Loading Operative

  • Why does the job exist?
/ To be responsible for the loading of stock for delivery to stores. To ensure accurate, safe and timely distribution of orders. To unload all empty containers, trays and other returns from stores.
  • Reports to which role?
  • Supervises which role(s)?
  • Peer Relationships
/ Reports To: Distribution Supervisor
Supervises: N/A
Peers: Warehouse Operatives
  • Describe all the core outputs of the job.
  • The key areas in which results must be achieved
  1. To ensure activity undertaken ultimately contributes to internal and external customer satisfaction.
  2. To liaise effectively with the staff from other departments and stores to provide a helpful and efficient service.
  3. To present a smart and professional image at all times.
  4. To undertake any training and development required to maintain effectiveness in the role.
  5. To achieve and maintain professional standards across all aspects of the role.
  6. To promote and encourage the spirit of teamwork within the loading team and to ensure support of your colleagues.
  7. To ensure each load is fully secured using restraints provided.
  8. To ensure that goods are loaded as specified in the loading documentation or as directed by your team leader and that temperature of vehicle is applicable to the goods being loaded.
  9. To ensure the quality of loading is to the Company standards.
  10. To demonstrate and role model the Booths values.

  • Identify the most significant internal and external relationships
/ Internal: Transport Manager
Warehouse operatives
External: N/A

This job description describes the key areas of the post but is not exhaustive. The job description is subject to review and amendment in line with the needs of the business

All employees are also responsible for complying with their duties and responsibilities under both national legislation and Booths Company policies regarding Health and Safety and Data Protection.

I understand and accept the accountabilities of this role.

Employee Signature______Date ______

  • Be specific in terms of the type of knowledge and skills required.
  • Specify any requirement for previous experience – focus on the type or experiences needed rather than length of time
/ Essential/Desirable
Warehouse practices and procedures / E
Health & Safety and Food Hygiene Regs / D
Ability to communicate (verbally and in writing) clearly and confidently / E
Ability to act on own initiative / E
Ability to meet deadlines / E
Honesty / E
Courage / E
Trusting / E
Making Decisions / E
Caring / E
Understanding / E
Listening / E
Learning / E
Owning / E
Involving / E
Mindful / E
Supporting / E
Experience of working in a temperature controlled delivery environment / D


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