Slideshow Book Report

Choose an approved fiction book you are interested in reading during self-selected reading. After reading your book you will be expected to present your book report in the form of a slideshow to present to the class. During your reading be sure to ask questions and make note of the questions or comments that come to your mind while reading. As you read you will want to make note of the following in order to complete your report to put into separate slides;

Setting: Where did the story take place? Name and describe the place where the story happened.

Characters: Who were the main character(s)? Write their names and a brief description of each one. Was there a specific character that you connected with?

Conflict: What was the action or main conflict in the story?

Conclusion: How did the story end? Was it sad, funny, etc? What major themes/lessons or message that the author wanted you to know? Do you have any remaining questions after reading this book?

Be sure to include a quote from the book from your favourite part!!

Due Date: March 1, 2010