Family-School Contract: for student personalized activity during school day


Students in grades 9-11 may be granted one period to work in an agreed upon activity with a school supervisor once each year. Grade 12 students have no such limits but remember in your planning to address:

credit requirements for graduation

extra curricular participation requirement (Minimum 5 courses each Fall and Spring & all courses must be passing grades)

college admission requirements


Use the form as a contract with school personnel signatures and adequate written description of the activity so you can be found in case of emergency, for grading, and attendance.

Activity TitleDescription

Community Service / Help Panorama staff:
Elementary (take form to Principal for guidance)
Learning by Contract / Once you have mastered skills in a discipline you may take on more rigorous or relevant projects independently with teacher supervision.
1st propose a project(s) to the teacher and get their guidance to complete an agreement in writing, then use this form.
Learning through TLC
(The Learning Center) / Students work in the TLC to:
Complete college correspondence courses
Improve skills in English, math, social studies, or science
Retake basic courses attempted unsuccessfully prior to earn required graduation credits
  • Credits can be earned, but credit is not required.
  • Grading is pass or fail and based on 3A’s (attitude, attendance, academic progress).
  • *If a “teacher of record” agrees to work with you and TLC allows you to earn a letter grade; letters grades are often required by college admission.

Off Campus / Senior level privilege for those who obtain academic competence (C grades) in all core subjects and have ITED year of cognitive growth.
Requires parent approval. Students whose grades drop will be expected to stay in school entire day.

Student Name ______

Activity Title ______

Term ______Block______

TLC Supervisor Signature ______

*Teacher of Record Signature ______

Credit to be earned ______

Parent/Legal Guardian permission for personalized activity ______

Mr. Webner’s verification plan will allow for graduation ______

Mr. Johnston’s permission verify activity is valid and appropriate ______

These arrangements indicate staff confidence and trust in you (you are your choices and skills).

Students are encouraged to complete activity then seek supervisor permission for job referral or recommendation to use for future job and/or scholarship applications.