D’Lee Pollock-Moore

ELA Lesson Plan

Course: 11th American Literature and Composition Unit: 1 Fear, Faith, and Freedom

Date: ______Day: 13 / 23-25

Opening- Teacher Centered (20%) / Bellwork:
  • Daily grammar mini-lesson / literary skills warm-up.
/ Possible Assessment tools:
ELACC11-12RL2: Determine two or more themes or central ideas of text and analyze their development over the course of the text, including how they interact and build on one another to produce a complex account; provide an objective summary of the text. / logs, journals, tiered assignments, benchmark, observations, portfolios.
Learning Targets: (I can…; I am learning…; I know how to….)
  • I am learning to write an objective summary of a text using multiple sources.

Lesson Essential Questions:
  • How do I write an objective summary using multiple sources?

Concepts: (Vocabulary – tier 2 and tier 3)
  • Objective Summary
  • Third person point of view
/ Word map, Frayer,
Marzano 5
Activate: (pre-assessment, prior knowledge, engage and motivate)
  • Give students three different perspectives of the same story (Leigh’s Story).
  • Read the first perspective to the class. Have the students use silent, sustained reading to finish the remaining perspectives.
  • Model how to take the three different versions of the same story and objectively summarize into one using the document camera or give students simple steps to follow to work together in pairs to do a blended objective summary.
  • Use terms like third person narrator, main events, news reporting, etc. to help students understand how to write a blended objective summary.
  • When students finish, explain the homework assignment for tonight.
/ Anticipation guide,
Surveys, KWL
Brainstorm, pre-test
Initial Instruction:
  • Discuss how to write an objective summary. Reason out steps that students used with the simple narrative accounts. What steps would you use with nonfiction sources?

Work Session Student Centered (60%) / Instruction: Grouping decisions: TAPS= Total Group, Alone,Partner,Small groups (random, heterogeneous, interest, needs-based)
  • Divide students into groups of four. Each group of students should choose a writer and three “Source Experts.”
  • Then, each group of students should receive a group of three articles on one of the following topics: Arthur Miller, The Salem Witch Trials, McCarthyism and The Second Red Scare, and/or Puritanism.
  • Each Source Expert should highlight the key ideas and details of their article.
  • Then, students will work together to create one blended, objective summary for the group. The fourth student in each group should be the designated writer.
Check for understanding / Performance tasks,
Presentation/guest speaker.
Demonstration, modeling
Graphic organizer
  • Give easier topics or articles to lower level students.
/ Tiered Assignments
Closing Student Centered (20%) / Formative Assessment/Summarize:
  • Students will present their blended, objective summaries to the class using the document camera, or if time permits, students can make a graphic organizer / visual representation to display the top ten facts about their topic to the class.
/ Ticket-out the door
Important Thing
Learning log
Expand Standards
  • Fourth Perspective Writing Assignment: Today in class, you read Leigh’s Story which was written from three different perspectives. Now, imagine that you are a different character from the story and write at least a one page account of what you witnessed that day. You should use first person. Write and communicate your account as if you are your chosen character from Leigh’s Story. You cannot be Jim, Scott, or Leigh as their perspectives are already part of the story.
  • Vocabulary homework.

Teacher Reflection