Where is, the everything does come from?

About the universe, everything and nothing

Everything and Nothing

Regimantas Streimikis

“The origin of the universe is one of the greatest unanswered questions in the history of mankind. Humans have been debating it for thousands of years, and every religion attempts to posit a different explanation. Questions about the origin of the universe – or, indeed, the origin of reality in general – are challenging for science to tackle head-on. The simple answer is: we don’t know. We may never know exactly how the universe was formed or what, if anything, came before it, although science does have a few ideas to explore. However, not knowing the answer does not give us free range to make something up.” - Armin Navabi(

Don’t be so fast with conclusions. Just explain what The God is made of. I’m working on it and have some strange feeling about it. I prefer not to talk about The God. I prefer to hear what he says. Nevertheless, we Americans have the right of free speech, given by the God in his Grand Design, so I’m going to construct a foundation to cover the subject and the rest of the reality. A foundation sufficient enough to address them.

Infinity is a mother and The God is a father of everything2). “Nothing” - is the starting point. It is the only building material to create “Everything”. Why? To answer the question, we should stretch our reasoning wide enough to employ an infinity in every step of it.

It is natural to imply the essential features of it:

“Nothing” is infinite.

“Nothing” is nonuniform.

The fluctuation (imperfections – an energy, by our perception) of Nothing is wavelike appearance and disappearance (and not a motion of something).

The wavelike imperfections of Nothing are fractal in nature due to the substance of the wave – to repeat itself, and the feature of the infinity to make infinite small equivalent to infinite big in the environment of imperfection of the infinite pure energy. The wavelike imperfection of Nothing has its own intensity gradient and it is of some sort of a fractal bubble in some sort of fluid, which we consider as pure energy (we can call it “negative”energy and later on we’ll construct a “Positive” one) or “Nothing”.It is naturally to imply the intensity to change from infinity in the center of the bubble to the finite amount of towards exterior surface and his gradient - appointing to the center, so, to say, it appeared from the infinitely small and expand to the finite size. And, if it fractal, every bubble, being a constituent of bigger bubble, following the direction opposite the one,the gradient of the bigger has appointing, shall manifest (an appearance – a cosmic inflation – the birth of “positive”energy) less “negative”energy. And along the natural way of “negative”energy buildup in the bubble to come back to initial state (disappearance – The Big Rip – aging – death of “positive“energy) – infinite level, each bubble going to collapse outwards, by collapsing its constituents first, so, to say, we constructed a motion/expansion/”The Big Rip”/disappearance of the bubble outwards–expansionof the emptiness according our perception.The appearance of the bubble naturally, inevitably, is followed by the disappearanceof it (a Wave of intensity – appearance/disappearance of the fractal structure), so to say, a death – change in the chain of processes of evolution of the structure of imperfection, failure to function maintaining stability of an identity – disappearance of the complexity.Keeping in mind this complex evolution of the fractal bubble-imperfection and the mix of them in their different stages of evolution, it implies the natural structure of each identity created, which will follow the shapes and dynamics of the observable cosmos and the quantum world.And, the infusion of new imperfections into present processes will initiate change in the chain of processes of evolution (modulation) of the structure of imperfection in a manner of free will, randomness (dependencies with the environment) and God’s will.

Summarizing assumptions, by our perception, we created“positive“energy (gradient by itself), space/size, time/”span of evolution (to appear and disappear) of the existence of imperfection” and wave like motion of the intensity of the imperfection through infusion new imperfections into present processes, i.e. the most familiar to us notions: energy, space, time, and motion. And obvious, as it is, all of them are tightly intertwined among themselves.

The general answers to the questions, about the “First” of the anything, are as follow. It happened infinitely long time ago. It never was the one instance of the “First”, instead it was multiple instances of it, and always it was something before the “First” in multiple instances, which we cannot call yet, as a the “First” of what we mean, and which become the one after infinitely short period of time, where the time stands for the process.

The general answers to the questions, about the death of a living organism, let me guess, will describe the statements. The body fails to function as designed – disintegrating. A perception, as the part of the soul, merging, guided by the God (a soul – a part of him, true identity of the body, the same for all the instances), with another instance of the body to continue live in another universe of another scale. The perception, by itself, after it merged, could bring in the new qualities for the recipient-instance, i.e. after death experience some people find out to be able to speak the languages, they never learned or just self-combust into the strange flames, even multiple times after having it extinguished. And, you after death, as the same instance, will come back with the new universe produced in the fabric of the reality, after the old universe disintegrates – a pretty crazy guessing, hah.

So, in this way we extend our perception and reasoning beyond it. We should be able to appoint holly aberrations/revelations, The Heaven and The Hell, The Soul and the way it travels to. The Fractal feature of the Nothing is incorporating the notion of Infinity into our reasoning about everything;it is incorporating infinite self-computational power to maintain vertically and horizontally the process of the stability of the reality fabric (a computer, which builds itself, a process - a Time by human perception), so to say nothing short, but do reveal the abstraction equivalent to the God’s body.

“Nothing” is infinitely unstable due to interactions of imperfections among themselves, guided by their natural vertical - fractal (scale - Big/Small) and horizontal - multidimensional (scale - Wide/Narrow, High/Low, Far-away/Near, etc.) integration, and powered by a substance of the reality - pure energy (an Intention - The God’s Will, later on we will talk about the Gravity, which we will consider as the focus of The God’s Attention. He is always busy in his creation).

A simple structure of the imperfections reaching complexity through their evolution, from infinitely small to infinitely bigger and finally leveling it (a timespan, by human perception) to the level of infinite pure energy – Nothing (by human perception).The foundation of this structure is a fractal, bearing the infinite number of deviations from an average identity, built through its evolution towards the highest levels of the organization vertically and horizontally. Where a highest level of this structure– a perceptiona god's mind (human brain is a part of it) is a tool to convert this complexity into ontology (i.e.,time, space, features, terms, rules, laws, theories, etc.) – an identity of anything, as a process (a time, by human perception) – a stability at some level (e.g., a time), built on infinite instability.

So, we can perceive reality (with the accuracy of abstraction to make a human sense about the infinite complexity of the structure of reality) as an infinite pulsating fabric of environment integrated vertically and horizontally. This pulsating fabric is already fully developed vertically and horizontally, and every pulse of disappearance is followed by appearance fed and defined vertically and horizontally in this environment which left in existence. So, to say, the future and the past are already in place together with the present by means of vertical integration of the pulsating structure of a fabric of the reality. Vertical integration means in deep (fractalization) direction in the fractal structure (every picture-entity is constructed of the same smaller picture-entities). What’s mean disappearance in deep of any smaller picture-entity leaves intact larger picture-entity, which is constructed of these smaller. The “same smaller” is understood always with some extent of this meaning, as “to be a different version of and still preserve the same entity in the ontology of the reality (the “same” picture-entity by means of this vertical integration)” (a different smaller me with his own deviations in live). The horizontal integration means that every “same smaller” has its own evolution (live) employing free will, randomness, God’s will and preserving the same picture-entity by means of vertical integration (you can examine in depth every piece of you and see yourself in different situations). The horizontal integration means also the interaction among different picture-entities on the same in-depth scale (the facts and the results of a human or non-human creation – human to shape a matter or matter to shape a matter – physics, quantum physics, chemistry). Vertical integration means also that every point of the reality is created by combining matching points of smaller realities of the same picture-entity.

“Nothing” is a pure, infinite “negative” energy, which building up continuously and dissipating through its wavelike harmonics of imperfections to create Identity, where the abstraction of it is the laws of Harmonic Analysis.

The wavelike imperfections of Nothing combine in the way the Harmonic Analysis should predict. (If the Harmonic Analysis is insufficient in some way to support it, it should be adjusted).

Thus, an everything at whole and the part of it - human and his perception (thoughts), in general, is a fractal in nature structure of the self-organized imperfection of Nothing due to some scale (set) of the harmonics of wavelike appearance and disappearance of these imperfections.

And, finally, the most important feature – the interaction among the two imperfections – the difference between gradient of the intensity buildup of the “negative”energy, which we call a Gravity, of the areas among the interacting imperfections and the areas surrounding them, so to say, it is the cause1), why the imperfections building up towards each other rather outwards, a mother-nature, guided by the God in this way, has an opportunity to create a “time” – stability –a continuation of the process. So, to say, more processes among the interacting imperfections has more opportunities for infusions of the new imperfections rather outward and “Big Rip” shall make more impact to the processes outwards rather inwards (among the interacting imperfections). The identities of the interacting imperfections shall remain not intact for some period of evolution (a time) as long the intensity of the evolution stays below the certain level. If this assumption is true, that’s mean, introducing of the any field of radiation (by our perception –a imperfection of the another scale), e.g. electromagnetic radiation, such as radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma radiation (γ), particle radiation, such as alpha radiation (α), beta radiation (β), and neutron radiation (particles of non-zero rest energy), and also, acoustic radiation, into the environment outwards of the interacting imperfections and creating sufficient gradient of it, will defy or overpower a gravity.Nowadays it is evident fact to proof it, a magnet and devices such as

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NASA's 2.3 kW NSTAR ion thruster for the Deep Space1 spacecraft during a hot fire test at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NEXIS ion engine test (2005)

An ion thruster or ion drive is a form of electric propulsion used for spacecraft propulsion

If we are lucky, we will succeed revising our understanding of a thruster (because it should affect the equipment and the pilot by itself, to keep the identities of imperfections not intact, by the effect of inertia; for this reason we should be able to impact processes of the appropriate scale of imperfections, which is the only way to cancel an inertia) and creating a UFO’s thruster (if it not created yet, to become a proof of this theory) !

A scale (set) of the harmonics of wavelike appearance and disappearance of imperfections of Nothing in some of self-organized its structure is by human perception (ontology) called Everything.Let’s illustrate the concept. We show the common misperception of the reality, building the concept of “how it works”. Anything, what we perceive in reality through our senses and abstraction, is depicted as a white polygon in the illustration on the left. The right polygon depicting an ontology of our perception of the Anything on the left (it could be, per say, a cell phone) presenting our life experience about Anything as his structure and the features.

An illustration of the concept of “how it works”

So, the misperception of the reality occurs, when building a concept of “how it works” we focus on the Right side of the illustration and do not realize, that Anything exists only as imperfections in the environment of the infinity– pure energy, which is out of our perception (by definition of the perception of itself). As a result of such a misperception, it is impossible to incorporate the fractal structure of the foundation of Everything, based on the range (spectrum/scale) of the frequency (admitting, that every point in the structure of the observable cosmos is the same cosmos by itself) and the energy contained in the infinity.

Disappearance of the imperfection of Nothing is the buildup of energy in the harmonics to reach the common infinite level of pure energy of Nothing due to the nature of infinite Nothing to create infinite small imperfection and support calculus of their interactions: to adding up (it is the same as rough imperfections of the landscape is covered smoothly by the snow), interference, resonance, suppressing andmodulation.

The appearance of the imperfection of Nothing is a buildup of the fractal structure of the infinite small, due to the calculus of the wavelike imperfections of the Nothing. Every fractal piece of the current reality (a time by itself, as well)of the wavelike imperfection of Nothing is constructed from the fragments (pieces) of the history fully developed in the same way infinite smaller imperfection, which is matching/fitthe structure, which is created, in accordance to the calculus of the wavelike imperfections. So, there is an infinite number of choices, delivered by these pieces of the smaller reality, to create the current reality of the wavelike fractal imperfection of Nothing, which depend on the environment, on “free will” (a presence of the structure of imperfections, representing our thoughts or intentions of the “God”) and random coincidences.That’s mean every fragment of the reality is the magnified average piece of the history of the infinite number of the smaller realities with some deviation. This deviation composes the evolution (development) in the structure of the bigger reality, representing an increment in time, which is created, as a part of this reality. So, it is possible to go back and forward in time by choosing any of the smaller realities engulfed in the creation of the fragment of this bigger reality. And, if we choose to kill our grandfather in the chosen reality,it's going to have no influence on the average of the history – so we still survive.

And finally, now we can try to construct a definition of the God in our theory with the hope to not lose him in the definition: “The God is the everything out of physical evidence in our perception, i.e. Nothing is the body of Him and the Imperfections are His doings. And the Devine Force to create is the choice by itself in creating the current reality of the wavelike fractal imperfection of Nothing. Due to the infinite number of the choices that could be made, the Devine Force has infinite power to compute employing calculus of the interaction of the wavelike fractal imperfections”.

So, to say, we are elevating our abstraction to the point, where constructing any piece/point of our reality, we are mixing up together at the lower scale a multiple instance of the same universe, which we observe at our scale, i.e., creating some kind of hologram to produce such a fractal.It would be nice, if it was truth, the Philadelphia experiment actually happened in 1943 and the material evidence of the Philadelphia experiment survivors, fused with the ship in various ways (recreated/assembled in a disturbed way at the same time), would be present. It would be much easier to reasoning on this concept of the Nothing and relate it with the work done by scientists Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla together in 1938’s for the military project ( And It would be much easier to reasoning about a supernatural appearance of a person or thing, especially a ghost or holly apparition, having an example to support our understanding, what's happening beyond our perception, because of our explicit disturbance and without it.A little bit different version about the same: with the difference, the universe is too small to explore this subject -

So, if it happened once, there is no reason to stop it from happening. An “Infinite big Nothing” creating an “infinitely small something” as imperfection (fluctuation) of Nothing (the analog of “infinite small change” for reasoning in theoretical mechanics about the changes in physical structure). Let’s try to construct reality in our perception, stating that the universe is the infinite small wavelikefractal imperfection of Nothing – the foundational fragment of the fractal structure of the bigger “infinite small” (naturally, infinity is considered as a chain of scales, where every infinite small is infinite big in another scale, inheriting same properties/features).It will be considered, an “infinitely small” means that exist the scale, where the inside structure of “infinitely small” consist of smaller “infinitely smalls” (some sort of fractal like structure) and the observable (perceivable) “Identity”, constructed of these bigger “infinitely smalls” on a bigger scale, is only a tip of an iceberg above the water, where the internal structure of “infinitely small” will compose the bigger part of the iceberg below the water, which stands for an “existing scale” per this analogy (everything under water is considered out of the physical evidence in our perception and the iceberg by itself contains thoughts in our perception as part of this structure as well). The water by itself according this analogy, shall be – a Nothing. And the completely calm water shall be a pure energy, where the disturbance of the water shall be imperfection. To calm down the water per this analogy shall mean, to add a disturbance to the water.