Infant/ToddlerSafe Sleep Policy (Revised)Sample


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the unexpected death ofa seemingly healthy baby for whom no cause ofdeath can be determinedbased on an autopsy, an investigation of the place where the infant died, and a review of the infant’s medical history.

We believe thata safe sleep environment for infants helps lower the chances of an infant dying from SIDS, and that parents and child careproviders can work together to provide a safe sleep environment. According to N.C. Law G.S. 100-91 (15), child care providers caring forinfants 12 months of age or younger, are requiredto implement a safe sleep policy, share the safe sleep policy withparents/guardians, andparticipate in Infant-Toddler SafeSleep and SIDS Risk Reductionin Child Care training. The (name of facility)willimplement the following safe sleep practices.

Safe Sleep Practices

1.All child care staff caring for infants and childcare staff thatmay potentially care for infants will receive training on how toimplement our infant Safe SleepPolicy.

2.Infants will always be placed ontheirbacks tosleep, unlessthere is a signedAlternate SleepPosition Waiver-HealthCare Professional Recommendation in the infant’s file (if uner 6 months at time of enrollment). Awaiver notice will be posted at the infant’s crib. This facilityalso acceptsAlternate SleepPosition Waiver– ParentRequest (for children over six months at time of enrollment). Waivers will be retainedin the children’s record aslong as they areenrolled.

3.When babies can easily turn overfrom the back to thestomach, they will be placed tosleep on their backs and thenallowed to adopt the sleep position they prefer. This isinaccordance withthe American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)recommendations.Child care staff can further discuss withparents how to address circumstances when the baby turnsonto their stomach or side.

4.Sleeping infantswill be visually checked daily, every 15-20minutes, by assigned staff.The sleep information will berecorded on a Sleep Chart. TheSleep Chart will be kept onfile for one month after the reporting month. We will beespecially alert to monitoring a sleeping infant during the firstweeks the infantis in childcare. We will check the infant for:

  • Normal skin color
  • Normal breathing by watching the rise and fall ofthechest
  • His or her level of sleep
  • Signs of overheating: flushed skin color, increaseinbody temperature (touch the skin), and restlessness

5.Staff will reducethe risk of overheating by not over-dressingor over-wrapping the infants.

6.All parents/guardians of infants cared for in the facility willreceive a written copy of our Infant/Toddler Safe Sleep Policybefore enrollment, will review the policy withstaff, and sign astatement saying they receivedand reviewed the policy.

7.The temperature in the roomwhere the infant(s) sleep will bekept between 68-75°F and monitored by the thermometerkept in the infantsleeping room.

8.To promote healthy development, awake infantswill be givensupervised “tummy time” for exercise and for play.

Safe Sleep Environment

9.Infants' heads will not be covered with blankets or bedding.

Infants' cribs will not be covered with blankets orbedding.We may use a sleep sack instead of a blanket.

10.No loose bedding, pillows, bumper pads, etc. willbe used incribs. We will tuck any infant blankets in at the foot of the criband along the sides of the crib mattress.

11.Toys and stuffed animals willbe removed from the crib whenthe infant is sleeping.

12.Pacifiers willbe allowed in infants’ cribs whilethey sleep.

When the pacifier falls out of thesleeping infant’smouth, itwill not be reinserted into the infant’s mouth. The pacifier isthe only object we will allow in a crib.

13.A safety-approved crib with a firm mattress and tight fittingsheet will be used.

14.Each infant will sleep have his orher own crib. Only oneinfant will be in acrib at a time, unless we are evacuatinginfants in an emergency.

15.No smoking is permitted in the infant room oron thepremises.

Distribution: Parents and staff will review the policy and be informed of changes 14 days before the effective date.One copy signed byparent(s)/guardian(s) will be given to parent(s)/guardian(s) and one copy will bekept in child's facility record.

Effectivedate(s):5/1/04 12/5/05 9/30/10Reviewdate(s):#112/15/05 #29/30/10Revision(s):#11/1/06COM #26/30/2011JAQ


I, the undersignedparent orguardianof(child'sfullname),doherebystate that I have readand received a copyof the facility'sInfant/Toddler SafeSleep Policyandthat thefacility'sdirector/ owner/operator (or otherdesignated staffmember) hasdiscussed thefacility'sInfant/ToddlerSafe Sleep Policywithme.

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