SIT Meeting 12/8/14

Present: Christina Godbey, Cathy Martinez, Susan McMackin (subbing for Meredith Hellow-New EC rep), Lynn Leflore, Jeni Kusherman, Sherri Barber, Kelly Reigle, Tom Childers, Myrtle Watkins, Miranda Helms, Lauren White, Emily Melton, Annett Brown-Blakeney, Jackie Fish, Casey Cauthen, Constance Kelly

Absent: Shannon Lewis, Amber McAfee-Barnes

Meeting began at 2:30pm.

●President: Kelly Reigle

●Vice President: Shannon Lewis

●Secretary: Casey Cauthen

●List of Items on Agenda:

○Approval of minutes from 10/23/14 meeting

■move made by Mr. Childers

■seconded by Jackie Fish


○Discussion of school uniforms-Mr. Childers

■kinder/first same color

■2nd/3rd same color

■4th/5th same color

■Benefits?-easier to tell what grade levels kids are, still just as easy for parents, helps organize/limit need for certain sizes for WALTS closet/uniform swap.

○Discussion of student seats during reading-at desks or around the classroom? Review feedback from each grade level.

■Overall thought seemed to be that teachers would like the freedom of reading around the room but only on Fridays as a reward.

■When kids are sitting around the room, teachers should be up and around to keep an eye on everyone.

■Ultimately up to the teacher, if you want them in their seat, keep them there.

It will be used only on Fridays as a reward.

○Grades 3-5 grading scale discussion- Should we switch to a 10 pt scale?

■State will probably be making the decision to put everyone on a 10 pt scale, so may not even be an option.

■Everyone liked it and agreed it is a good idea.

■Side bar-after winter break, Mr. Childers will have individual teacher conferences about parent alert letters and student levels.

○Concerns from grade levels/departments/teams.


●Should we make July 16th and 17th mandatory since we are required to pick two days anyway? Think about it, not deciding today.

●Think about intercession in April as well...could maybe be used as a professional development type thing.


●People not cleaning up after themselves in the cafeteria

■2nd grade-Melton

●Can we get more copy paper-Will check with Pat.

●Papers in mailboxes too late and they can’t check them.-Will try to limit that.

●Pads on poles at recess-Not going to happen

■3rd grade-Brown-Blakeney

●Reading Celebrations?-Yes we will have another one.

●Lunch Music is too long-Mr. Childers will talk with Mrs. Holmes about shortening videos and changing them up.

●Orange Shirts?-Kids are wearing them whenever they want anyway, but we will be provided with a schedule of when kids are allowed to wear them.

●Can we not print lesson plans to save paper-YES

■4th grade-Fish

●Can we put another plan in place about splitting kids when 2 teachers are out.-We could pull TA’s or interventionists to sub or we just have to split the kids between the teachers that are present.

●Could behavior interventionists help when classes are split?-Not realistic, need to have extra cards for guests so you can pull their cards.

■5th grade-Cauthen

●Lunch lines are too long/backed up and its taking at least 10 minutes to get through so our lunch is shorter.-not really anything we can do to change that. When we have backups, it backs everyone else up. Just have to monitor and push kids faster through the line.