Advisory Period Lesson

February 25, 2008


Objective: By the end of class students will be able to define and give examples of respectful behavior.


o  Post-It Notes (2 per student)

o  Chart Paper- divided in half; one side labeled adult, one side labeled student

o  Transparency- for writing definitions (Promethean board can be used instead)

o  Chart Paper (4)- for carousel brainstorming; each labeled with- Student/Verbal Respect; Adult/Verbal Respect; Student/Non-Verbal Respect; Adult Non-Verbal Respect.

Lesson / Content / Time Frame
Activator / Give students two post-its as they enter the classroom. Ask them to write one example of disrespectful behavior by students and one example of disrespectful behavior by adults.
Have students put their post-its on the chart paper on the correct half. (one side for staff, one side for students). / 5 minutes
Discussion / Lead a class discussion on the information that was shared. Have students come up with ways to turn the negative behavior posted into positive behavior. / 8 minutes
Definition / Based on the discussion have students come up with a definition for respect in their own words. This can be done in groups. Write their definitions on the overhead, as well as the MLK’s definition of respect: Showing consideration and appreciation for yourself, others and the environment. / 7 minutes
Carousel Brainstorming / Let students know that now that they can define respect they are going to give examples of what it looks like. Explain how carousel brainstorming works. Have students work in groups of four and spend approximately 4 minutes on each chart. There should be a chart for each: Student/Verbal Respect; Staff/Verbal Respect; Student/Non-Verbal Respect; Staff Non-Verbal Respect. / 16 minutes
Discussion / Lead a class discussion on what students wrote on the chart paper. Let students know that teachers will actively be looking for respectful behavior from students to award King Cha Ching. / 9 minutes
Extension Activity / If there is any extra time at the end of class, have students work in groups to come up with skits to role play how to turn disrespectful behavior into respectful behavior. / *Any extra time at the end of class