Vikash Chawla


E3,113,Sagar Sadan Aptts,IP Extension,Delhi110092

Current Location: Delhi

Title: / 5 Years of experience in Web & ClientSever Technologies
Work Experience: / 5 years
Skills: / C# VB ASP ASP.Net SQL Server COM MTS
Current Organization: / Infogain india Pvt Ltd
Previous Organization(s): / Cressanda Solutions Ltd (formely Adroit Computer Technique Pvt Ltd)
Industry: / IT/ Computers Software
Highest Degree Held: / B.E/B.Tech (Electronics/Telecommunications) ,Delhi University
Gender: / Male
Date of Birth: / 4th January 1970
Current Annual Salary (Rs. in Lacs): / 5.5

Detailed Resume:



Have 5 years of experience in software development and engineering.

Responsibilities involved were Analysis, Design, Development and

implementation of client server based applications, Internet & intranet

based solutions

Developed applications using ASP, ASP.Net, VB, COM, C#, VB.Net, SQL Server


Overall 14 months of experience in dotnet

Good interpersonal & communication skills and active team player

Good analytical & problem solving skills


Infogain India Pvt Ltd A CMM Level4 Company

Tenure of Service: Feb-2004 to Till Date

Position: Senior Systems Analyst

Cressanda Solutions Ltd An ISO 9001Certified Company

Tenure of Service: Feb-2000 to Feb 2004

Position: Programmer Analyst

Altos India Ltd

Tenure of Service: June-1990 to May-1998

Position: Senior Engineer (Systems Integration)

Technical Skills :

OS / Windows NT/2000/2003
Languages / ASP, ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, VB, VBScript, JavaScript
Web / IIS
Database / SQL Server 7.0/2000
Others / Microsoft Index Server, ArcView GIS, Visual InterDev,
MTS, COM, XML, NUnit, Ndoc, Web Services
Exposure / Sharepoint Portal Server, Radio Frequency Identification
To / (RFID)
SourceSafe / VSS, CVS, PVCS
Tools / Visual Studio 6, Visual Studio.Net 2003, Microsoft Visio
2003, Microsoft Office Web Charts


Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Communication Engineering)

from Delhi College of Engineering ,University of Delhi

Year of Passing: 1996 Division: First Marks: 72 %

3 Years Diploma in Electronics Engineering

from IV Boys Polytechnic, Board of Technical Education, New Delhi

Year of Passing: 1990 Division: First Marks: 76 %

Post Graduate (Full Time) Diploma in Advanced Computing (Jan 1999 to June


from Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), New Delhi

The Course covered C, C++, VB, VC++, JAVA, POWER BUILDER, and ORACLE

Grade: A


ASP Certification from BrainBench

Work Experience:

Title : New Total Loss Application

Client : Mitchell International, US

Period : June 2004 - Till date

Role: Senior Developer

Environment: ASP.Net, C#, J2EE, Weblogic, Web Services

Mitchell is a product-based company, which provides insurance-based

services to claimants, and other insurance companies. The New Total Loss

Enterprise Application is a web-based application providing a Total Loss

Valuation 'workbench' for the various valuation tasks associated with the

product. The UI will be developed utilizing .NET, and will conform to (and

reside within) the Mitchell Application Presentation Framework.

The UI layer accesses data and underlying business logic in two distinct

fashions. Read-only data comprising presentation-level elements is

accessed directly, utilizing value objects and DAO's written in .NET.

Updateable data accessed via Web Service 'proxies', with the implementation

of these services written in J2EE under WebLogic 8.1.

Title : Localization of Products Module

Client : Beckman Coulter, US

Period : Feb 2004 - May 2004

Role: Project Lead

Environment: ASP, MSXML 4, Java, HTML

Localization of Products & MSDS Applications: The scope of the project is

to localize their existing Products and MSDS applications in two languages

- French and German. The goal is to create two sub sites for these two

languages. For these tasks, we generated one java utility for creating XML

Files from delimited text in specified asp Files and replacing each

occurrence of this delimited text in the corresponding .asp file with some

common API method name, second utility to parse the files in specified

folder and look for specified text from an excel file and third utility to

parse the xml file and create an excel file with text from the XML File and

Vice versa.

Title : SLC Software

Client : Sherpa Group, UK

Duration: Dec 2003 - Jan 2004

Role: Team Lead

Environment: C# Windows Application, SQL Server

The Purpose of this application is to convert an existing Access

application into a C# Windows Application with SQL Server as backend.

Besides coding and database efforts, my role in this project is

understanding of the existing system, database, and forms and then proposes

a High Level Design Document.

Title : Event Management System

Client : NASSCOM

Duration: Sep 2003 -Nov 2003

Role: Senior Developer

Environment: ASP.Net, VB.Net, SQL Server

9 Event Management System (EMS) is being developed for NASSCOM (National

Association of Software and

10 Service Companies). EMS is used for creation of contact database,

events, speakers, sponsors and other related

11 activities. These events and other related information are displayed on

NASSCOM website.

My responsibilities include development of security module,

displaying information about events, speakers & sponsors and

online registration (through credit card).

Title : Data Access Component (DAC)

Client : Clear Data , UK

Duration: June 2003 -Aug 2003

Role: Developer

Environment: ASP.Net with C#, SQL Server, Nunit

ClearData Competitive Information module helps users monitor and track the

latest competitor information in their industry . Users can log onto

ClearData website to view the latest information and/or opt to receive an

email regarding the latest information. Advanced users can also opt to

receive an XML stream from ClearData published Web Service.

The process starts with a customer (account) subscribing for a module of

their choice. The company specifies the number of Administrative & General

users associated with their account. ClearData will create an Administrator

user for that account and hand over that information to the company.

It uses persistent framework wherever possible. A set of Interface classes

which contains declaration of all the business methods are implemented in

the underlying database specific classes and are exposed to the upper

layer. My role in this project was to design and develop the user interface

layer. I was also involved in creating classes for business logic layer and

the testing of methods using Nunit tool.

Title : Data Conveter Tool

Client : Independent Transition Management Limited, UK

Duration: Apr 2003 - May 2003

Role: Senior Developer

Environment: VB 6.0, MS-Access, XML

The objective of the Data Converter Tool to import data from any Pensions

Administration system into an Access database. The tool is designed on the

basis of the specifications provided by the client. The tool will import

Fixed length text data, Excel spreadsheet (multiple worksheets), CSV files.

The tool logs any errors whilst the import of data is processed. The tool

creates the table structure, saves/retrieves user's session and ports the

data in the .mdb(Acess DB) file.

Title : Leave Tracking System

Client : Mckinsey Knowledge Center, Gurgaon

Duration : Jan 2003 - Mar 2003

Role Senior Developer

Platform : ASP, SQL Server 2000

This is an intranet application designed to automate the process of leave

application, approval, adjustment, cancellation, rejection and carry

forward. Provisions of defining leave policy, such as maximum number of

leaves, leave encashment, etc is provided. Security is defined at user, HOD

and administrator level. Functionalities such as leave exhaust, leave

without pay and change of policy in the middle of year are also taken care

of. My responsibilities in this project were requirement analysis, design

& development and implementation.

Title : Online Profiling System (IVSL - elearning) - Blue Arrow

Client : Interventions Space Limited (UK)

Duration : Sep 2002 - Dec 2002

Role: Senior Developer

Platform : ASP, DHTML, SQL Server 7.0, XML, Charts

Intervention space ltd is a research-based consultancy. IVSL uses applied

behavioral science to inform business strategy, customer learning, brand

development, marketing activity, and organization development, from an

understanding of how people form experience. In order to facilitate the

input gathering exercise, and to improve clients' experience, a web based

profiling system using Elearning engine is been made.

This engine automated the manual effort of survey creation every quarter.

Through the interface the survey could be activated, extended with a lot of

ease. Surveys could be created for the respondents to appear in and on the

basis of the response a complete Graphical Analysis report is been made to

facilitate the organization to assess its users likes and dislikes.

The employees could easily respond to the survey while it was active and

could give their responses suiting their convenience as the previous

responses were always saved. The manual data analysis effort was taken care

of by the statistical report engine, which gave comparative reports for the

top/middle level management.

This portal studied the satisfaction level of employees of Blue Arrow.

Title : Investment Planning Analyzing & Governance Portal


Client : United Business Solutions Limited (UK)

Duration : May 2002 - Aug 2002

Role: Senior Developer

Platform : ASP, VB, DHTML, SQL Server 2000, XML, JavaScript, VSS

The focus of the portal is corporate who would like to deploy portal on

intranet or Internet for their employees. A robust content management

engine that is highly scalable and generic in nature is being developed to

allow employees in the corporate to share contents online.

Enlightened features of the portal were multiple level security, audit

trail, scheduler services, dynamic interface changing, content management,

document repository, versioning of content.

Title : UBSI Intranet (

Client : United Business Solutions Limited (United Kingdom)

Duration : Dec 2002 - Apr 2002

Role: Senior Developer

Platform : ASP, VB, SQL Server 2000, Index Server

The application is an Intranet application, customized according to the

needs & requirements of the organization. The main goal of implementation

of the Intranet is to move common printed and workgroup specific material

to an Intranet Web Server. Nearly anything printed will be published

electronically. Second is to implement dynamic content generation, simple

client/server and fill-in forms applications, and integration of the email

server. In this level an organization's Intranet and network infrastructure

is tested, consensus has built, and development activities expanded to

include the upload of information and data.

Title : Payroll & HR

Client : Icon Data Management Ltd, Noida

Duration : Jul 2001 -Nov 2001

Role: Developer

Platform : VB, Oracle, Crystal Reports

This project was developed to generate payroll & HR . Enhancements were

made to parameterize the policies of any company, user-friendly

formulization of emoluments and deductions were introduced.

Responsibilities included design, development using Visual Basic, Report

Designs were made using Crystal Reports.

Title : Patient Care System (PCS)

Client : Adroit Computer Technique Pvt. Ltd.

Duration : May 2001 - Jul 2001

Role: Developer


Patient Care System (PCS) is an application, which facilitates creation of

a central EMR repository over Internet. The system allows healthcare

clinics, ranging from size of a single practitioner to 80-100 bed nursing

homes, to maintain patient's healthcare records over a period of time. This

includes records like test reports, prescriptions, family history etc.

which will help a healthcare professional in providing better services to

the ailing patients. Coupled with administrative modules like billing it

becomes a complete solution for the healthcare clinic.

The application has been developed in ASP with core business logic

encapsulated in COM components deployed on MTS. The application can support

all popular RDBMS engines ranging from Access to Oracle. The scalability of

the app from a single user desktop installation to Internet based multi

user one talks proudly of its robust and modular design. A healthcare

organization can pick and choose specific modules to suit its particular

needs and specialties.

Title : GIS maps on web


Client :

Duration : Feb 2001 - Apr 2001

Role: Developer

Platform : PHP, Oracle, ArcView 3.2, Internet Map Server, LINUX

This is the customization and porting of the GIS (Geographical Information

System) software onto the web along with its network analyst component. The

ArcView software uses Internet Map Server as a middle layer to connect to

the IIS, the main web server.

The product provides various maps of Delhi. There are three categories. The

first category presents the map with utilities such as zooming, searching

and identification of point on the map. Second component tracks the

shortest route from one place to another and third finds closest facility

such as hotels, hospitals etc. The front-end interface has been developed

using HTML that interact with the ArcView through its component Internet

Map Server which communicates with web server to serve the maps. The

ArcView acts as a backend in the whole process.

Title :

Client : Jindal Photo Films Ltd

Duration : Oct 2000 - Jan 2001

Role: Developer

Platform : ASP, SQL Server, MTS

The goal of this site is to present images and information to photography

lovers. This is a informative site on photography. The site acts as the

gateway to cover the latest breaking news in the world of photography,

product information & education for Amateur photographers, contest and

photo galleries. The Project has broadly following Modules: General

Information, Products, Theme Gallery, Buy & Sell, Services, News, Careers,

Portfolio, Artist of the Month

Title :

Client : Mata Securities Ltd, Mumbai

Duration : May 2000 -Sep2000

Role: Developer

Platform : ASP, SQL Server, MTS is a dedicated effort aimed at bringing Investing in Mutual

Funds to your desktop using the ease and convenience of the Internet. This

is India's first and only portal that offers the entire gamut of facilities

that pertain to investing in Mutual Funds, all at no cost to the investor.

From applying in Mutual Funds, to redeeming your units, switching between

schemes to maintaining a dynamic online portfolio. These are ably supported

by upto date market information, accurate and timely interpretation of

information, providing you with the powerful insight needed to make

knowledgeable investment decisions leading to rich rewards.

Title :

Client : Global Ecoearth Property Services Pvt Ltd

Duration : Feb 2000 - Apr 2000

Role: Developer

Platform : ASP, IIS, Access

This site is targeted at those people who are interested in

buying, selling, leasing and evaluating of their

residential/commercial properties. The site is also targeted at

those people who are interested in Value Added

Services like furnishing, refurbishing and house keeping


Personal Details :

Date of Birth : 04-01-1970

Father's Name : Late Shri M.S. Chawla

Nationality : Indian

Marital Status : Married

Passport No. : E6080972 valid till April'2014

Visas : L1 valid till Jan'2006



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