Missouri POST Approved

September 15-19, 2014

This course will provide the attendee with the mental, physical and skill sets necessary to operate in a high-risk environment. The core instructors have an extensive background in tactical operations, raid planning and execution, CQB and tactical firearms. The principal instructors are retired SWAT Commanders from the FBI, Missouri State Patrol and St. Louis City Police and an instructor from the U.S. Army Tier One Special Operations Command.

The following topics will be presented throughout the course:

Ø Emphasis on Close Quarter Battle and Entry/Assault Techniques

Ø Tactical Handgun and Sub-gun shooting Techniques. Shoot, Move, Communicate

Ø Vehicle Assaults

Ø Down Officer Rescue

Ø Ballistic Shield Techniques

Ø Raid Planning

Required equipment: Eye and ear protection, tactical holster and vest, helmet, shields, gas mask, assigned rifle and pistol along with ammunition and rain gear.

Course cost: $ 495.00 per attendee. Make checks payable to:


8 Youngstown Ct.

Chesterfield, MO. 63017

For info contact Terry McGinnis, FBI ret. at tel. 636-346-0493, email .

Training location: Fredericktown Police Dept. training facility, Fredericktown, Missouri. As most police departments do not have SWAT teams, this basic SWAT course will also assist first responding officerss to handle immediate crisis situations. We have trained members of the St. Louis City Police Hostage Rescue team, SWAT teams from Jefferson County Sheriff, Franklin County Sheriff and other tactical officers. Having your SWAT personnel POST certified enhances the professionalism of your team. Accomodations can be made at various motels in Fredericktown and Farmington Missouri area.