Homonym Lists - 098

Addition - something that is added

Edition - an issue of a newspaper or the next in a series of printed works

Accept – to take or receive

Except – excluding, other than

Advice – recommendation (noun)

Advise – to caution or warn (verb)

Allowed - to be permitted

Aloud - “out loud”

All ready - everything or everyone is ready

Already - before, previously

Altar – a raised platform in a church

Alter – to change

Angel - a heaving being

Angle - the space between lines

Beside - next to

Besides - in addition or additionally

Brake - to stop or a device for stopping

Break - to shatter or make something come apart

Breath - air you take in (rhymes with death); a thing

Breathe - the action of taking air in (the e on the end is a clue to pronounce with a long E.

Cereal - a breakfast food

Serial - in a series

Capital – a city that is the seat of government, wealth or money, an upper case letter

Capitol – a building where a legislative body meets

Close - to shut or to be near to or intimate

Clothes - wearing apparel

Cloths - pieces of fabric

Complement - to complete or make better–to go with

Compliment - Praise (the I tells you it’s what I like to hear)

Conscience - your inner moral guide

Conscious - mentally awake

Council - a group of people

Counsel - to give advice (you “sell” your opinion)

Farther - a greater distance, to be far from

Further - to a greater extent, additional or greater

Hear - to use your hear

Here - in this place (add a “T” and you get “there”)

Hole - en empty space or opening

Whole - complete or entire

It’s – contraction for “it is” or “it has”

Its – possessive, showing ownership

Isle - an island

Aisle - a passageway between sections of seats

Know - to understand

No - a negative

Circle the correct word in each section below:

1. When the bride and groom stood at the (altar, alter) the flower girl behind them looked

like a little (angel, angle).

2. Everyone (accept, except) Karen is ready to take Vic’s (advice, advise) about an

appropriate (course, coarse) of action.

3. Too much criticism can have a negative (affect, effect) on a child; it can (break, brake) a

child’s spirit.

4. Eric never (allowed, aloud) himself to spend any money for the (hole, whole) day.

5. I ran out of (breath, breathe) trying to make it to work on time.

6. I don’t like the (close, clothes, cloths) Ingrid bought; they did not (complement,

compliment) her coloring.

7. You deserve a (compliment, complement) for the way you (knew, new) how to handle that

angry customer.

8. Tom thinks (it’s, its) a good idea to campaign for the city (council, counsel) that meets at

the (capital, capitol) building.

9. This discussion has lost (its, it’s) point, so let’s not take it any (farther, further).

10. The (hole, whole) issue is a matter of each individual’s (conscience, conscious.)

11. It requires a great deal of (capitol, capital) to start a business, but entrepreneurs often

feel (it’s, its) a necessary risk.

12. Many breakfast (cereals, serials) are loaded with sugar so nutritionists (advice, advise)

more healthy options.

13. The (isle, aisle) of Kawaii is one that our family has (all ready, already) visited, so we look

forward to exploring others.

14. (Besides, beside) being an inexpensive but high-quality magazine, Smithsonian offers an

online (addition, edition).