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Today“Online Quiz”has become a fast growing examination method because of its speed and accuracy. It is also needed less manpower to execute the examination. Almost all organizations now-a-days, are conducting their objective exams by online examination system, it saves students time in examinations.

Online examination system is a non removable examination pattern of today’s life. We need more time saving and more accurate examination system as the number of applicants is increasing day by day. For all IT students and professionals, it is very important to have some basic understanding about the online examination system.

Functional Requirements:

When examine login to the server he/she get his/her profile already register. On the certain time examine gets the message to start the examination. All answers given by examine are saved into the server with his/her profile information. Online examination system also allows correcting the answer if the examiner needed to change any answer in the examination time duration, however, after any change will not allow. This also makes checking the answer easy and error proof as computers are more accurate than man and provide fast results too. Online Examination has multiple features such as Add, Delete, Update Topics and Question.ID and Password provided at the time of registration.

Non-functional Requirements

Secure access of confidential data (user’s details) should be provided.

24 X 7 availability of the application

Application should be accessible over Internet.

Better component design to get better performance at peak time

Flexible service based architecture will be highly desirable for future extension.

No. of Module

  1. Admin
  2. Students
  3. Faculty
  4. Registration
  5. Authentication/Authorization
  6. Reports


Online Quiz has multiple features such as Add, Delete, Update Topics and Question.

Admin add the subjects, tests and Questions.

Can add/update the User information.

Admin can view the all user results.

Admin can view no .subjects having in this website.

Delete the subject information.


Can register to the site, login into the system.

Can add the subjects and add a test.

Can add subjects on its Category, etc.

Can place an result after enter a questions.

View the all answers in question wise.


Can register to the site, login into the system.

Can viewing the subjects and write a test.

Can select subjects on its Category, etc.

Can place an exam of the subject after selection.

View the result based on your exam.

No. of Users




Software Requirements

Operating System:Windows XP/2003 or Linux/Solaris

User Interface:HTML, CSS

Client-side Scripting:JavaScript

Programming Language:PHP


Hardware Requirements

Processor:Pentium IV

Hard Disk:40GB



(1) PHP and MySQL Web Development by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson

(2) PHP5 and MySQL by W Jason Gilmore (Apress)

(3) PHP Web Development by Allan Kent and David Powers (Apress)

(4) Wiki pedía, URL:


(6) Google, URL:

Technologies to be used

HTML, CSS (Web Presentation )

JavaScript (Client-side Scripting)

PHP (as programming language)

MySQL (Database)

Windows XP/2003 or Fedora (Operating Systems)

Apache, XAMPP

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