UTHF Planning Meeting

Date: July 11, 2007

Time: 6:30PM-8:30PM

Location: TECO, Science & Technology Division

Chair / Martin Chen
Attendees / Martin Chen, JJ Lee, Simon Ma, Ken Peng, David Wu, Gorge Chen, George Hsu, Steve Wu,Hsing-Yi Jan,Alex Hsu, John Yu, Joseph Yang, Ya-Mei Chang
Meeting Minutes / Hsing-Yi Jan


  1. Speaker Updates (J.J.):

(a)Tremendous effort was made by JJ and the team to identify and invite speakers. Currently 4 speakers were confirmed, and follow-up is ongoing to finalize the UTHF program.

  • Confirmed speakers:

Nokia (Mountain View) / 3G / WiMAX / Mobile TV (TBD): Arthur Lin
NEC (Santa Clara) / Wireless USB: Mr. Katsuhiko Nakazawa
Cigacity(S.J.) / Wireless HealthCare by RFID / RF-Sensing: Sophie Liu
Microsoft (Mountain View) / Mr. Sanjiv Parlkh (Confirmed on July 10)
  • Speakers to be final confirmed:

ITRI (President Lee) / Wireless Remote HealthCare (details TBD)
III - NMI / WiMAX / WMM (TBD, to be followed up / firmed up)

(b)The team agreed that the designation of the keynote speaker should be based on the speaker’s company name reorganization (i.e. INTEL, Microsoft, Nokia, etc.) and the speaker’s position in the company. Once all speakers are identified and confirmed, the team will determine the keynote speaker status.

(c)Currently the lunchroom set-up should be appropriate for a keynote speech. There was concern that a lunch setting might not be the best time/place to have the keynote. The planning committee will take this into consideration when working on the final program.

(d)There was concern regarding the number of speaker invitations being sent out, and the how to make the speaker invitation under control. The general guideline was that the committee will try to avoid speakers from the same organization, and will target to have speaker in each specialized field. JJ will follow up with the speaker invitation status—currently the target is to have 8 speakers, but with the flexible format, additional speakers can be put in the penal discussion session.

  1. Revisit Conference Program Structure

(a)The 2006 UTHF conference started at 8:30AM, and ended at 5:20PM. There was proposal that with only 3 morning sessions, maybe the 2007 UTHF can start at 9:00AM. The planning committee will take this suggestion into consideration.

AM / Keynote (#1)
Speaker (#2)
Speaker (#3)
Lunch / Potential Keynote (#8)
PM / Speaker (#4) / Speaker (#6)
Speaker (#5) / Speaker (#7)
Penal Discussion

(b)Martin communicated the suggestion by John Huang to host a pre-conference event the night before the conference so the vendors from Taiwan and US will have a chance for business discussion. Dr. Yang recommended that the focus should be on the UTHF conference, and we should only host such business meeting if there is available budget and resource.

  1. Web Site Update (Alex Hsu)

Alex reported that the 2007 UTHF website template is ready, but there was no content at this moment. The team proposed to post confirmed information as it became available, such as title of the conference, hotel / direction, etc.

  1. Conference poster draft (J.J), exhibitor page draft (Hsing-Yi and Martin)

No new update on the poster and the exhibitor page. The responsible persons will continue to work on those and get back to the team in the next planning meeting.

  1. Conference theme subtitle discussion (everyone)
  • “The Trends of Wireless World” (firmed from the last meeting)
  • What is the subtitle?
  • Technology, market, impact, application?

(a)Few proposals were made regarding the conference subtitle. Dr. Yang recommended that feedbacks or the speech titles/ abstract from the speakers probably can provide a “closer-to-reality” kind of subtitle for the event. The planning committee will continue to follow up on the subtitle issue.

(b)Simon acknowledged that the word “trend” contained both “forward-looking” and “historical-perspective” senses, and a proper subtitle could be helpful to clarify and narrow down the conference subject. He proposed the “無線通訊的未來趨勢” translation for promotion in Chinese media. The team agreed.

(c)Ken pointed out that another aspect of having a subtitle is for promotional purpose. However, the team also acknowledged that the speakers and their presentation topics would be the real attraction of the conference. Those should be considered when we promote the UTHF event.

  1. Identify high priority logistic support items which need to start early (everyone)

Martin informed the team that Jorge will lead the logistic effort in the 2007 UTHF event. More detailed planning and coordination will be mapped out as the conference date gets closer.