What can I do with this major?

Students in Educational Studies will learn about educational institutions, educational processes and the social and cultural factors that affect them through coursework and field experiences that enable students to put theory into practice. Given the combination of the educational studies major and a carefully chosen area of concentration (AOC), the program provides an entry point into the study of the multidimensional field of education and analysis, as well as education of the individual and the collective. Students in educational studies are expected to develop such basic inquiry skills as problem formulation, basic analytic methods, as well as a critical understanding of how educational institutions function, individuals grow and change and social groups are shaped by educational processes.

  • Counselor – Public School*, College Admissions, Career*
  • Library/Media Specialist*
  • Education Program Coordinator
  • ESL Teacher*
  • Student Affairs*
  • Special Education*
  • Music Education*
  • World Languages*
  • Textbook Writing/Editing
  • Tutoring
  • Course Design*
  • Educational Consultant
  • GED or Life Skills Instructor
  • Administrative positions in school districts
  • Test Preparation
  • School Psychologist*
  • Educational Aides
  • Preschool/day care provider
  • Instructional Designer*
  • Educational Writer
  • Training Instructor
  • Job Development Specialist
  • Corporate Trainer/Coach*
  • Inservice Education
  • Textbook Sales
  • Publishing, editing, and technical writing
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Camp Director/Counselor
  • Outdoor Education Specialist
  • Zoo Education Specialist
  • Parks Education Coordinator
  • Historic Preservationist*
  • Activities Director/Coordinator
  • Museum Educator
Social Service:
  • Child/Youth/After School Education Coordinator
  • Elder Services Coordinator
  • Career/Job Services Specialist
  • Paralegal
  • Humanitarian Aid Worker
Government Policy:
  • Educational Policy Analyst*
  • Educational Policy Researcher*
  • Grant Writer
  • Grant Coordinator
  • Lobbyist
/ Libraries
Social Service Agencies
Parks, Recreation & Tourism, Zoos
Historic Preservation & Conservation
Teach for America
Government Agencies
Colleges & Universities
Boarding Schools
Rehabilitation Centers
Juvenile Justice Centers
Boys and Girls Club
Nursing Homes/Adult Day Care
Mental Health Clinics
Educational Research Foundations
Non-Profit Organizations
Test preparation companies
Vocational Services
Educational Supply Companies
School Districts / Intern in Recreational and Social Services
Volunteer with non-profits, museums, libraries, historical sites
Advanced degrees
Determine certification or accreditation standards for areas of interest (ex. Counseling, ESL, music, special education, library/media specialist)
Intern with teachers in your area of interest (music education, special education, ESL, world languages, etc.)

(* Denotes career opportunities where a Masters Degree is necessary or often preferred.)

Although an Educational Studies major does not lead to a teaching certificate, students may go on to complete graduate or professional programs in counseling, non-certified teaching, educational policy and research, psychology, social work, writing, non-profit organization, or corporate training and can precede graduate study for a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), Master of Arts in Education (MAED), Master of Science in Education (M.Ed.), or an M.B.A.