Role Profile

Role Title:Chief Executive Officer

Responsible to:Board of Trustees

Location:Old Apple Store, Shropham, Norfolk, NR17 1EJ

Purpose of the Job:

  • To provide leadership to the organisation, in ensuring that the Board of Trustees fulfils its

responsibilities in the governance of the Charity

  • Deliver, through appropriate plans and in accordance with agreed policies and protocols, the vision, mission and objectives of the charity
  • To work with the Board and deliver business strategy, plans and targets
  • To ensure long term sustainability, through effective governance, sound finance and delivery of services
  • Enhance the charity’s impact and profile locally, regionally and nationally

Principal Tasks:
Leading and managing the organisation

  • Work with the Board to ensure that a long-term strategy is in place, which can guide the organisation in achieving objectives and meets the needs of trustees
  • To ensure that the Board has at its disposal sufficient resources, guidance and professional advice on matters concerning compliance with its governing instrument, the law and the need to remain solvent
  • To prepare meeting Agendas and draw the Board’s attention to matters that need a decision and to ensure that there is prompt provision of the Minutes of Board Meetings
  • Lead the implementation of the strategy, including reviewing progress against the plan and set appropriate targets
  • Develop operating policies to ensure programmes and activities are implemented effectively
  • Identify and write funding applications to apply for suitable funding streams.
  • Ensure the organisation remains responsive and can demonstrate the value of the services provided and the impact of its work
  • Have responsibility for day-to-day financial management of the charity, including preparation of budgets for agreement by the Trustees and ensuring that income is maintained and expenditure is controlled in line with budgets and that potential risks are identified and managed
  • Define and secure the resources (human, material and financial) needed to operate effectively
  • Ensure that the charity has the appropriate policies, procedures, systems and processes in place and that they are being implemented
    Developing existing and building new relationships with relevant Local Authorities professional health bodies, national governing bodies and other relevant organisations
  • Identifying and exploiting new business opportunities that are in line with charitable aims

Promotion of the Charity

  • Maintain effective networks with all principal supporters and stakeholders
  • Seek opportunities to expand and promote the role of the charity
  • Ensure the charity is presented in an appropriate and professional manner to its stakeholders
  • Represent the charity in public forums such as speaking at conferences; attending sector policy forums; producing written material for the charity’s own publications/promotional material as well as any appropriate external channels such as trade press etc.
  • Represent the charity and maintain effective relationships and networks with principal supporters, partners and stakeholders
  • Represent the charity in the press and public appearances when required. Fundraising and income generation
  • Develop income generation strategies to enhance the level of funding from existing sources and develop new funding streams
  • Develop and build relationships with partners, supporters, funders and potential funders to maximise opportunities for income generation
  • Ensure appropriate presentation and reporting on the progress of the organisation and on all matters relevant to the discharge of its responsibilities

Person Specification:

Key Areas / Essential / Desirable
Education & Qualifications / Education standard to at least A level or equivalent / Degree or further education qualification or equivalent
Possible qualification linked to the voluntary sector
Technical Skills/Training / High level of financial literacy (able to read and interpret charity accounts)
Project management knowledge and skills
Good communication skills; able to articulate and present ideas in clear coherent way both oral and written
Experience of writing funding applications
Good computer skills / Evidence of continual learning/professional development
Evidence of published written work such as reports/articles etc
Experience/knowledge / Knowledge of voluntary sector
Proven work record demonstrating high level of responsibility
Good financial management skills – evidence of leading and managing a budget
Evidence of managing staff
Minimum 5 – 10 years working experience / Have worked with or alongside a charity
Experience of being a trustee
Qualities/Strengths/Skills / Ability to build relationships and high level contacts with the sector
Ability to manage income budget whilst meeting goals for the organisation and within cost constraints
High level organisational delivery skills / Experience of working with Boards of Trustees
Attitude and Approach / To be positive and proactive
To show flexibility and example as part of the professional management team
Demonstrable willingness to be hands on when necessary
Driven individual with the will to succeed

Premier Foundation Ltd – Registered Charity No 1159095 – Registered Company No 8840165