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II.Mission Statement2

III Goals2


VApplicable Laws3



VIII.Role of the Students4

IX.Role of the Chapter Staff4

X.Role and Responsibilities of the Parent, Guardian and Caregivers 5



XIII.Required Documents5

XIV.Award Amounts6

XV.Student Obligations6




IXXGrievance Hearing Committee7


Memorandum: Understanding of Policies and Procedures 8

Cover Sheet for Chapter Student Educational and Financial Assistance9

Chapter Student Educational and Financial Assistance Application 10



These policies and procedures will supercede the Transportation and Community Development Committeepolicies and procedures for the Becenti Chapter Student Educational and Financial Assistance policies and procedures.


A.Pursuant to 26 N.N.C. Section 101 (A), the Becenti Chapter has formulated, implemented, and operates by the Five Management System to ensure accountability and has developed the Student Educational and Financial Assistance polices and procedures.

B.Pursuant to the Becenti Chapter Resolution No. BNCMR-11-46, the Student Financial and Financial Assistance Policies and Procedures is hereby approved.


The mission of Becenti Chapter through its Financial Assistance Program is to up lift the socio-economic status of its members based on the premise and hope that education is one of the effective ways to breakthe poverty cycle. Therefore, the intent of the Becenti Chapter Financial Assistance Program is to promoteeducation and self-sufficiency with the hope that the financially assist will model for generations tocome.Education may be individually attained but its impact can be on the entire family and society as well.

  1. GOALS:

The goal of the Becenti Chapter is to initiate positive changes among its members through its financialassistance program.

  1. To provide in a fair and an equitable manner financial assistance to community youth and members seeking education for the betterment of their lives.
  1. The Chapter Administrative staff will use a variety of means to provide information on the availability of funds for education and related expenses.
  1. TheChapter Administrativestaff is to encourage community youth and members to further their education.
  1. The Chapter Administrative staffs, when dealing with applicants, are to show respect and practice utmostdiplomacy in the administration of the financial assistance program regardless of the behavior of someapplicants. The application process is for the interim and is soon over. But the applicant may becomeourown local leaders.
  1. The financial assistance application process shall be concise to the point and as applicant friendly aspossible.


The Becenti Chapter shall comply with all applicable Federal, and Navajo Nation laws such asthe Navajo Nation Privacy and Access to Information Act.


A.The purpose of the Becenti Chapter Student Educational and Financial Assistance Policies and Procedures is to provide the guidelines to students applying for financial assistancefunds for educational expenses for members who are continuing and pursuing an education.

  1. The student can be assisted with educational expenses such as tuition, books, school supplies, lab fees, room and board, required tools, uniforms and essentials related to choice of study.


A.All potential applicants that are requesting financial assistance for educational purposes shall abide by these policies and procedures.

  1. Before an applicant can be considered for educational and financial assistance, he/shemust be on the Chapter Planning and Regular Meeting agendas and attend both meetings with completed and relevant documents.
  1. If the student cannot attend the meetings, he/she can send a family member as a representative.
  1. The Chapter membership shall approve the student educational and financial assistance and resolution before any award is rendered to the student.
  1. The resolution can bewritten collectively for all students who are being awarded on one resolution.
  1. Applications for the Student Educational and Financial Assistance will not be available until the opening dates. Applications will not be available prior to opening dates.
  1. The Chapter shall not accept any early applications to be considered on a firstserve basis. .
  1. The Student shall submit all essential documents to the Chapter as described in Section X of these policies and procedures; otherwise, the application shall be considered incomplete and returned.
  1. The Chapter shall assist as many students as possible so as long fund are availability.


  1. The Student shall submit to the Chapter all required documents by the designated deadlines.
  1. The Student must conduct themselves in a professional matter as well as the parent(s)who are representing their student.
  1. The Student shall be present at the Chapter Planning and Regular Meeting as scheduled.
  1. The Student shall submit to the chapter an official transcript at the end of each awarded semester.
  1. The Student shall maintain above grade point average of 2.0 (C) or better grade of C or better for each semester.
  1. The student shall maintain the credit hours reported on the application and provide periodic verification of attendance and required academic progress to the chapter.


  1. The Chapter Staff shall announce at the Chapter meetings, through local radio stationsor post notices on bulletin boards the availability of Student Financialand Financial Assistance funds and application deadlines.
  1. The Chapter Staff shall accept faxed documents but the original documents shall be mailed to the Chapter by the applicant.
  1. The Chapter Staff shall provide applications upon opening dates to all requesting students.
  1. The Chapter Staff shall inform the students of the Chapter meetings dates.
  1. The Chapter Staff shall safeguard all essential documents and file them according to the Records Management Policies and Procedures.
  1. The Chapter Staff shall prepare the resolution for each applicant for the upcoming Chapter meetings or combine all students on one resolution.
  1. The Chapter Staff has five (5) working days after the Chapter meeting to process checks for the Students.
  1. The Chapter Staff shall not be held responsible for compiling documents for the applicants.
  1. The chapter staff shall not be responsible for contacting students regarding their application status to inform the students in writing he/she is awarded.
  1. The Chapter Staff will write the check payable to thestudent or College/Vocational Institute or Technical school


The roles of parents, et al, of all children are positive support and encouragement of all children inpursuant of education and self-betterment in all aspects of life. As much as possible, the parents,et al, shall be role models for their children. Even at an early age, all children are to be taughtthat education is important and they are each encouraged to do their best in all learning situations. Their eventual attainment of financial independent should also be focused by parents, et al, so that those approved for financial assistance will use their awarded funds wisely.


The date may vary based on fund availability for Student Education and Financial Assistance.

  1. Fall Semester – July 1st
  2. Spring Semester – December 1st

B.DEADLINE DATES: (Whichever comes first)

  1. Fall Semester – August Chapter meeting date
  2. Spring Semester – January Chapter meeting date


A.The Student must be a registered voter of Becenti Chapter for at least three (3) months. If a minor, a parent must be a registered voter for one (1) year prior to applying.

B.The Student must be enrolled full-time or part-time in an accredited college, university, vocational institution, or technical school. Students that are not enrolled in accredited educational institutions will not be eligible for Student Education Financial Assistance.

C. The Student must be an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation.


A. Accurately completed Student Education Financial Assistance application and date stamped by the Chapter Administration.

  1. Social Security card (copy)
  2. Certificate of Indian Blood
  3. Voters Registration Card
  4. OfficialHigh School or College Transcript(returning students must submit an official transcript for the ending semester directly to the Chapter prior to re-applying).
  1. Original Letter of Acceptance from the School or Program of study with Advisor’s signature

NOTE: copies of documents may be in student’s record or profile.


The following award amounts are based on fund availability. If funds are limited, the award amounts may be reduced.

A. Full-time Students shall be eligible for a maximum amount of five hundred dollars ($500.00)

B.Part-time Students shall be eligible for a maximum amount of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00)


Upon the award, the student must meet the following mandates.

A.Utilize the awarded funds toward educational needs and goals.

B.Submit requested transcripts at the end of each awarded semester.


The probation period shall be a one (1) school semester for any of the following reasons.

A.The student withdraws from school.

B.The student’s lack of attendance.

C. The student drops below the reported credit hours per classification, such as less than twelve (12) credits hours for full-time or less than three (3) credits hours for part-time.

  1. The student’s grade point average falls below 2.0 (C) for the awarded semester.
  2. The student fails to submit an official transcript at the end of the awarded semester.


  1. The Becenti Chapter has the right to deny approval of an application for financial assistance; however, the denial must be based on technical or substantial reason which the chapter must clearly state in the denialnotification.
  1. The denial notice must be in writing. Such written notice shall be provided to the applicantimmediately.
  1. The student has the right to request for any appeal to the chapter for being denied within ten (10) working days.


  1. An applicant for financial assistance for education who has been denied shall have a right to appeal the denial within fifteen (15) working days from the date of denial. Unless extenuating circumstances obstruct, the appeal shall be in writing and it must state the reason(s) for appeal as well as the relief sought.
  1. The Chapter Administration staff shall review the appeal as soon as it is received and if at all possible, immediately resolve the appeal and notify the denied applicant of the solution. However, if the appealedmatter cannot be resolved administratively, the Chapter Coordinator shall forward the unsolved appeal to the Chapter President who is to work with the chapter Appeals Hearing Committee to resolve the appealedmatter on the basis of merit as soon as possible with the involvement of the appointed members of theGrievance Hearing Committee.
  1. The Grievance Hearing Committee shall be eligible for reappointment by the Chapter President so long as thereis no technical or other reason for their removal by the chapter membership. The student membersof the committee may resign for cause at any time upon notice to the Chapter President.


The Chapter President shall establish a Grievance Hearing Committee of five (50 members to hear and resolve appeals of denial financial assistance for post-secondary education. Members of the committeeshall serve for a period of three (3) years and one member shall be selected to represent the following sector of the chapter.

  • two (2) enrolled students
  • one (1) college graduate
  • one (1) member of the Chapter Administration staff
  • Chapter Vice-President who will facilitate the review of the appeal matter and report to all concerning the appealed matters
  • three (3) members present shall constitute a quorum of the committee to do official business and asimple majority vote of the members present shall be sufficient to decide appealed matter

The committee shall submit written reports on its official business and actions to the Chapter President and

Chapter Secretary-Treasurer.

Grievance Hearing Committee shall be eligible for reappointment by the Chapter President so long as there is no technical or other reason for their removal by the chapter membership. The student members of the committee may resign for cause at any time upon notice to the Chapter President.In appointing members of Grievance Hearing Committee, the chapter President shall make certain that onlythose who are most dedicated to education are selected to serve without compensation. (ie: stipend)


Any amendment shall be done on this policy and procedure when the need for an amendment isnecessary.

A.Students or chapter membership may initiate an amendment to the policy.

B.The amendment is discussed at a duly called chapter Planning Meeting and a Regular Meeting for approval.



TO:All Student(s) Educational and Financial Assistance Recipients

FROM:Becenti Chapter

SUBJECT:Understanding of Obligation of the Student Educational and Financial Assistance Awards Policies and Procedures

I, ______, have read and understood the Student Educational and Financial Assistance Policies and Procedures.

I, ______understand that upon my award of the Student educational and Financial Assistance, I am obligated to utilize the funds for my educational expenses as specified in the Policies and Procedures. I also understand that as specified in the Student Educational and Financial Assistance Policies and Procedures that I will be obligated for Probation if I misuse the funds or if I withdraw from school unofficially and without notification to the BecentiChapter.



Student SignatureDateParent Signature, if minor