Journal #4: Legislative Branch Part 3: How a Bill becomes a Law 3/22/12

1. Schoolhouse Rock! (introduction)

2. Take notes on Video: The Green Tree Frog


3. Define the following terms: amend, veto, appropriate, and budget

4. Using pp. 81-84 explain the steps it takes for a bill to become a law. Include all steps from the drafting of a bill to the Governor’s action.

5. What actions may a governor take on a bill that has been passed by the General Assembly?

6. Why do you think a bill must be read three times in each chamber of the General Assembly?

7. You be the legislator! Write a bill that you would like to make into a law. Be very detailed so that your law cannot be misinterpreted or declared unconstitutional! Be sure to also explain how your law is to be enforced (penalties for noncompliance, etc.).