Safety and Welfare information for schools participating in ‘Scientist for a Day’ –Sans Souci Park/St George Sailing Club.

Schools attending Scientist for a Daywill visit the following locations during the event:

  • A cruise on The Georges River with Bass and Flinders Cruises from Bass & Flinders Wharf around the foreshore of the river between Woolooware Bay and Shipwrights Bay.
  • The project is conducted in and around Sans Souci Park and the St George Sailing club auditorium.

The following is a summary of the most important safety and welfare information. Please note that all activities will take place in the presence of qualified DEC staff and other educators who have approval under the ‘Working with Children Check Policy’.

General Risk Reduction Control Measures for school excursions:

  • All students are advised to wear sun protection and closed in shoes and conduct themselves in a safe and caring manner whilst involved in the project.
  • Accompanying teachers are to supervise their own students in accordance with DEC policy.
  • Teachers should notify EEC staff of any students with special needs eg disabled asthmatic etc and come prepared with appropriate medication/supplies for the duration of the excursion.
  • EEC staff will have first aid kits on hand and have phone communication at all times.
  • the supervising teacher on excursions must be able to administer first aid (CPR & Emergency Care).

For any queries regarding safety and welfare information, please contact the organisations listed below. For any further information about the excursion in general, please contact the Observatory Hill EEC on Ph: 9247 7321

Ferry transfer with Bass and Flinders Cruise from Bass & Flinders wharf Sans Souci

Potential Risk / Control strategy
Embarking and disembarking the vessel using the gangplank. / Crew will be in attendance at all times during boarding. Teachers are asked by our staff to also be in attendance to ensure orderly boarding.
Unpredictable motion of a floating vessel / All passengers are asked during the initial safety briefing to remain seated and use caution if moving around the vessel.
Uneven and slippery deck surfaces / Student should be advised to wear flat soled covered shoes.
Sunburn / Students should be advised to bring and wear sunscreen.
Emergency procedure / All staff are trained in emergency procedures. There are life jackets available for all students.
First aid / There are first aid kits available on all vessels. All staff are trained in first aid procedures.
Access and disability / There are no disabled toilet facilities on board. Please contact Bass and Flinders Cruise (ph: 9583 1199) regarding wheelchair accessibility.

Activities inSans Souci Park and along foreshore.

Potential Risk / Control strategy
Students straying onto road and/or being hit by vehicles entering carpark, driveways on route / All students will be instructed to walk along the footpath and will be monitored by teachers escorting the groups. Special care will be taken at driveways and entranceways.

2. Water testingStudents will undertake a series of water quality tests on the Foreshore adjacent to Bass and Flinders Wharf

Potential Risk / Control strategy
Students falling into water / Life saving devices on hand.
Students ingesting chemicals / Students instructed on safe use of chemicals
Contamination on skin / eyes / Students to wear gloves and goggles
Slips/falls/bumps whilst moving around in the study area / Students instructed on moving safely through the study area.

3. Environmental Issues -Beach Patrol (along the Foreshore adjacent to St George Sailing Club) Teams will be conducting a transect study to survey beach litter and animal and plant debris along the foreshore. Students will be collecting debris in buckets using tongs.

Potential Risk / Control strategy
Slips/falls/litter contaminants / Students will stay in designated area.
Students stung/bitten by marine creatures / First aid equipment available. Staff trained in first aid
Walking over buried sharp objects / Sturdy cover footwear essential and transect checked prior to survey by students.

All participating schools are required to follow the DEC Excursion Policy procedures.

Observatory Hill Environmental Education Centre – NSW Department of Education and Communities