Dear Parents,

I don’t have very much to report for this week. That’s strange for me. (I know you were thinking it!)  I guess my theory is that I want you to be informed. I never want a parent to say, “I never knew that,” or “Miss Stanley never told us that.” I’m available for questions and concerns through email 24/7. My cell phone (785-470-7588) is available to you as well. I don’t always have my sound on. I forget to turn it on after school sometimes, but I do my best to be available to you.

Thanks for all you do!

Miss Stanley


Jan. 25: No School/Teacher Inservice

Feb. 5: Read and Run Kick Off 8:30 in gym

Feb. 12: Valentine’s Party

Feb. 12-19: Scholastic Book Fair

Feb. 15 and 22: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Feb. 25: Early Dismissal @ 2:15

Winter Benchmark Information

Mrs. Frazey has finished administering the DIBELS benchmarks to the second grade. I have seen the results but they have not been input into the DIBELS system yet. As soon as they are I will share them with you. What I can say is I am happy with the results!!!!! She was really pleased as well.

Mrs. Baar and I have also given the STAR reading test on Accelerated Reader. I had two students absent when we did it. We will get them done and get those results to you as well. I wasn’t as happy with those results, but it is only one measure and it’s not a big deal. Overall, I’m pleased with the progress of this class!!!

Water Bottles

Please keep those water bottles coming to school. With all the stuffy noses and sore throats, they are nice to have. I know I feel better when I drink more water. Also, Travis does an amazing job keeping our school clean but the least our kids go to those water fountains the better!!!


Reading: Unit 4 Week 2

Genre: Expository Text

Spelling: r-Controlled Vowels

  1. clerk11. know
  2. herd12. wrist
  3. first13. found
  4. skirt14. from
  5. stir15. today
  6. churn
  7. hurt
  8. burst
  9. work
  10. worse

Go to to practice your spelling words!!

Vocabulary Words: active, earth, explode, island, local, properties, solid, steep

Vocabulary Strategy: Context Clues

Comprehension Strategy: Reread

Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect

Grammar: Helping Verbs

Math: More Measurement

Science: Our Earth

Social Studies: Studies Weekly #14: Where on Earth?

Our turn on the announcements is coming next week (January 18-21). I will send home the date your child is scheduled with this newsletter. They will also get a paper to practice the night before. Please make sure they practice. In the case of absences, we may have to shuffle students around. Announcements begin at 8:10. I send the students down at 8:00, so they can get ready with Mr. Smith. Please make sure they are here on time the day they are on the announcements. You may come to my room and watch if you’d like!