2017 Grant Application

Project name: Gardening with Grace

County: Stutsman

Project Coordinator: Sister Pamela Pranke OPA

Lead Organization: Grace Episcopal Church

Address: 405 Second Avenue NE
Jamestown, ND 58401

Telephone: 701.320.2779Email:

  1. Briefly describe your garden project including its major goals. Please include a description of activities and the location of the garden (for example, Jefferson Elementary School). (150 words or less)

Gardening with Grace began two years ago for the purpose of teaching children basic gardening skills combined with food preparation, sharing produce and lessons in the importance of garden metaphors in the Bible and other cultural stories from around the world.

We will continue to use the raised beds made two years ago for raising crops, a small raised area where we grew potatoes last year and we will continue to plant decorative flowers that attract pollinators.

The older children have gained skill in gardening. We intend to advance those interested into the Junior Master Gardener curriculum.

Each year we had an educational focus. Last year we learned about the use of herbs. This year we will focus on food preservation along with reinforcing basic gardening skills. The children remain committed to the program. We want to recruit more boys to the project since we have predominantly girls.

  1. How will your project make a difference to itschildren? (150 words or less)

In addition to learning gardening skills, this group project will promote cooperation, team building and leadership skills among the children. This is especially true for older children who are more advanced in their skills after two years of participation.

The children will learn to respect the connection between our food and the land as we use sustainable gardening practices and minimal use of chemicals such as pesticides. We have had rabbit damage in the past, but the children prefer that the rabbits eat rather than deterring them. The rabbits primarily eat the peas, leaving other crops alone. Children are involved with each step of the process from garden planning, preparation, seed selection, plant care, harvesting, and distribution of the harvest and preparation of the food using great tasting recipes. They will learn that vegetables are an essential food in every meal. We are even meeting this winter to make lefse with potatoes from last year’s garden.

This year’s focus is food preservation. We have a variety of people lined up to teach preservation methods. The children will learn these skills and eat the preserved food.

As in previous years, we share the produce with those who have no gardens or with Salvation Army which is located across the street from the church.

One difference I am witnessing is the excitement the children already have about the garden project. They are already asking what we should plant and when we will begin. I’m honored and excited to see them grow in their love of gardening.

  1. How will your project make a difference in your community? (150 words or less)

A growing number of children attending Grace Church are raised in one parent families, live in apartments and do not have an opportunity to grow their own gardens. We intend to raise gardeners, not just gardens. The project will promote a safe, community activity for children from a variety of social, economic and cultural backgrounds.

The shared harvest will provide fresh vegetables for people who often are unable to afford this food.

The landscape plantings will benefit the community at large by creating a shady space of peace, beauty and rest across from a cement business center, parking lot and the Salvation Army office.

  1. Please estimate the number of participants directly involved in the project:

Young children (3–12 years old): 10

Teens (13–17 years old): 3

Adults: 5

  1. Briefly list any partners (such as 4-H, FFA, school, church, garden center, parks department) that are involved.Briefly describe their roles in the project.Be very brief.

The project is being conducted in partnership with Christian Education leaders, Priest and Parish Nurse at Grace Episcopal Church, and, of course, the children who were consulted in the construction of this grant. The Parish Nurse is also a Master Gardener. Experienced gardeners, Master Gardeners, and an agronomist and a chemist are adult volunteers. The Stutsman County Extension Agent will be consulted for planning and throughout the project.

  1. Budget

Expenditures Amount


Stain for the wood of raised garden beds50



Flower and vegetable seedlings50



For projects coordinated by organizations
outside of NDSU Extension
(to be completed by local NDSU educator)
Please describe your Extension office’s involvement in this garden program (recruiting youth, teaching, coordinating volunteers, providing meeting space). (150 words or less)
The Extension office will help provide Sister Pam with teaching curriculum if needed. Sister Pam has been conducting this project for the past couple years and has done a great job doing so.
I support this project and will work with the coordinator to ensure a positive educational experience for the youth.
Alicia E. Harstad 3/6/2017
Name of NDSU Extension Service staff Date