2017 Best Memphis Burger Fest – BLOODY MARY


The Bloody Mary entry in consists of:

·  (4) plastic 12oz cups (provided) approximately 10oz full

·  (1) large show cup, pitcher, jar, container or vessel of your choosing (not provided)

·  (1) 16 inch black plastic tray (provided).

·  (1) 4x6 index card to write a menu style description of their entry.

Outside of that it is completely up to the team to create their Bloody Mary. We’re looking for teams to be creative, artistic, and delicious all at the same time.

·  No guidelines on alcohol. This is your interpretation of a Bloody Mary

·  Any garnish or combination of garnishes may be used in the show cup or on the tray

·  Plastic sampling cups may be garnished too

·  Bloody Mary entries should not be branded or marked in any way.

·  Description cards for execution scores may not be branded or marked

·  Teams are to return to judging are approx. 45 minutes after turn in to pick up their show cups. Cups that are left at the judging area past 1 hour will be emptied and ALL contents will be thrown away to prevent flies from entering the judging area.

Note: Since the large presentation glass will not be consumed by judges, no more than 1oz of alcohol must be used. However, the 4 sampling cups will be consumed and should be prepared accordingly.


Appearance: In this competition, garnish counts. How does the entry look? Visually, how appealing is it? What is your impression Bloody Mary tray with the large vessel and four sample cups? Think about the creativity of the garnish, the effort put into the presentation and the look of the entire entry.

Once the Appearance score is give, a table captain will read a written name (not the team name) and description of the food entered to the other three judges. You are to keep that description in mind as you eat that respective food. You’re looking to see if the team executed or turned in what they wrote down and how true to the description they stayed. The Execution and Taste scores will most likely be given simultaneously. Finally, judges will be asked to give each Bloody Mary an Overall Impression score.

Taste: how does the bloody mary taste? How amazing was it? Or was it not so great? Be honest and truthful. Don’t fluff the score because you think they gave it a good try. Or if it’s amazing, score it as such. The teams really look to your feedback to know where they got it right or where they can improve.

Execution: Along with their food, teams this year will submit a 4x6 index card with a Name for their entry and a menu style description (NOT A RECIPE) of it. For example, the Bloody Trouble Bloody Mary from O’Shea’s Irish Pub:


House infused Pepper Vodka, 3 Hot Wings, Blue Cheese stuffed Olives, Pickle Spear, Celery Sticks, Carrot Sticks, Hot Sauce, Lemon + Lime.

Teams are asked to be as descriptive as they want, but not to submit a recipe. Your job is to score them on whether or not they executed as written and described. Did the team turn in an entry that met the category guidelines.

Overall Impression: This will be your overall impression of the entry and can be a whole or half number between 1 and 10. You may only give a number once, meaning, if you reward a Bloody Mary a 9.5, you may not use 9.5 again.

For the Taste, Appearance and Execution scores, you’ll be judging on a scale of 1 to 9 using whole or half numbers only. For example, you can score 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5 and so on up to 9.

If you give a 1, keep in mind that you are disqualifying the entry and need to call for a judging official to justify reasons for disqualification. Typically scores below a 5 are not issued unless there is a problem, in which case please alert a judging official so a ruling can be made.


1.  If you have any food aversions or allergies, you may want to reconsider your judging position. THIS IS NOT A VEGAN COMPETITION and ENTRIES WILL NOT BE GLUTEN FREE.

2.  You do not have to finish any of your Bloody Marys. Drink what you want or need to give each the score it deserves.

3.  Please avoid excessive use of alcohol or any illicit substances prior to your judging engagement.

4.  Other than small talk, reading the descriptions and passing out entries, there should be no talking in the judging area. Especially if something tastes very good or bad. Do NOT try to influence another judge.

5.  Only you should be in the judging area. Family and friends must wait outside the judging area. You may use your phones to take pictures or notes, but please do not use any verbal tools like Siri.

6.  If you do take pictures. Do not post online until all the judging in your category is complete. Please tag them #BurgerFest and #bmbf17