November Meeting Minutes
OHSU Student Council (SC)
11/13/2015, 12:00-1:00/1:30pm
Location:MRB 310

  • Public Safety(Heath Kula)

Active Shooter Classes: dates TBA on student portal (Q&A; “Run, Hide, Fight” mantra)

OHSU Jurisdiction: contiguous public property to OHSU buildings (with exceptions for imminent danger)

  • TEDMED 2015 Live Screening (Nichole Ovregaard) funding request

Request for $300 approved: funding for a live TEDMED screening in the OHSU Student Center on November 19th and 20th

  • Get Smart About Antibiotics Week(Alison Kovari) funding request

Request for $250 approved: funding for food during the screening of the documentary, Resistance, as part ofthe CDCs antibiotics awareness week.

  • All-Hill Ski Trip

Event will include accommodations at Sunriver Resort for the nights of January 15th and 16th, deadline for signup is December 11, 2015

The representatives for each program are as follows (if your program does not have a representative, contact either Constance Henderson or Josiah Brown ): SOD (Zach Sunitsch), SOM (Josiah Brown), SON (Constance Henderson), Pharmacy (Alison Kovari), Graduate Studies (Kayly Lembke), PA (Sara Helvestine)

  • Halloween Party Recap (D. Kyle Robinson via Constance Henderson): see below
  • School Updates

DS2 – study rooms: front desk available to address group rooms occupied by individuals; personal belongings are not sufficient to reserve a room and can be set aside

MS2 – collaborative wellness to be addressed at December meeting

  • Regular Updates

oWebsite Coordinator(Nichole Slykhous) – like the All-Hill facebook page

oJBT Health and Wellness Center(Sarah Lemley) – n/a

oStudent Health Advisory Committee (Marilyn Spencer)– n/a

oStudent Newsletter Committee(David Edwards) – n/a

oStudent Center/ Student Life (Karen Seresun) – n/a

oStudent Center Events(Heather Ennis) – see Intramural update

  • Intramurals(Mark Minty)– resigned
  • Sign ups for Winter IMs begin January 4th

oMarch Wellness(Erich Knipschild via Jacob Goertz): “Planksgiving” occurring on Thanksgiving day; take note of holiday hours

  • Library(Laura Ziegen and Stephanie Kerns)
  • Melissa Haendel coordinating Force 2016, a Portland event addressing the current issue of information distribution in the scientific field (Sunday, April 17 to Tuesday, April 19th)
  • Women in Science: update on funded event – successful semiannual event with 200 attendants, food purchased with funds did not supply enough food for the unexpected large attendance - monthly meeting information available on Facebook)

oOHSU Communications(Bekki Witt) – n/a

Next Meeting:December 11, 2015; 12:00-1:00/1:30pm at MRB 310

2015 All-Hill Annual Halloween Party Report

Planned and coordinated by Kyle Robinson, MED17 and Heather Ennis, Student Center

FOOD AND DRINKS------Perfect amount. Ended w/ extra, but no significant waste.


Elephants catering for 350x------Ended w/ EXTRA 2x deli meat trays + 2x veggie trays

Chips and salsa

Pita and hummus

Veggie tray

Deli meat tray

Mac + cheese

Dessert bars


Elephants w/ 3 servers------Worked well. Expensive. CASH or Visa

Additional food/drinks

6x Costco bags bite sized candy---Appropriate amount (Got way too much in previous years)

200x bottles water ------Only needed 100x

200x soda ------Only needed 150x


5:00-6:00------May consider 4:00-5:00 to allow time to go home

10x Students------Perfect. Need at least 8x.



4x Students ------Need at least 6x.


Student center has TONS of Halloween lights – Can never have too many

750 ft black streamer------Appropriate amount

750 ft orange streamer------Appropriate amount

1x roll packing tape + scissors------Appropriate amount

60x latex balloons------Appropriate amount. Expensive.

(Orange, black, white)


Bend DJ – Chris ------Great job. Music, lights, fog machine, video included.


15x 6’ tables------Appropriate amount

Payment info:Alias: 84503143, FAID number: ACAD0120, Fiscal Authority: Karen Seresun

Custodial------Essential. Venue spotless w/in 30 minutes of ending.

“We need additional glass recycling, plastic recycling and garbage cans brought in for the event. We need custodial personnel present during and after the event. This is an event for several hundred so we need custodial staff present to empty garbage cans regularly.”

Payment info:Alias: 84503143, FAID number: ACAD0120, Fiscal Authority: Karen Seresun


6x Coast to Coast officers ------Appropriate amount


RJH Atrium------Great location. Feels like a club.

Alcohol Permit

Mike Nurre MS, RRT, ARM

Risk Insurance Examiner

OHSU Risk Management

P: 503.494.2027

Poster Design

Alex Nicholson – MED17

Poster Printing

Email request to “”

Payment info:Alias: 84503143, FAID number: ACAD0120, Fiscal Authority: Karen Seresun


“Annual All-Hill Halloween Party

Friday, Oct 30th -- 7:00-10:30pm

On the hill in the RJH Atrium

Food - Drinks - Music - Costume Contest

Alcoholic beverages for purchase (w/ ID)

Open to all OHSU Students”

4 weeks before event – Student Portal – Bekki Witt ()

2 weeks before event – Email all students

Day of/before event – Email all students