Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records used by its employees for discharging its functions

Following is the list of various rules, regulations, manuals and records used by the employees of RINL for discharging their functions. For further details of these procedures please click on these items.

i) Personnel Manual

ii) Certified Standing Order

iii) Raw Material Accounting Procedure

iv) Production Accounting

v) Dispatch, Contract and Works

vi) Traffic

vii) Purchase

viii) Stores

ix) Marketing

x) Finance

xi) Medical

xii) Administration

xiii) Mines

xiv) Miscellaneous

xv) Vigilance

I) PERSONNEL MANUAL Please click here (Ctrl + mouse left button) to view Personnel Manual.

1. Service Rules

Serv ice Rules for Executives

Conduct, Discipline & Appeal Rules

Leave Rules for Non-executive Employees

Recruitment Policy

2. Promotion Policy and Rules

Promotion Policy and Rules for Executives

System of Probation and Confirmation of Executive

Policy for Promotion to Non-Unionised Supervisory Cadre & Executive Cadre

Policy & Rules for Promotion of Non-Executives

Procedure for Dealing with Promotion/Confirmation of Non-executives pending e nquiry/Disciplinary Proceedings and thereafter.

Appraisal Policy and Guidelines on Appraisal System for Executives including JO/JSOs

Annual Confidential Report for Non-Executives

3. Wage Structure

Executive Salary Structure, Non-Executive Salary Structure & Stipend rates for Trainees

Annual Increment Rules

4. Allowances

Traveling Allowance Rules

City Compensatory Allowance

Reimbursement of Local Travelling Expenses

Grant of Conveyance Allowance to Blind and Orthopaedically Handicapped Employees

House Rent and House Rent Allowance

Shift Allowance

Split Duty Allowance

Entertainment Allowance

Magazine Allowance

5. Advances

House Building Advance Rules (including Scheme of Interest Subsidy on House Building Loans)

Grant of Advance for Purchase of Motor Vehicle

Grant of Advance for the Purchase of Bicycle

Grant of Advance for Medical Attendance & Treatment

Festival Advance

6. Employees' Motivation & Welfare Scheme

Incentive Scheme for acquiring Professional Qualifications

Jawaharlal Nehru Award Scheme for Executives

Jawaharlal Nehru Award Scheme for Non-Executives

Incentive Scheme for promoting Small Family Norms among Employees

Encashment of Leave

Medical Benefits

Grant of Assistance towards Funeral Expenses of Employees who die while in Service

Family Benefit Scheme

House Allotment Rules

Leave Travel Concession

Reimbursement of School Fees to Employees' Children

Grant of Scholarships to the children of Employees

Scheme for grant of Scholarships to the children of Employees belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

Scheme for grant of Scholarships to Physically Handicapped Children of Employees

7. Retirement Benefits

Provident Fund Rules

Procedure for final Settlement of Dues of Retiring Employees

RINL Superannuation Benefit Fund Scheme

Employees' Family Benefit Scheme

Scheme for farewell to Retiring Employees

8. Miscellaneous Rules

Determination of Date of Birth

Change of Name

Appointment of Deputationists in the Company

Procedure for Leave Book and Leave Card System

Foreign Travel 8.5.1

Issue of Verification Certificate to Employees for obtaining Passport

Forwarding Applications of Employees for Outside Employment

Transfer Benefits to Executives joining VSP on appointment from Central Government / Public Sector Undertakings & vice - versa

Executive Grievance Redressal Procedure

Formal Grievance Procedure for Non - Executives


1.0 Scope of Application

2.0 Definition

3.0 Classification of Workmen

3.2 Definition of Classification

4.0 Probationary Period

4.2 Probation on Promotion to a Higher Post

5.0 Medical Fitness and Examination and Termination of Service on Medical Grounds

5.0 Date of Birth

7.0 Appointment Conditions

8.0 Transfer of Workman

9.0 Acting

1.0 Identity Badge

2.0 Entry and Search

3.0 Attendance and deductio n of Wages for late Attendance, Absence from duty etc.

4.0 Periods and Hours of Work

5.0 Shift System

6.0 Shift working Subject to the provisions of I.D. Act.

7.0 Stoppage of work and closure

8.0 Payment of wages during employment

9.0 Publication of Wage Rates

10.0 Safety Rules

11.0 Safety Appliances and Dress Regulations

20-A Essential Services

12.0 Leave

12.1 Earned Leave

12.2 Half Pay Leave

12.3 Commuted Leave

12.4 Extraordinary Leave

12.5 Maternity Leave

12.6 Casual Leave

12.7 Special Casual Leave

12.8 Leave to Casual workmen and Temporary Workmen

12.9 Leave to Apprentices

12.10 Quarantine Leave

13.0 General Conditions for Grant of Leave

14.0 Weekly Holiday

15.0 Paid Holidays

16.0 Termination of Employment

17.0 Special Procedure for Termination of Employment in Certain Cases Acts of Misconduct Punishment for Misconduct Disciplinary Authority Procedure for Imposing Punishment Suspension pending enquiry and subsistence allowance Appeal and Appellate Authority Review of Cases after Appeal Grievance Procedure Temporary Assignment Training Test Resignation Service Certificate Medical Aid in case of Accidents Communication of Address Communication to Workmen Superannuation Liability of Employer Saving


Raw material Handling & Accounting for indigenous coking coal & boiler coal

Raw material Handling & Accounting for imported coking coal

Raw material Handling & Accounting for imported limestone

Raw material Handling & Accounting for limestone and dolomite from VSP Captive Mines

Raw material Handling & Accounting for iron ore (lumps & fines)

Raw material Handling & Accounting for Manganese ore (lumps/fines) dispatched by rail

Accounting of Raw materials received by road & rail (including imported materials) and handled by RMD

Raw material Handling & Accounting for the raw materials delivered by road


Production Accounting of Coke Ovens

Production Accounting of Coal Chemicals Plant

Production Accounting of Sinter Plant

Production Accounting of Blast Furnace

Production Accounting of Steel Melt Shop

Production Accounting of LMMM

Production Accounting of WRM

Production Accounting of MMSM

Accounting of lime fines dispatched to the briquetting agency, receipt of lime briquettes and compliance of excise formalities

Assessing of quantity of LD slag generated and transported and delivery of processed scrap and slag to various areas

Assessing the production of BF granulated slag and quantity of slag transported by the contracting agency to the dumping yard .


Procedure for processing and implementation of AMR Schemes

Contract procedure for Works division

Registration of contractors

Import Substitution

Dispatch of iron & steel products by road

Forwarding of GRNs

Procedure to be adopted in emergency situations

Dispatch of Iron & Steel products by rail and road

Export dispatch procedure

Dispatch of coke, coke fractions, by-products and granulated slag by rail and road

Handling and accounting of mills products issued to other departments for VSP use

Storage, issue & return of costly and pilferable items in shop floor

Procedure for handling of lime fines/ screenings

Excise formalities for using VSP's products in Auxiliary shops

Accounting of Scrap delivered to Scrap pit

Guidelines for preparation of proper estimates, avoidance of cartel formation, etc. for Works division

Making lots for sale of scrap recovered through magnetic separator

Operation of Road weighbridges at BC gate and BCSY

Procurement, Installation & Replacement of Ceiling Fans in Works Division


Loading of wagons for dispatch of products

Planning and allocation of empties

Weight tolerance of wagons

Tran-shipment of wagons

Discrepancies in wagon movement

Demurrage, appointment and settlement with railways


Purchase Procedure

Release of final payment against Commissioning and Acceptance certificate

Inspection Procedure for equipment, spares, refractories, Ferro alloys, etc.

Clearance of imported consignment at Chennai & Visakhapatnam

Overseas repair of equipments/spares

Procedure for vendor development of Operational Consumables including LCC, TCC, Well Mix, etc.


Handling and accounting of materials delivered directly to user departments

Stores Procedure

Medical Stores Procedure

Procedure for Inventory management of Stores & Spares

Clearance of transport contractors' bills


Pig iron accounting at Port

Export Marketing Procedure

Transport, stacking and accounting of steel products for export

Marketing procedure for iron & steel products (Home sales)

Claims/complaints manual for iron & steel products (Home sales)

Marketing Procedure for by-products (Home sales)

Claims/complaints manual for by-products (Home sales)

Marketing manual for branch office

Stockyard manual

Sale of iron & steel scrap

Sale by tender by marketing department

Appointing and operating of Consignment Sales Agency

Issue of iron & steel and other products of RINL /VSP in lieu of payment

Manual of claims on Railways


Stock Verification

Maintenance of Accounts at Liaison offices

Procedure to meet Excise formalities on VSP's products


Referral and payment for CT scan

Billing of non-entitled patients at VSGH

Reimbursement of medical claims

Reimbursement of medical claims of CISF employees deployed in VSP


Supply of jeep and car on requisition

Maintenance of items at Foreigners' Establishment

System for allocation of surplus room air-conditioners on stock transfer basis

Drawing of cement from stores, its storage and consumption as applicable for Town Administration dept.

Billing, receipts, remittance of money, daily reconciliation with occupancy, etc. relating to Ukku house

Release of funds to VMS for carrying out peripheral development activities

Release of last payment due to contractors against contract for supply & supervision and supply & erection of plant, machinery and equipment awarded by Purchase department for VSP's captive Mines


Production accounting of Limestone of JLM

Production accounting of Dolomite of MDM

Accounting of Dolomite (-80mm) processed by the contractual agency in MDM

Dispatch and Billing of limestone for sale from JLM


Release of last payment due to contractors against contract for supply & supervision and supply & erection of plant, machinery and equipment awarded by Purchase department.

Issue of Procedure Orders .

Guidelines for initiating/processing note sheet

Guidelines for awarding contracts by the individual departments of VSP

Implementation of Value Engineering Projects

Disposal of staff vehicles

Statutory requirements relating to engagement of labour to be followed while awarding contracts and operating them

Procedure for preparing Board Notes

Procedure to be followed in legal matters

Disposal of old attendance cards

Guidelines for adhering to existing laid down procedures

Procedure on Write-off of Capital assets

Procedure to undertake jobs of external agencies at Engineering Shops & Foundry

Procedure for dealing with cases requiring approval of COM


Please click here to read Vigilance Manual .