nagar, Jamshed Pur (Jharkhans). His father was a mason. He left his studies after completing 10th class, due to adverse family circumstances and came to Delhi 15 yrs back. Initially, he started working as a welder. He came in contact with one lady Nazira r/o West Bengal. Nazira had deserted her earlier husband and started living with Rahim @ Salman. Nazira has some contacts in West Bengal from where she used to bring fake currency and circulate it in Delhi. Rahim @ Salman came to know of this while being in relationship with her and he also joined her in this FICN racket. Salman is previously involved in two cases of fake currency.


  1. FIR No.113/2009 u/s 489-B, 489-C, 411/34-IPC PS Kamla Market.
  2. FIR No.2/12 u/s 489-B, 489-C PS Crime Branch.
  3. He is also wanted in case FIR No. 133/12 u/s 489B, 489C IPC of PS- Crime Branch.


Another team working on FICN led by Inspr Pawan Kumar and comprising of SIs Sunil Kumar, Mandeep Sangwan, ASI Rakesh Ahluwalia, HC Murli Dhar, Cts Rohit Solanki, Rakesh Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Ravinder Khokhar, Ravinder Malik, Billu Singh, Sanjeev Tomar and Pradeep Kumar of Special Unit, Crime Branch has arrested two accused persons and recovered FICN worth Rs.97500 (Rs.62500 & Rs.35000 from each respectively).

The identities of the accused were revealed as Madan Chander Das s/o Guru Chander Das r/o Village Hatiya, PS Raiganj, Distt. North Dinajpur, West Bengal age 24 years and Sanjay Thakur s/o Ram Sharan r/o C-11, Jharia Market, Sarai Khwaja, Faridabad HR age 27 years from/near Kalindi Kunj Road, Jasola.

During sustained interrogation of the accused, it is revealed that FICN are poured in Indian markets through Bangladesh. The total consignment of FICN is worth Rs.97,500/- and all of it is in denomination of notes of Rs.500. In this regard, a case FIR No 153/13 u/s 489B/489C/34 IPC has been registered at PS Crime Branch.


  1. Madan Chander Das s/o Guru Chander Das r/o Village Hatiya PS Raiganj, Distt. North Dinajpur, West Bengal. age 24 years, was arrested earlier in the case FIR No.211/12 PS Badar Pur, Delhi in the similar case. He is a matriculate and earlier use to work as delivery-man at a store.
  2. Sanjay Thakur @ Goli s/o Ram Sharan r/o C-11, Jharia Market, Sarai Khwaja, Faridabad HR age 27 years. Born and brought up in Faridabad, he is a fifth pass and a school drop-out from local school.


A) TOTAL RECOVERY:-Fake Indian Currency Notes to the tune of Rs.4,02,500 has been recovered in both the cases. The FICN of Rs.1.60 lac i.e.160 notes is in the denomination of Rs.1000/- and 485 notes i.e. Rs.2,42,500/- is in the denomination of Rs.500/-.


In both the cases, accused persons use to exchange the FICN for half the price i.e. Rs.2000/- of fake currency, in exchange of Rs.1000/- of original currency.

In the first case, they used to avoid detection, by using minors as “carriers”. These minors are made to do their bidding because they have been brainwashed. They are given drugs in small quantities and thus induced to become drug addicts. When they crave for drugs, they are asked to work for the traffickers. They used to deliver these consignments from West Bengal to other places in India.

They initially demand original currency from clients and only on its receipt, they deliver the FICN to their clients. The recovered notes are of very fine quality and difficult to detect without sophisticated testing equipment.






Dated : 06.09.13

Notorious burglar Shabir @ Rahul wanted / involved in various cases of burglary and theft arrested.

Stolen motor cycle, 3 mobile phones, wrist watch, 2 LCD televisions and 2 laptops recovered.

 16 cases of burglary and theft worked out.

Staff of PS South Campus, South District has arrested a notorious burglar namely Shabir @ Rahul s/o Fazlu Rahman r/o Jhuggi No. 628, Sanjay Gandhi Camp, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi, (leader of Shabir Gang), who is previously involved in various cases of burglary and theft. With his arrest, stolen motor cycle, 3 mobile phones, wrist watch, 2 LCD televisions and 2 laptops have been recovered and 16 cases of burglary and theft have been worked out.

Brief facts:

In order to apprehend the criminals involved in house thefts / burglaries in the area of South Campus, a team under the supervision of Inspr. Aishvir Singh, SHO/South Campus was formed. The team verified the records of criminals previously involved in burglaries / house thefts and also kept close watch over the movements of jail / bail released criminals. Sources were also deployed to get any clue about the movements of burglars in the area. On 02/9/13, a specific information was received regarding the movement of one notorious criminal namely Shabir @ Rahul who involved in various cases of burglaries of South and New Delhi Districts. The team laid a trap at TPT Road, near San Martin Marg, Moti Bagh-I, New Delhi and arrested accused Shabir @ Rahul S/o Fazlu Rahman R/o Jhuggi No. 628, Sanjay Gandhi Camp, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi. One iron rod, three mobiles, one wrist watch and one motor cycle (make Yamaha R-15) was recovered from his possession.

Interrogation :

During interrogation, accused Shabir confessed that he along with his associates had committed series of burglaries in South and New Delhi area. They used to target the locked houses by breaking the locks with the help of iron rod. During interrogation, it was revealed that accused had tried to stab a person namely Divakar, a resident of Chanakya Puri on mere suspicion that he was an informer of police. It was also revealed that accused had escaped from the custody of PS R.K. Puram in the year 2011. He is wanted in the following cases :

No. / FIR No. / Dated / Offence / Police Station
1. / 90/13 / 13/5/13 / U/S 380 IPC / South Campus
2. / 131/13 / 15/5/13 / U/S 380/457/411/34 IPC / Sarojini Nagar
3. / 66/13 / 28/4/13 / U/S 324/34 IPC / Chanakya Puri
4. / 187/13 / 31/5/13 / U/S 457/380/411/34 IPC / Vasant Vihar

Cases worked out :

S. No. / FIR No. / Date / Offence / Police station
1. / 58/13 / 13/5/13 / U/S 457/380 IPC / South Campus
2. / 17/13 / 05/2/13 / U/S 454/380 IPC / South Campus
3. / 5/13 / 15/1/13 / U/S 457/380 IPC / South Campus
4 / 4/13 / 14/01/13 / U/S 457/380 IPC / South Campus
5. / 115/13 / 14/7/13 / U/S 457/380 IPC / South Campus
6. / 105/13 / 06/7/13 / U/S 380 IPC / South Campus
7. / 77/13 / 02/6/13 / U/S 457/380 IPC / South Campus
8. / 23/13 / 18/01/13 / U/S 380 IPC / Sarojini Nagar
9. / 97/13 / 19/4/13 / U/S 380 IPC / Sarojini Nagar
10. / 110/13 / 27/04/13 / U/S 454 IPC / Sarojini Nagar
11. / 130/13 / 15/5/13 / U/S 380 IPC / Sarojini Nagar
12. / 218/13 / 19/7/13 / U/S 454/ 380 IPC / Sarojini Nagar
13. / 90/13 / 13/5/13 / U/S 380 IPC / South Campus
14. / 274/13 / 30/08/13 / U/S 380 IPC / Sarojini Nagar
15. / 281/13 / 02/9/13 / U/S 380 IPC / Sarojini Nagar
16. / 324/13 / 02/9/13 / U/S 379 IPC / Lajpat Nagar

Profile of accused :

Accused Sabir @ Rahul (24 years) is illiterate. He is unmarried. He is leader of his gang and previously involved in following cases of burglaries, house theft, etc.

No. / FIR No. / Date / Offence / Police station
1. / 45/11 / 07/3/11 / u/s 379IPC / R.K.Puram
2. / 78/11 / 06/4/11 / u/s 379IPC / R.K.Puram
3. / 89/11 / 25/4/11 / u/s 380/411/34 IPC / R.K.Puram
4. / 121/11 / 31/7/11 / u/s 379/411/34 IPC / South Campus
5. / 164/11 / 23/6/11 / u/s 379IPC / R.K.Puram
6. / 166/11 / 27/6/11 / u/s 379IPC / R.K.Puram
7. / 189/11 / 18/7/11 / u/s 379IPC / R.K.Puram
8. / 207/11 / 1/8/11 / u/s 223/224 IPC / R.K.Puram
9. / 82/12 / 17/7/12 / u/s 380IPC / South Campus
10. / 81/12 / 16/7/12 / u/s 380 IPC / South Campus

Recoveries :

  1. One stolen motor cycle (make Yamaha R-15)
  2. Two LCD Televisions
  3. Two Laptops
  4. Three stolen Mobile Phones
  5. One Wrist Watches
  6. One iron rod

Further investigation is on to probe into other involvements of accused and recovery of more stolen property. Staff involved in good work is being rewarded suitably.


Addl. DCP/South District


Drug paddler caught and 20 Kg. Ganja recovered.

On 06.09.13, HC Sagar Chand, No. 650/PCR, Ct. (Gunman) Somvir, No. 11388/PCR and Ct. (Dvr.) Pawan Kumar, No. 4440/PCR were on duty in day shift from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM at PCR Van (Innova regn. No. DL 1CP 8203) having call sign P-20. The base of the vehicle is Hotel Redisson Blu, Paschim Vihar, Delhi. At around 8.25 AM, the staff was going to National Market, Peeragarhi for taking drinking water. When they reached at Nagin Lake apartment, Peeragarhi, the I/C PCR Van noticed a Honda Civic car coming from National Market side, in which two persons were sitting. The movement of the car looked suspicious and he signaled it to stop. But, the driver didn't stop the car. He took turn and tried to flee. The car was chased by PCR and made efforts to stop it. The car took turn towards PVC market side from S. S. Mota Singh School, Mianwali Nagar. The PCR van, chasing the car, reached at fire station, Jwala Puri. Efforts were made to stop it, but the car didn't stop. Having no other option, I/C of PCR directed the gunman to fire at the tyre of the car in order to forcibly stop the car. Accordingly Ct. Somvir opened fire with his service MP-5 gun and in all ten rounds were fired. Out of them, three bullets hit the car, one at the boot, second at the rear bumper and third hit at the rear tyre of left side. Finally the car stopped at GH-6, Paschim Vihar red light and both the persons tried to flee from the spot. They were chased by the PCR staff and one of them whose name later came on record as Vikram Kumar @ Saajan S/o Babu Lal R/o RZB-120, Nihal Vihar, Nangloi, Delhi, was apprehended.

Thereafter, the car was checked and found a black stripped cloth bag. The bag was checked and during checking total 20 packets of Ganja was recovered, which found to the tune of 20 Kg. on weighting. Accordingly a case FIR No. 247/13, U/S 25/20.61.85 NDPS Act has been registered. Investigation of the case is in progress. Efforts are being made to arrest the other accused also.

Dated 06.09.2013


The staff of Police Station Mundka, West District has solved a sensational kidnapping cum murder of a person namely Sanjay who used to run a grocery shop. The treacherous plot of murdering Sanjay was planned by none other than his wife Poonam. Poonam materialized her plan with the help of her paramour Rajeev @ Monu and his associate. Accused Rajeev @ Monu is a bouncer by profession, while the co-accused a juvenile is a close friend of Rajeev @ Monu since birth.


(1) Rajeev @ Monu S/o Randhava R/o Ramayan Pana near Santoshi Mata Mandir, Tikri Village, Delhi, Age- 22 yrs.

Education – 10 th standard

Occupation- Bouncer by profession

(2) Co-accused is a Juvenile.

(3) Poonam W/o Sanjay R/o 46/D, Tikri Extension, Delhi, Aged 25 yrs. Qualification – Vth standard (wife of deceased)


On 05.09.2013, Smt Poonam W/o deceased Sanjay R/o 46/D, Tikri Extension, Delhi reported at P.S Mundka that her husband namely Sanjay was missing since 04.09.2013 and she searched for him but he was not traceable. Police made enquiries into her complaint and found some contradictory facts. During Enquiry, father of deceased Sanjay revealed that Poonam had affair with one Rajeev @ Monu S/o Randhava r/o Tikri Village and he suspected that Rajeev @ Monu had kidnapped his son Sanjay. On this, a case FIR No.190/13 u/s 365 IPC PS- Mundka was registered. Sources were deployed to locate the suspects. The police made all out efforts to trace them but they were not found at their houses. SHO/Mundka, Inspr. Raj Kumar took it as a challenge and further sources were deployed to apprehend the culprits. Local enquiries were made from neighbours to know the behaviour of the family and character of husband and wife. On 05.09.2013, a specific information was received to that the Rajeev @ Monu had kidnapped Sanjay and murdered him with the help of his associate. On this information, a raiding party under the supervision of Shri Ingit Pratap Singh /ACP/Nangloi comprising of Insp. Rajkumar/SHO Mundka, Insp. Sanwarmal, Inspector Investigation/Mundka was constituted to apprehend the alleged persons. On the same day at 8.30 pm specific information was received in PS- Mundka that Rajeev @ Monu and his associate would come near Santoshi Mata Mandir, Tikri Village at 9.00 pm. On this information a trap was laid near Santoshi Mata Mandir, Tikri Village. At 9.00 PM, two youths came there who were identified as Rajeev @ Monu and his associate. They were apprehended. On interrogation they disclosed that they had murdered Sanjay. On pointing out of accused person, the dead body of Sanjay was recovered from Nizampur Tikri Road across railway crossing in fields.


During sustained interrogation Rajeev @ Monu disclosed that he was 22 years old and was born at Tikri Kalan, Delhi. He studied up to 10th class from his village. He was not good in studies so he left the school and started working as a bouncer in Supreme Construction Company, Tikri Extention, Delhi. He used to go to purchase the articles from the grocery Shop of Sanjay. In the absence of Sanjay, Poonam (wife of deceased) used to run the shop. He came in contact with Poonam. who being frustrated with the reluctant behavior of her husband developed relationship with Rajeev. After that they started meeting at the house of deceased in his absence. The frequent visits of Rajeev @ Monu at the house of deceased raised suspicion in the mind of Sanjay. Sanjay started behaving rudely and violently towards Poonam. Poonam disclosed that she studied upto VTH standard. She was married in the year 2006. Due to continuous rude behaviour of her husband their relationship became strained. Poonam started hating her husband (deceased) and to get rid of him she made a plan with her paramour Rajeev @ Monu to kill her husband. Rajeev @ Monu being blind in love, easily joined the conspiracy and also disclosed it to one his best friends who also joined the conspiracy to kill Sanjay. On 04.09.2013 at 9.00 pm the friend, a juvenile called Sanjay from his house for drinking. Rajeev @ Monu, and Sanjay started drinking at the guard room of Supreme Construction Company, Tikri Extension. At 11.00 pm Rajeev @ Monu went to house of deceased to meet Poonam. Within 15-20 minutes Sanjay (deceased) also reached his house and found his wife with Rajeev @ Monu. Heated arguments took place between both of them. Rajeev @ Monu and his friend forcibly took deceased Sanjay with them and murdered him by slitting his throat with a knife. Poonam also helped them in executing the murder during the intervening night of 4/5.09.13. Then Rajeev @Monu and his friend shifted the body from the spot and threw it in a well on the Tikri Kalan road across the railway line located in open field. After that section 302/201/34 was also added in this FIR.