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Job Description

Form Teacher


To run a form within a year group being responsible to the Head Teacher/Head of Department.

To work within the schools ethos, as set out in the Staff Handbook.


  • children are happy and learn.
  • children are safe and feel secure.
  • children reach their potential.
  • progression is systematic.
  • children are encouraged to have self-respect and respect others.
  • the classroom atmosphere exudes enthusiasm, energy, perseverance and humour.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Planning and preparing of lessons, setting challenging tasks appropriate to the needs of the children. Create and develop schemes of work with parallel teacher.
  • Set appropriate and demanding expectations.
  • Use a variety of teaching methods to ensure effective learning.
  • Mark and monitor pupils’ work and set targets for progress.
  • Assess and record pupils’ progress and keep records (in accordance with school’s system) to check work is understood and complete.
  • Set and mark homework in accordance with Department guidelines.
  • Monitor strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify special needs and complete records of concern, consulting with Head of Department. Create I.E.P as necessary in collaboration with Specialist. Inform Head of Department.
  • Using a sensitive and positive manner, maintain a high standard of pupil behaviour in the classroom and around the school. Understand and act in accordance with School Behavioural Policy.
  • Pastoral responsibility – take an active role in caring for and knowing all children.


  • Communicating and consulting with parents in accordance with our open door policy.
  • Lead formal parent meetings as required.
  • Write formal reports in line with school policy.
  • Writing pupil references for future schools.
  • Attend and participate in whole staff and departmental meetings.
  • Attend and possibly contribute to parent presentations.
  • Communicate with Specialist agencies (i.e. Speech Therapist/Ed Psy).
  • Foster good relationships with parallel teacher and staff throughout the school.
  • Support other class teachers and Head of Department when required.

Other Responsibilities

  • Register children twice daily.
  • Attend assemblies, take whole school and department assemblies on a rota system.
  • Duties include playground, first aid, supervise form at lunchtime and end of day.
  • Responsibility for high quality displays in classroom and around school where necessary.
  • Take responsibility for an after school activity each term.
  • Support Open Days.
  • Attend in service training.
  • Contribute to school magazine/newsletter.
  • Forward media opportunities to administration.
  • Organise educational visits in accordance with school policy.
  • Arrange and host outside visitors where appropriate.
  • Responsible for class budget.
  • Assessment of new children/taster days.
  • Support charity fundraising events for school.
  • Occasionally cover staff absentees.
  • Be trained in first aid.
  • Be trained and be pro-active in child protection.
  • Be pro-active in health and safety.
  • Be familiar with fire safety procedures.
  • Be familiar/train in the use of interactive board technology.
  • Keep classroom, cloakrooms and general areas safe and tidy.

A Brooke Priory Colleague is expected to demonstrate the following personal and professional skills:

  • Commitment
  • Ability to analyse problems and formulate creative solutions
  • A positive attitude
  • Ability to work co-operatively with others
  • Ability to communicate effectively with others
  • Ability to follow a project from start to finish within a set time
  • Sound organisational skills
  • Ability to be assertive in management
  • Ability to take the initiative, take the lead and take charge
  • Fairness and approachability
  • Flexibility
  • Good humour

Together with the general skills of a teacher exhibited to a high level to ensure very good teaching and learning as described in the Teacher’s Standards.

March 2016