July 28, 2011

Message from Vannette

Dear Ones,

YES!!! Summer has arrived!

Though the weather everywhere is quite unusual, even formidable and certainly unpredictable, this is indeed our summer of 2011. And as with ALL things & ALL of life itself, gratitude is the best way to view every little thing. A reminder to be GREAT-filled! I personally find that by my daily acknowledgement in prayer & in my ongoing journaling (specific to the things/people/events/places that I am grateful for) my journey thru each day is filled with far greater ease & grace.

At this time, I share with you that I am personally grateful for:

-the chatter, call & song of the birds

-the rainbow that has just magically appeared to mark the end of today’s intense & magnificent storm

-the warm rain that has just watered the many flowers in pots in my yard & the tomato plants on my deck

-this region’s lack of extreme weather – neither the 45degrees Celsius heat-wave happening in eastern Canada nor the massive precipitation upsetting the provinces of both Manitoba & Saskatchewan

-the work of good-hearted politicians like Jack Layton, who is once again facing traditional cancer treatment

-this season’s gift of a few comfortable warm sunny days, to date

-the huge serving of avocado, kale and tomato salad, I feasted on only a few minutes ago.

Yes!!! I am grateful. Even if this thought process is a mere temporary reprieve from the hectic pace of this time, I know that when I focus on these wonderful things, I feel blessed. I am blessed. We ALL are blessed!!

Hope you feel inspired to take a moment to note even a few of the many reasons you have to be grateful.

Love & Light,



2011 Fall Clinic Schedule

Please call Red the Deer office for all booking of appointments & inquiries, toll-free to 1(877) 352-8838 or local (403) 352-8838.

Red Deer: Mon-Thurs, closed Fridays.

Hours: Regular Clinic Days - 9am thru 5pm (closed noon thru 1pm)

When Vannette is in Calgary or Camrose Clinic, Red Deer office hours are

9am thru 1pm.

[Note: It is always best to call Red Deer office before dropping by. If there are any

necessary or last-minute hours-of-operation change, the voicemail is always informative

and specific.]

Camrose: August 4, October 5

Calgary: August 9 & 10

September 16-23

October 13-21

November 16-24

December 12-16

Note: Need a ‘special arranged’ appointment time? Early morning, lunch or late day appointment times can be provided, however, they are available by special consideration only.

Staffing Change

Samantha Rule has been assisting me over this past year. At 19years of age, I first met Samantha when she was 7. I am thrilled to share with you the announcement that she has now decided to return to post–secondary school. Soon she will enter a post Business Management studies program! Turning 20years on August 19th, I am sure you will join me in wishing her both Happy Birthday & best of wishes with her new career path!

Red Deer Office August Opening and Summer Holiday Closure

August 22 thru 25th: Open M, T, W 9am thru 5pm. Thursday 25th open 9am thru 1pm. Closed Friday.

August 29 – Sept 6. Closed for the inclusive duration.

Sept 6. Office will re-open @ 9am. Regular office hours Monday thru Thursday will resume at this time.

Holiday Break for Vannette

I will be unavailable for client sessions August 15 thru Sept 15. Client sessions will re-convene as of September 19.

Supplement, Food & Health Product

Sales & Special Offers - Now thru September 15, 2011


CHIA Seed – Bulk / Reg$5.99 per cup – now $4.99 per cup (when you buy 3cups or more).


Vitamins & Minerals by SISU / all in-stock products - 20% off regular price

Special Offer– Limited Availability:

NAYOYA Mats – Containing 210 acupressure points, the mat is compact weighing less than 2lbs.

Widely used to assist in the healing of the physical discomfort of back neck & pain, muscular

tension & digestion, it is reputed to increase endorphins, improve sleep & circulation. (I personally

use in my Red Deer office.) Special Purchase $24.99 / SOLD OUT as of August 22. Now taking

special order, subject to price confirmation, due to increase.


!!!! All product purchases over $100, receive a FREE gift.!!!!

(Gift will vary in value & detail.)

Health & Wellness Enhancing Recommendations for Summer 2011

A] Inner Cleanse. A food-consumption routine with very little requirement for supplementation.

Not a FAST or hunger- inducing diet, it is a FEAST & FLUSH! This is the cleanse I personally

undertake every year. It was introduced to me as six day protocol and I have had many clients over

the years follow it with great results. I usually incorporate it for 10days and have also extended it to

21day durations. Interested in receiving full details? Email with your full contact

information & email address – request your FREE copy of the complete INNER CLEANSE protocol.

B] Do &BE in Nature. Walk, hike, run, camp, kayak or chill-out & take-in. Very important to

distance or remove yourself from the many & varied energy disturbances that are constantly having

an affect on us all everywhere. Even if you have only 5minutes to escape into the wild or your back

yard or a total aversion to roughing-it, I encourage making it a practice to daily: hug trees, smell

flowers, admire the lushness of Mother Nature’s abundance everywhere, watch the sunset, dance in

the rain. I assure you that, even with the tiniest of effort to re-unite with the aliveness of our planet,

you will reap invaluable natural restorations.

C] For Your Pet - Skunk Rinse Recipe – Hoping you never need use it! I am told it’s much more

effective than tomato juice.

In a pail, mix together: 1 quart hydrogen peroxide (3% concentrate), ¼ cup baking soda,

2 tsp dishwashing liquid soap (Dawn was recommended)

(Note: This instruction volume is for smaller dogs or cats, for a larger breed you would need

2-4x the volume. If you have a pet, I suggest that you have the ingredients on-hand, just

in case.)

Step 1 – Don’t wet down pet’s coat, apply mixture direct to dry coat, avoiding eyes. If face needs

treatment, apply with sponge being very very very careful not to get into eyes.

Step 2 – Lather mixture into pet’s coat & skin for minimum of 5 minutes …. or until skunk

smell starts to dissipate.

Step 3 - Rinse well, again ensuring solution never runs into the pet’s eyes – tilt head, chin upward

to have water run down back of neck onto shoulders. Repeat entire process, until smell is


Step 4 - Ensure to rinse very very very well in the final treatment. Mixture left on coat or skin

afterwards will irritate & upset.

Upcoming Workshop

2011 Meditation & Attune-ment

In this workshop, I will share the meditation that I have been personally guided to practice. I know it

to enhance & re-create personal balance & vitality while influencing global harmony. Quite simple

simple, very beautiful & most powerful, IT is not my design, but given to me that I will teach it. A

timely teaching. I am responding to divine instruction & look forward to sharing this wisdom!

Calgary – September 17, 2011

Red Deer – October 1, 2011

On-site registration & gathering starts @ noon. Session: 1pm thru 6pm.

Call Red Deer office to pre-register.

Final numbers required so as to finalize location.

Space may be limited.

Healthy nutritious snack included.

Cost: $100.00

[Note – the reduced early bird fee offer over as of August 22.]

Mercury Retrograde

The new moon on Saturday, July 30th marks the early affects of a very powerful Mercury retrograde – official happening on August the 2nd. As we all know, the moon significantly impacts the ebb and flow of all life here on Earth. What you might not know, is that when any direct moon phase couples with another very powerful signature, like a Mercury retrograde, it is always best to take note. If you wish to know more of the specifics, go to & check it out.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

A moving rendition of this classic & beautiful song. Hope you will enjoy it!