Bridgeport Fire District Board of Commissioners Meeting

February 28, 2011 **UNAPPROVED**

Topics / Motion / 2nd / Vote Results / F/Up or
Meeting called to order 7:05 pm.
Bob Skinner (11) – Present
Lisa Fitzgerald (12) – Present
Marty Temple (13) – Present
Chris Chase (14) –Absent
Tim Burgess(15) –Present
D. Galbally - Treasurer
Department Attendees – Name, Department, Role
Chris White, Red Jacket, FF/EMT
Tracey White, Red Jacket, FF/EMT
Sonya Jesmer, Red Jacket, FF/fire police
Casey Jesmer, Red Jacket, FF/Driver
Debra Larsen, Red Jacket, FF
Rachael Chase, Red Jacket, FF
Michael Pettingill, Red Jacket, 1st Asst Chief
Susan Y. Sahler, Red Jacket, EMS Captain
Gary French, Red Jacket, Firefighter
Ralph Cecce, Red Jacket, Treasurer, Fire Police
Matthew Burlew, Red Jacket, 2nd Asst Chief
Matt Anderson, Seneca Falls, FF/EMT
Ed Hrasdzira, Red Jacket, Fire Police
Michael Borys, Red Jacket, Fire Police Captain
Ed Mitchell, Red Jacket, FF/EMT
Stephen Gilbert, Red Jacket, FF/Scuba
T.J. Casamassima, Red Jacket, Fire Police
Bill Wayne, Red Jacket, FF/EMT
Frank Catalano, Seneca Falls, FF
Todd Gilbo, Red Jacket, FF
Tim Hoster, Seneca Falls, FF
Nicholas Capacci, Red Jacket, FF
Joe Capacci, Red Jacket, FF
Lynn Court, Red Jacket, FF/EMT
Adam Conley, Seneca Falls, FF
Dan O’Neil, Seneca Falls, FF
Mike Pisatelli, Seneca Falls, FF
John Ashley, Seneca Falls, FF/EMT
Matt DeVries, Seneca Falls, Captain
Thomas Bell, Seneca Falls, FF
Lewis Archer, Seneca Falls, FF
Allison Archer, Seneca Falls, FF
Robert Wayne, Red Jacket, Driver/FF
Shawn Dauber, Red Jacket, FF/EMT
Donald Witchey, Red Jacket, FF/EMT
Tammy Hirons, Red Jacket, FF/EMT
Brian Sahler, Seneca Falls, FF
James Varricchio, Seneca Falls, FF
Josh Raymond, Seneca Falls, FF
Ken Campbell, Seneca Falls, Driver
Bob Skinner, Commissioner
Tim Burgess, Commissioner
Lisa Fitzgerald, Commissioner
Marty Temple, Commissioner
Mike Rhinehart, Seneca Falls
Tom Solan, Seneca Falls, Chief
Allen Larsen, Red Jacket, Chief
Rich Nichols, Red Jacket, FF/Diver
Motion to move to executive session regarding specific personnel issues 7:07 pm – 8:07 pm / CC / TB / All for
The Board of commissioners read and discussed the resolution and terms from the town with legal counsel. Motion to approve the resolution as drawn by counsel. / CC / TB / All for
Discussion on appropriate insurance representation for the fire district with consideration to pursue a review of alternatives. T. Burgess to establish a review with alternate providers. One consideration is to ensure appropriate coverage under mutual aid.
Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM. / CC / TB / All for
Next meeting: March 8th, 2011 at 7:00