Response to Intervention (RTI)

Headstart Procedures

1. Cindy Dingler (Werz C.O.) is the initial contact person for Headstart referrals.

2. Within 7 days of receipt of the referral, the SLP should touch base with appropriate staff, i.e. teachers, center manager, Family Social Worker (FSW), Disability Specialist

etc. to explain the process of implementing and collecting data during SST.

3. The SLP should contact the FSW for assistance in setting up SST conferences with parents. The forms in Coweta County’s preschool packet can be used to document attempts to contact the parent and conferences. It is acceptable for Headstart to use its own conference notification letter.

4. The SLP should plan to observe the student before the initial SST meeting.

5. It is recommended that at least 3 conferences be held. The amount of time between conferences should be determined by the SST team and should be individualized to the student. It is best practice, however to implement interventions for at least 4-6 weeks.

a. initial conference

- document on the Initial Parent Conference form

- parent(s) and teacher(s) share concerns

- SLP shares results of observation

- interventions should be recommended

- provide training on how to collect data

- it could be appropriate to recommend a speech-language

screening as one of the interventions

b. follow-up conference (1st)

- document on the Follow-up Conference form

- discuss progress on interventions recommended at initial con-


- review results of speech-language screening

- SLP can distribute packets for parent and teacher to imple-

ment. (The packets should be specific to the child’s problem).

- recommend more interventions and/or continue with the ones

developed during the initial conference

- review procedures for collecting data

c. follow-up conference (2nd)

- document on the Follow-up Conference form

- discuss progress on interventions

- recommend more interventions or evaluation

- the SLP should keep the interventions and data collection in-

formation as documentation during consideration for special

education eligibility.

6. At the end of the intervention period, the team should make a decision about whether to continue interventions or proceed with a referral to special education.

7. In rare circumstances, the team may determine that it is appropriate to expedite the RTI process due to the nature or severity of the child’s problem. In these cases, the team should still convene an initial parent conference to discuss the problem and share other information pertinent to the case. A specialist in the child’s area of need should be invited to the initial conference to give guidance about whether or not it is appropriate to expedite RTI. The rationale for the expedited RTI process should be included in the referral packet. Interventions should be implemented during the evaluation process.

8. If a referral to special education is needed, obtain consent for evaluation. Send Cindy Dingler (Werz C.O.) the original consent, along with the documentation of conferences and data collection. Upon receipt of the packet of information, Cindy will send you the Speech Initial Evaluation Approved (Preschool Only) form (see attached). This form will notify you of the eligibility due date.

9. Contact Beth Posta (770-254-2771) if it appears that the child has other developmental concerns. Additional assessment may be needed.

10. Testing and eligibility for special education should be determined within 60 days of receipt of consent for evaluation. If the child has been tested in other areas, it will be necessary to coordinate the meeting with the other evaluators. If the child meets eligibility, consent for placement should be obtained at the eligibility meeting.

11. An IEP should be developed within 30 days of the eligibility meeting.

12. Send or email Vickie Shepherd (Werz C.O.) a copy of the data collection form within 3 days of completion of the IEP meeting.

13. Send Cindy Dingler (Werz C.O.) the original eligibility report, consent for placement, and IEP within 7 days of completion of the IEP meeting. Return the bottom portion of the Speech Initial Evaluation Approved (Preschool Only) form with the aforementioned paperwork.

14. Give a copy of the eligibility report and IEP to the Disability Specialist.