Minutes of Compliance Certification Committee Meeting

October 7, 2004

Present: Joyce Hickson, Gina Sheeks, Lougene Brown, George Stanton,

Dutchie Riggsby, Neal Thomson, Thomas Dolan, Wayne Summers.

Absent: Kathy Carlisle, Carl Wallman

Visitor: Joe McCallus

The minutes of September 30 were approved with the following changes:

·  The dash should be removed from Wayne Summers’ name

·  Add: The foundation is in compliance with GASB 39 and has changed their FY ending date. Change: GASBY to GASB.

·  Change an erroneous sentence referring to a comment made by Dr. Dolan as follows: Dr. Dolan noted that courses are sometimes listed with an ‘Instructor of Record’ who may not be the actual professor in the course. Examples of this would be the Independent Study courses which are listed as the department chair, but may in fact be taught by other faculty members.

ACTION ITEM: Dr. Joe McCallus presented a proposed Style Manual to be used for the compliance certification reports. This was approved by the committee. The committee also approved the use of acronyms in the compliance report. For example, after initially referring to the D. Abbott Turner College of Business, the next reference to this entity could be the acronym DATCOB.

ACTION ITEM: The committee approved the use of the video, “This is CSU”, as an introduction to the CSU SACS compliance CD. Dr. Hickson suggested that the part about the capital campaign be removed and related that John Lester had informed her this would cost approximately $500. The committee recommended that a graduate student with technology skills do this, thereby saving the university money. Dr. Hickson advised she would check with Mr. Lester to see if this could be done.

ACTION ITEM: Dr. Summers presented a model for the CSU SACS web site. An up-date was given to include the faculty vitae form in the Faculty Handbook as well as the template for submission of the SACS standard. This template now appears in the Guide Book. The committee approved this and also suggested that the Guide Book also be put on the site. These additions will be under the section on the Reference Room. It was also related that Jay Knape will assist in the development of the site and that Ms. Thomas will manage the site. After the initial information is entered Minutes from each compliance sub-committee as well as minutes from the Compliance Certification Committee itself would be put on the web.

ACTION ITEM: Dr. Thomson reported that the Faculty Senate decided that it did not want to give common elements for syllabi, and that departments should follow the instructions of their Deans on this issue.

Discussion Item: Dr. Hickson related information about the areas of difficulty for most institutions (i.e., “citations”) and members noted these items.

Since almost all the members of the CCC are working on compliance sub-committees Dr. Hickson recommended a recess of a number of weeks for the CCC. The CCC will reconvene once it gets enough new issues to discuss and act on. The committee supported this recommendation.