Project: Transfer of Police Custody Healthcare

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Julia Harman / Project Support / SCJD, Kent Police
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Helen Medlock / Project Executive
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Helen Medlock / Commissioner
D/Supt Claire Nix
Seamus Watson
Deborah Wade
Jess Mookherjee
Stephen Cochrane
Paula Thornton
DCI Isobel Gibson
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Deborah Wade
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Partnership Board
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Transfer of the commissioning of Police Custody Healthcare to the National Health Service
Objectives / Kent Police and the Kent and Medway NHS Trust are part of the first wave adopters to scope the transfer of the commissioning of healthcare in custodies. This is to ensure there is continued commitment to the health needs of offenders
This does not preclude the health needs of victims as a result of crime, which will also be included within the scope of the project. The key objectives of the project are to:
  • define the requirements of police custody healthcare and victim health care through the health needs assessment by April 2012
  • deliver a statement of readiness for the transfer of the responsibility for the commissioning of police custody healthcare to the NHS by April 2013

Method of approach / To complete initial scope to build health needs assessment, including:
  • Review all current services requirements
  • Collate and analyse data on current service users
  • Complete stakeholder consultation forums
  • Analyse national and local data and strategic assessments to identify service need

Scope / The scope of the project will require clear definition from the partnership board.
The activities for the project can be defined into the following categories:
  • Establishing Partnership
  • Health Needs Assessment
  • Appointing Commissioner
  • Intelligence and Information Gathering
  • Finance and budgets
  • Establish Information Technology requirements
  • Defining Clinical Governance and Standards
  • Human Resources Requirements
  • Establish performance framework

Project Deliverables / 1. To complete health needs assessment:
  • To develop future commissioning models for health care within custodies
  • Evaluate full cost of the service
  • Develop critical pathways for health care needs, such as for Section 136 patients, offenders with drug or alcohol dependencies
  • To outline clinical standards for healthcare in custodies
  • To identify health needs of victims of crime, including service provision from Sexual Assault & Rape Clinics
  • To ascertain any IT requirements for sharing and/or availability of information for healthcare practitioners
2. To complete statement of readiness for Ministers by April 2013
3. Following ministerial vote and endorsement to complete transfer by April 2015
Funding / Project funding has been identified from the national board (Police Healthcare Oversight Board). The budget will be allocated to the Police on appointment of the Healthcare Commissioner.
All budget requests will be put forward for review to the Partnership Board. Funding for all activities must receive authorisation from the Partnership Board as part of the activity planning process.
All agreed budget requests and subsequent requisitions will be processed through Kent Police finance management, therefore subject to Kent Police policy.
Project Timescales / A project timeline is attached as an appendix to the initiation document.
Project Tolerances / There are limited project tolerances:
  1. The project deadline is the aspiration to deliver an agreed statement of readiness by April 2013.
  2. The scope of the project must be clearly defined to ensure deliverables can be achieved within the project timescales.
  3. Limited budget is available to deliver the project, therefore all funding requests must be reviewed and authorised by the Partnership Board.

Senior Responsible Officer – Healthcare Commissioner (To be appointed)
Project Sponsor – D/Superintendent Claire Nix (Kent Police) & Helen Buckingham (NHS)
Project Governance – Partnership Board
Project Advisor – Deborah Wade, Forensic Medical Services Manager (Kent Police)
Project Support - Julia Harman (Kent Police) & Del Herridge (NHS)
Project Working Group – Deborah Wade, Jess Mookherjee, Stephen Cochrane, Paula Thornton
Benefit description / Pre Project Measure 00/00/00 / Post Project Measure 00/00/00 / Project Manager Sign Off
Increase in level of service provision for detained persons and victims
Improved referral pathways and information sharing between Police and Health
Reduce the health gap between persons within the criminal justice system and the community
To link offender healthcare into wider health care strategies and initiatives
Reduced risk for Kent Police for the management of detained person health care
Opportunities to increase healthcare professionals within custody suites
Opportunities to identify training opportunities for healthcare professionals

Note: The Project Manager sign off column is to be signed when the benefit has been fully realised.


Benefit description / Pre Project Measure 00/00/00 / Post Project Measure 00/00/00 / Project Manager Sign Off
Tensions between agencies re competing outcomes (needs of investigation against needs of offender health)
Differences in information and data collection needs by different agencies
Potential for fragmented service between custody suites and SARCs
Failure to meet victim needs from impact of crime
Costs associated with realisation and measurement
The commissioning of healthcare will have cost implication, these costs are not yet known.
Nominated person responsible for realisation of the benefits (and owner during the implementation programme)
The Commissioner of the programme will have overall responsibility to ensure the benefits of the transfer are realised. The Partnership Board will have overall governance to ensure all timescales and project objectives are within the specified timeframes. The working group will ensure the continued activity with regular forums to resolve issues and to report progress to the overall Partnership Board.
Any other aspect not covered elsewhere in report that needs highlighting
To be completed
Activity plan is referred to as the Project Plan, attached as an Appendix.
Does the project involve: / √ or X / Contact / Comments/Actions
Creation of a new role or unit? /  / Commissioner role, to be appointed
Movement of an existing role or unit? (Organisationally or geographically) /  / Deborah Wade / Potential transfer of Kent Police Forensic Medical Services employees
Removal of an existing role or unit?
INITIAL RISK REVIEW (Risks that can be foreseen at this point)
Risk Reference / Risk Description / Category of risk (Human, Organisational etc) / Impact of risk (1 = Low, 10 = High) / Risk Owner
R0001 / Sufficient resources within both Police and NHS to complete project / Human / Partnership Board
R0002 / National NHS re-organisation will have potential adverse impact on project delivery within current timescales / Organisational / Helen Buckingham
R0003 / Loss of Forensic Nurse Practitioners due to concerns over transfer / Human / Deborah Wade
R0004 / Failure to deliver services within current budget framework / Human / Partnership Board
R0005 / Limited time available to identify informatic needs and to complete procurement of available IT systems
R0006 / Failure to complete health needs assessment within target
R0007 / Failure to complete statement of readiness within target
ROOO8 / NHS commissioned service meets required standards as agreed by Chief Officers to mitigate risk of detainee safety within Police custody
FUTURE OWNERSHIP (Who is going to own the project/bi-products of the project after it is completed)
Following the completion of the statement of readiness the project will continue to be owned by the Partnership Board.
If the transfer of the commissioning of health services to authorised by Government the project will be extended to ensure successful transfer. The commissioning of police custody healthcare product will be the responsibility of the NHS.
As the provision of services will have direct impact on Kent Police and regular forum will need to be created for ongoing monitoring and review.
RELATED PROJECTS (What projects are related or dependent upon this project or visa versa)
There are no related projects (any links with Mental Health workstream?)
Are there any diversion projects/funding streams eg drug and alcohol referral, mental health projects ?
EQUALITY IMPACT ASSESSMENT (Please complete this in accordance with Force guidelines)
To be completed


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