Second TERM

AY 2017-2018

Grade 7

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Grade & Section: ______Teacher: ______

Q 1.Circle the letter of the correct answer.

1.The main language of the Islamic religion is:

a. Arabic

b. Latin

c. English

d. Roman

2. At-Tadabbur means......

a. Cleanliness

b.Deep understanding of Al-Quran


3. We must face the Qiblah when we……………..

a. Fast


4. Ahkam tajweed are rules of reading…………………

a. Quran


5.When he received the revelation of the Qur’an, Muhammad(Pbuh):

a. Was about 40 years old

b. Was already recognized as a prophet

c. Was married to Aisha

d. Was a teenager

6. Theliteral meaning of Quran in Arabic is:

a. Recitation

b. Reading

c. Singing

7……………….Plant mentioned in Quran




8. Basmalah means …………………

a.Aoothu Billahi mina Shaytan Ar-Rajeem

b.Bismillahi Rahman Raheem

9. We should respect the Quran because…………….

a.It is very expensive

b.It is the words of Allah

c. It is in Arabic

10. Al –Qibla is in…………….




11.A person who memorize the whole Quran is:




Q 2.Write (T) in the blank next to the true sentences and (F)in the blank to the false sentences.

1. The Quran is great book of Allah. ( T )

2. Recite Quran while you are comfortable and relaxed.( T )

3. One must give all their trust to Allah then Allah will help you.( T)

4. The Quran speaks in powerful and moving language .( T )

5. Ikhlas means sincerity.( T )

6. Do not encourage the muslims to memorize the whole Quran.( F)

7.Tarteel means recite the Quran in clear, correct and beautiful way.( T )

8. Remember Allah all the time and praise him regularly.( T )

Q 3.Define the following.

1.Al Quran.


2.As-Sab’ut -Tiwal

Seven longest chapters in the Quran

3. Al -Wahy

Divine revelation.


Taharah means purification. hat is ritual purity from every minor and major impurity and defilements. It not only includes cleanliness of body but even clothes, place and all aspects of Muslim's life.

5. Al–Isti’aathah

Saying A’oothu billahi mina shaytan-ir-rajeem

6.Qiyam ul layl

Literally it meansstanding in the night . it is a voluntary prayer which is prayed after Isha and before the break of dawn

Q 4.Describe the following actions as respectful or disrespectful while handling Al-Quran

1. Muhammad didn’t read Quran for a weekDisrespectful

2. Sulayman was reading Quranwhile watching TVDisrespectful

3. MunareadingQuran early morning Respectful

4. Asmaa went bathroom wearing necklace with Ayah –Al- kursy.Disrespectful

Q 5.Answer the following questions.

1. Namethe books that Allah sent to humanity before Al-Quran?

As-Suhuf, At-Tawrah,Az-Zaboor ,Al-Injeel

2. What you think are the five most important ways to show respect for Al –Quran?

1.Taharah and Cleanliness.

2.Facing Al-Qibla.

3.Humble heart and Khushoo.

4.Al-Isti’aathah and Al-Basmalah.

5. Observing Ahkam-ut-Tajweed

3. List five of methods that would help you memorize Al-Quran?


Proper recitation

Quality memorization from the first time

Understanding the meaning of Al-Quran

High discipline

4. Why did Rasoolullah want to pray tahajjud so much?

He want to become a grateful servant of Allah

5. Describe what will happen on the day of judgement?


6.What would help you to reflect and experience tadabbur when you recite the Quran?

Have a good intention and mean to reflect on what you read

Recite in calm place

Recite while you are comfortable